Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 02

Feels bad man ;_;


Learning that Kyousuke is a complete eroge noob after making no significant progress in the game Kirino lent him as homework, Kyousuke realises the reason Kirino is making him play all sorts of eroges and the “life counselling” business is because she has no otaku friends to talk about all these things. Kyousuke, with the help of “Grandma’s Bag of Wisdom”, comes up with an idea to partake in a IRL meetup in an online animu/mango community. Kirino finds this very site and conveniently finds a group devoted to otaku-wise girls and girls only, joins and instantly receives a email from the group leader, nickname “Saori”, welcoming her and informing her that the IRL meetup will be at a maid cafe in Akiba. Kirino, dressed all stylish drags Kyousuke along to the meetup too ensuring her safety if all comes to the worse, and have him go into the cafe first to keep watch of her during the meetup. Sadly, during the meetup Kirino struggles in keeping up with the group socialising in the cafe and just sits there all left out, sore in the eyes for Kyousuke looking at her from afar, it all becomes more eerie during the gift exchange, where the rest receive otaku-related goods from animu DVDs to figures, Kirino gets a cheap hand grabber toy. After the initial meetup, Kyousuke consoles Kirino when everyone leaves that she did well, and the two stroll around Akiba. Later they run into Saori, who had been looking all over for her as she invites her to the Afterparty along with Kyousuke to a ripoff McDonalds where they are as well joined by Kuroneko, another member reject in the meetup like Kirino. Kuroneko and Kirino becomes more close to each other after verbally abuse Saori’s stereotypical otaku clothing, and go on arguing whether Maschera or Meruru are better. Kyousuke slips his tongue into the argument to calm down since it’s all just anime, Kirino and Kuroneko glares at him rendering his point invalid. They all then walk about in Akiba still proving their sides whether which anime they prefer is best and had a fun time. Back at home, with Kirino managing to buy her first ever loot IRL instead of buying it all online, Kyousuke manages to complete the eroge Kirino assigned him to play with the help of the suggestions and hints, implying that he “discovered something profound”. Kyousuke tells Kirino which then has to point out his favourite parts of the game. The Life Counselling is completed.

OP rather mediocre than all that spectacular, but still great with ClariS’s wonderful singing performance. ED appearing to have no special sequence at the end, though being merged into the epilogue of the episode with the credits rolling over the bottom of the screen. ED song is “Little Sister, Plea~se!” preformed by Ayana Taketatsu, the voice actress of Kirino. Pretty good in and of itself however needs a bit more hearing since it’s always muffled out by the characters speaking in the episode.

Is it just me, or is it that every animu studio now doesn’t actually gives a damn about ED sequences now…

Overall, another fine and entertaining episode! Was rather surprised again at the start of the episode to see Kanako and Ayase appear so suddenly, otherwise having no other appearance from then on.

If they ever allowed laptops in class in my school…and free wifi

This episode has it’s high points for me as well. I like it how Kyou gets scolded for not making any progress in a eroge… by his little sister! Now that’s what you don’t see in animu.

Sad and truthful words ;_;

Another part is when Kirino and Kuroneko are arguing about their favourite anime. Surely normalfags wouldn’t have a clue what the hell they’re saying *points at Kyou*, this scene was pretty much my favourite part of this episode.


I have a feeling that Saori is kind of a M… that or I;ve been watching to much MM!

Oh no she di’int!

True words. True words…

Did my ears deceive me?

M’kay. Epic typical /a/ argument is epic.


That mango Kirino there on the left poster?

Lawl upon Kyou’s face there. Natural normalfag’s face when they’re in the BL aisle.

Like I said last week. Light Novel Meruru > Animu Meruru

Oh hoh yes it does.

Oh gimme gimme

It also mazes me how it was all choreographed this sequence, and in a McDonalds restaurant too! Also a shocking moment for me as I heard Kana Hanazawa, the VA for Kuroneko saying “bitch” of all people!


Speaking about the IRL meetup scene, the anime deviates this scene from the light novel and changes it a bit making Kirino looking more Tsundere than she already partly is. As in the light novels as I can tell she was actually pretty desperate in forcing Kyou to go, as in the anime well, she seems much reluctant.

I also adore the scene when Baajeenaa implies that Kirino and Kyou are lovers. :3

So synchronised….

Another deviating plothole is when Kyou performs the all coveted spit-take when he sees Saori as a huge otameganeshojo. While in the light novel he performs the spit take ever so dramatic, with one of the serving maids handing him over over a handkerchief to clean up his mess, leaving him off with a cold-hearted warning that he’ll be punished if he does it again, adding the other otakus glaring at Kyou as if they’re sending telepathic death threats to him for getting that kind of special service from a maid for an otaku n00b. This also happens in the manga but the maid looking a lot more different. In the anime alls but lost when the maid simply hands over a napkin to Kyou making it short and sweet, the otaku glares is also reduced to only two males (one chubby and one on a laptop) from afar giving the evos.

Legendary otaku.

Hey, you snooze you looze :P

Also in this scene which serves as a difference is that Kyou acts smoothly and orders the omelet dish with hesitating, though leaving it all to the maid to address him as “Onii-chan” (which annoyed Kirino a bit and made me lawl, brocon moment!!) and write a special message on the omelet when being served. In the light novel Kyou appears to be more flustered as he walks in to the cafe and is hesitant in his decisions. He also leaves the recommendation on what to order on the maid choosing the most expensive dish on the menu (which irritates him all the more). I can almost see why they omitted this part of this scene since pretty much all of this was centred in Kyou’s perspective and they wanted to make a more third person feel to the series.

Like how Kyou expresses different facial expressions each scene.

0yen for love? Hot diggy I’m in 8D

Hey, this is Ore no Imouto right?

Sadly, no one gives a shit about Kyou’s day when the family are having dinner.

;_; feels bad man

Other screenshots that may interest you;

Manami (Minami?) making another normal appearance~

SUDDENLY, Kirino otakus all over the world are changing their desktops…

SUDDENLY, Kirino lovers all over the world are spending their useless money in changing their email domain…

It’s the sad truth, honestly ;_;

For some certain reason this reminded me of Inami-chan from Working!!

How I felt when I played se.kirara and cleared the Aya route, my first route cleared. No kidding.

Indeed you have Kyou.

Tsundere Kirino :<

Well… needless to say next weeks episode will be a lot more interesting, [other than the fact that Kirino will eventually get busted by her father finding the Meruru DVD leaving a cliffhanger] as everything will all be new to me. Being a guy who only read the first three translated chapters of the novel and being intrigued on the Chinese text shown in my HK versions of Oreimo volumes 3 and 4… Though I find this way a bit more entertaining than knowing what’s going to happen, cause otherwise then you’ll know what’s gonna happen and the only thing that’ll be new you you is everything being animated with a little new elements added.

But, that’ll be enough for me now. Until then~


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