The World God Only Knows – 01

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Keima Katsuragi is an elitist bishojo gal gamer and is known as the “The Capturing God”. He has all but one the ability to capture any single girl in any bishojo game, despite disliking in real life. But one day at school, Keima receives a mysterious mail while going through his inbox, later he finds out that made a contract with the demoness Elsee! Keima soon finds out that he now has to help Elsee to capture these runaway spirits that have escaped from Hell and have hidden themselves in girls’ hearts, and the only way to force these spirits out is to make the girl fall in love with him! Keima, confused in this situation angrily explains to Elsee that he hates girls in real life and his capturing skills only work in games. Nonetheless, Keima is forced to comply due to the fact that him and Elsee will be beheaded if the contract is broken. His first target is one of his classmates Ayumi Takahara. She’s a talented girl in the Track and Field team known for her lightning speed and is training for the upcoming Track and Field Meet. Keima begins his capture by first setting up banners using Elsee’s powers cheering her on, believing that she’ll eventually get used to him and like him, though in fact she is rather annoyed. However, things go for the worse after a confrontation between her and a group of jealous seniors, and Ayumi suddenly spraining her leg while training before the meet! Everyone thinking that is was the work of the seniors ruining Ayumi’s chance, Keima meets her later in the evening and figured out that she staged her injury due to the seniors doubting her self esteem. Keima consoles Ayumi and asks her to believe in herself, making Ayumi fall for Keima. They finally kiss as Keima almost falls off the stairs, forcing the runaway spirit out of her heart, enabling Elsee to capture the spirit and completing the capture! The next day Ayumi conquers the meet and loses her memories with Keima. Also on the same day Elsee transfers to Keima’s school claiming to be Keima’s legitimate younger sister!

And that’s the third time I heard that this season ;_;

And so after 2 years of waiting, here it is!! The World God Only Knows is actually the first ever series I had followed since it was first ever serialised and then being turned into an anime! Meaning I have full insight of what’s going to happen before the anime-first viewers! Oh how I feel so pro. Though I have to admit, I feel that they brought upon the anime adaptation slight too premature since in means of plot so far in the manga it can easily be adapted in 26 odd episodes. Perhaps leaving another year would make things go much smoother, cause after all it has only been about two years since TWGOK began. Also I like to point out that a second season has been announced planning to air next Spring. Which could interpret that this “first” season will run for 12 or 13 episodes maximum, evidence this is so is in the OP. Only the first 4 capture targets have been shown. Which I also like to point out that the OP is indeed Godly with the Engrish lyrics.

At first I thought I was sung by Elisa, but in actual fact, it’s some special artist specified for TWGOK…

WHICH MEANS, with the first capture target completed in this first episode there is only three more to go this season. Insert filler plots in the manga and maybe even anime original plots are likely.

Overall, this episode turned out to be pretty good. The plot ran smoothly at the start (adapting fully the first chapter), though the capturing part of the episode seemed to had lost its charm than how it was in the manga. It simply had flowed too quickly in the anime than it did in the manga, in just 10 or so minutes, losing a bit of its seriousness and depth in Ayumi’s character. But I have to praise the special service of Elsee in this episode for her spectacular entrance to the series as shown in the opening image, and her fabulous hagoromo!

The animation seems to be all well and done. The character designs seems alright for my tastes but still, though I prefer the original manga art than what’s presented in the anime (Manga Ayumi > Anime Ayumi, nuff said). The colour palettes used appears to be rather too saturated for my eyes compared to the manga and the facial conposition appears to be out of place at times. Dunno if Manglobe were in a rush of things during production, but it seems to me that Manglobe’s level of quality in TWGOK seems to be below average of its calibre compared to it’s previous works.

Last but not least, the casting seems to be just right for all the characters. Hiro Shimono (Akihisa, Jin, Haru from Yosuga no Sora ect) playing Keima seems to be a perfect match for his young voice and Keima’s personality, and Kamae Ito (Erisu, Ringo, Saten from Railgune ect) voicing Elsee was a perfect choice too. Ito’s cute and high pitched voice perfectly fits in with Elsee’s charms. Though at a high pitch, sometimes it aches my ears…

The next episode will be a filler first half ep adapting from chapter 2 or 3 and the second half will begin Mio’s capturing arc! Looking forward to it~~

Anyways, enjoy the following screenshots of this episode.


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