Sora no Otoshimono Forte – 02



Tomoki (yet again) is having perverse dreams of everyone’s favourite Nympth and even Ikaros acting very dirty. So naturally he goes to the local Zen Temple in the mountains to peacefully rid himself of his manly desires. Though things doesn’t go smoothly planned as the belated Astraea arrives with the intention to assassinate him! Meanwhile, as the others catch on to the situation back at Tomoki’s house, Nympth implies that theres nothing to worry about since long story short; Astraea is an idiot despite having monstous powers. Back at the temple, Tomoki, along with Astraea takes on more disciplines as Tomoki finds it hard to concentrate with Astraea’s pbvious assets. Growing concern, Sohara, Ikaros and Nympth decides to check up on him. One by one, they encounter Tomoki at the worse possible times! Burying his ero mags and drooling over them of course. With Nympth fleeing after being “sexually exploited”, Tomoki soon gets mad at Ikaros for burning his H mags. Ikaros runs into Eishiro and Mikako on the way back and analyses a withered tree on the field she first appeared with the acorn seed Eishiro picked up in Tomiki’s dream in the previous, proving all but a perfect match. Eishiro comfirms that the answer to everything lies in “The New World”.

While Tomoki continues to bury his ero mags while being distracted by them ten fold, Astraea (again) attempts to target Tomoki by letting down his “guard” even more by transforming herself into a Astraea Special ero mag! Tomoki becomes disappointed when all what’s in Astraea’s mag were nothing but soft porn, until Astraea decides to kick it up a notch and tosses a bra out of the mag! As Tomoki picks up the mag once more, he finds Astraea service serving up to his calibre page by page, little clothing by clothing! Until the last page where Astraea is expected to be fully in the nude, the pages get stuck as Astraea becomes more embarrased. The fun ends when Sohara arrives and karate chops the heck out of Tomoki.

In the evening, all battered and bruised, Astraea gives Tomoki his dinner instructed by the priest. Another attempt into killing him, Astraea had cunningly placed a few drops of poison into his food. That is when she forgot to do so in the first place! The situation comes more eerie when the two were fighting over the food and Tomoki fell over Astraea’s nether regions. Like in all episodes, Tomoki sees his grandpa’s vison teaching him there is no problem if they have boobs, regardless of being human or not! Soon after, Tomoki switches to his old geezer mode to full serious mode and harrasses Astraea to the max! Driving her mad and flees. Back at home, Ikaros feels guilty over Tomoki for burning his ero mags, and decides to revive them using one of her magical cards, thinking that’d make Tomoki happy again. As Tomoki and the others witness the aligning porno mags jump back and forth, they all throw a festival celebrating their revival!

After the credits, Eishiro finds Astraea crash landing around his “home” and finds her “rebooting” and spilling the beans of everything from why she came down and the reason between the link of Tomoki’s dream and Synapses. Once fully awoken and realising Eishiro hearing everything, Eishiro insists Astraea explains what she unwillingly said, before the next episode’s preview.

Enjoy the delicious screens (contains NSFW material):


Oh lawdy, Sora no Oto does it again! With the first season all about flying panties, now the second all about living porno mags!

Overall, Sora no Oto 2 proves yet to be another epic and hilarious and the MOST ECCHIEST yet episode so far! So happy now that Astraea has made her appearance in the show, though I pity that she’d had to be exploited in such a way ;_; (but rather entertaining). Nympth too finally got her fair share of screen time in this episode after a disappointing first episode lacking her appearance. Love Nympth’s “colourful” imagination when she found Tomoki gauging over the porno mags and imaging what he’d be “planning” to do to her (OH HOW MY BODY WASN’T READY AT THE TIME) and also her clothes! Like the tight jump suit thing she was wearing half way through into the episode as it really brought out her charms. The plot this time ran rather more fast than the previous episode being that this episode was adapted from chapters 22/23 in the manga. While the next week’s finishing off the rest in 23.

Also from a very special Tomoki version OP taken from the first season last week, comes a brand new one this time featuring Astraea, Mahou Nympth and not forgetting Tomoko Angeloid version!

Last but not leasr to take note of was the ending sequence! Appears to me that the second episode of SnO always seems to be most controversial perhaps since the first season featured the coveted Flying Panties and now, the second season featuring possessed porno mags and a spin-off Kanamara Festival! I wonder what would it be next if a third season was made…