Yosuga no Sora – 01

A week late. Episode 2 is already out this week. Due to time schedules and lack of motivation I wasn’t able to post this which was initially set last Wednesday. I even had everything prepared for this post! Alas, I humbly apologise for my incompetence, this post is now in shambles… DEAL WITH IT.


Kasugano Haruka and his twin sister Sora arrive in their grandparent’s rural town after losing their parents in a fatal accident. At the start it is obviously shown that Sora has feelings for Haruka due to her dependability towards him and seemingly being too attached. Soon after all of the other heroines of the series is introduced when Haruka introduces himself being transferred to a new school. Sadly Sora was unable to go to school with Haruka due to being too weak and ill. The girls appear to be familiar of Haruka which soon suddenly makes him much popular. Jealous of Haruka not taking much attention towards her, the night after the first day at school, Sora confronts Haruka in her undergarments and asks him to make her “come”. Suddenly ending the episode in a climatic cliffhanger.

To be honest with you, I wasn’t initially going to post episodics of YnS, but because of Woxxy’s viral marketing this series and going so far as implying that this is much better than Oreimo (in terms of imouto, perhaps), also looking up the summary on Wiki that is another imouto/wincest type of animu I had no other choice but to give in. But all in all, Yosuga no Sora appears to be the most raunchiest series this season to be aired on the Japanese airwaves!

Mentioning the battle between Sora and Kirino from Oreimo in terms of who’s the better imouto… I gotta say it’s rather evenly matched. On one hand, Sora appears to be the most mature looking while Kirino is on the moe side, and on the other, Kirino has the most cutest voice than Sora’s, who is voiced by Hiroko Taguchi, an avid eroge voice actress. A much difficult choice it is ;_;

Not going into much details but, I thought this episode turned out alright with a good start. Them in the railcar arriving into the countryside suddenly has this signifying peaceful and calming feel to the series. Compared to the typical polluted, busy and hustling of the city, the rural countryside has a more idyllic theme to it, and that I believe it what brings out the series’ charm. The animation as well seems to be well done, by the work of feel., it’s actually surprising that they managed to achieve this level of detail in the characters, especially the hair. Though on the downside, the colour palette appears to be much washed out and seemingly grainy quality instead of being polished brand spanking new. Also I like how they made the evening sky look so vivid and surreal in a warm orangy colour.

Concerning the ending…


Oh wow. When I first saw this I never thought that this scene had to come so soon! I even went to the extreme to even grab my special Kleenex for this special moment! Until…


No friggin way. That special atmosphere. That moment…

If you’ve been following my Twitter at the time then you would’ve saw my expression of sadness and the feeling of betrayal. Oh… how could feel. do this to me?? ;_;

But anyway, next weeks episode (today really in this case) appears to be the climatic turning point in this chest tightening scene whether Haru will Sora come!! Oh it’ll fun to watch. And maybe this time, I’ll get the timing constraints right.

Enjoy the delicious screens *NSFW alert*



4 thoughts on “Yosuga no Sora – 01

  1. hold up …. aren’t they brother and sister? … twins for that matter!!!! I’m cool with the eechi and all but that’s extremely wrong!! Any guy that makes his twin sister “come” is plain sick and the girl is even sicker for wanting it!!!


    1. haha. It’s an anime based off an eroge. What do you expect.

      *Spoiler* I’m sure you’ve seen the next episode by now, but it turns out it’s not what the authors made you think. :D



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