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Kousaka Kyousuke, out hero of this story has a dream about a idyllic dream about her little sister, Kousaka Kirino, waking him up on a fine mornings day. But even for Kyousuke he knows that Kirino can’t be this cute and loving! Coming home from school that appears to be having an “international little sisters appreciation day”, Kyosuke bumps into Kirino at the entrance to their house, knocking all of her stuff in her handbag out. Being slapped in the hand for trying to help her, Kirino leaves. Kyousuke becomes shocked to find a flashy animu DVD under the desk, and discovers that an R-18 eroge disk was what’s actually inside it! Prior to her mum constantly walking in on him at godly timing, Kyousuke sets to find out who was the original owner of the questionable DVD.

After a decoy implying that he was going to the convenience store to buy some ice cream, also mentioning Stardust Witch Meruru (the animu DVD he found’s title), he, of all people, finds none other than Kirino snooping around in his room! Totally in denial, Kirino reacts when Kyousuke hands out the DVD in his jacket, and asks her to throw it away for him since she’s implying that it isn’t hers. Kirino asks hypothetically if it were to be weird if the DVD was actually hers and would ha have laughed at the fact. Kyousuke answered as the gentleman as he is that he wouldn’t laugh and that everyone has their own hobbies and tastes and no one has the right to object.

Later in the night, Kyousuke wakes up by being slapped to find Kirino on top of him! And asks to follow her into her room for some “Life Counselling”. Now in his little sister’s room for the first time ever…literally, Kirino reveals to him her secret closet hidden behind a shelf, much to Kyousuke’s surprise, the secret closet containing a collection of animu/mango/eroges/goods one creepy otaku would dream of! As Kirino fires away blabbering out her otaku terminology at the poor ole Kyousuke, who has no idea what the heck she’s talking about and also showing off her collection, Kyousuke tries to pull himself together and think things over from the start. And soon after Kyousuke realises that her little sister is a full fledge otaku who’s mainly into eroges with little sisters! (Despite being a little sister herself). Kyousuke also learns that she does modelling for fashion rag mags as a job to actually purchase her loot as well as her addiction to little sisters in eroges she plays and the painful fact that she can’t stop her addiction due to the constant releases of new eroges. On the contrary Kyousuke decides to help her to keep her shocking hobby a secret from her parents, while Kirino acts disgusted over the fact of Kyousuke suggesting that if the events in the imouto eroges she plays were to happen in real life, and says that the 2D world and the 3D world shouldn’t be mixed.

Being told to leave and going back to sleep 3am in the morning, eventually Kyousuke gets slapped again, waking up to Kirino right on top of him for moar “Life Counselling”. This time Kyousuke plays a little sister eroge with Kirino next to him guiding him through. After a slight “mistake” of choosing an option of kicking the fictional imouto out of bed in the game, Kyousuke gets kicked off the chair by Kirino for choosing the worst possible choice in the game! The two then argue upon this which then leads to Kyousuke noting at some point in the game will have an H scene, which he implies that’ll be awkward to watch with him and Kirino in the same room, which then makes Kirino handing him the “All Ages” version of the game with the H scenes omitted, and sets him a homework into completing one ending of the game.

Why do that Kyou? If it were me I’d go with the flow and live out mah dream :3

Great title name for the first episode.

I feel you pain Kyou ;_;

Minami, and the same normalcy as the Hamster XD you know who I’m talking about

It appears so.

And there she is! Oh how she’s such a cutie 8D

…and that’s how their fates crossed paths.

Meruru here looks rather more 90s than today’s hip moé legion, her eyes look more like ones from Pokemon!

Just embracing myself in the hallway.

The ole fake contents scheme, this takes me back.


The dad is /v/ and Kyou is /a/ ;_;

Kyou is slowpoke.jpg :(


NOW he knows…

How should I put this…

I would’ve laughed if she had an iMac ;D

Very creepy otaku’s dream world…haha

She has a stak of eroges that as tall as herself? Wait, why did she buy 3 copies of School Days and 2 copies of Summer Days?

Hardcore man.

>stick it in

>Stick It In


£320/$500 – £420/$660 WAT?

Where she gets all the money from buying all her loot; Modelling! Dang being a female otaku is rich! Though somewhat challenging…

At this point of time Kyousuke is receiving millions of death threats.


You have done well AkibaBlog.



At least now we know Kirino hasn’t fallen into the creepy otaku level of stage.

Wait, hasn’t it been only 10 minutes?

Oh… how I want to play that eroge…

>implying all characters in the game are over 18 LOL



Kyou you geezer :>

The greatest homework ever.

“Pai Pai~~~!”

Never actually thought of that D:

At long last! Since the day I was in HK and picked up the Chinese versions of the light novels, became rather interested in it which made me (as I made it back to the UK weeks later) to read the first 3 chapters of both the light novels and the manga, I was pretty hyped and anticipated to watch the anime adaptation as 10 odd novel illustrations and the rather petty manga art wasn’t enough. I wanted to watch everything as it all happened in third person with my own eyes, not that I have against the first person perspective in the eyes of Kyousuke in the novels, I just wanted to see it all actually happen and not just with my third-rate imagination. Oh god I was even hyped enough to actually watch the raws first when it came out and I actually screamed as it started playing! The same happened as well as I watched it again, this subbed and knew fully what they were saying.

Overall, this episode turned out to be really great! Adapting finely the first and a bit of the second chapter of the light novel at lightning speed! Was rather betrayed it a bit as well at how smoothly the events at the start unfolded in just 24 minutes, compared to the first chapter I read in the light novel, which took about an hour to read fully at average speed. Though I admit, the light novel has to explain more in terms of the environment and the constant conscious feelings of Kyousuke to express his feelings 24/7, which may as well take some time to absorb, as it’s a novel and must be explained in words. While in the anime- it’s all there so there’s no need for any explanation.

One particular RL otaku believes that he has no reason in reading the novels wasting his time as he can simple watch the animu ;_; so unsophisticated…

In terms of differences, there were a little omits and original scenes in the anime compared to the novel. First off is obviously the lack of Kyousuke’s inner thoughts, but that’s inevitable as the anime is in third person. Also the part in the episode where Kyousuke seeks out the culprit of the DVD lost it’s full potential impact in the anime, since in the novel it takes about 1 or 2 pages of Kyousuke blabbering on in his mind figuring out the possibility of the owner. Another part that was original in the anime was at the start, where Kyousuke was dreaming of a cute and wonderful Kirino and him at school where in each lesson the theme “little sister” seems to be constantly mentioned. Personally, I like this added touch as it adds impacts and shows what the series is focused on; little sisters. Whereas in the novel, it basically begins when Kyousuke comes back from school. Kyousuke’s normal childhood friend, Minami was also introduced in this episode, where in the novel she appears later on. This rather minfuck’d me as I was expecting her to appear in the next episode along with Saori and Kuroneko.

As with the OP/ED, as the first-episode tradition it wasn’t formally introduced here. Meaning I’ll have to make judge next week. Though the OP song was played out in full at the end of the episode, which I admit is actually pretty addicting (I spent 50 minutes looping that song yesterday night as well!). It’s called “irony” sung by ClariS. LISTEN FOR A SEC!!

With all this under way, oh… how I cannot wait for the second episode to come this Sunday with the IRL meetup chapter with Saori and Kuroneko!

So until then!


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  1. Kirino actually wants him to play eroge in front of her to watch the ero scenes together! I’m sure of it!

    And wow, her ass is going to become mythical!


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