Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – 02

Never before I’ve ever seen an animu with such colourful language…in Japanese ;_;


In the first part of the episode, Panty and Stocking infiltrate a school where it is reported that several students have been missing recently, and becomes the “Queens” of the school. Much to their “rival” Barbie, the former “Queen” and the one who owns the school. In the end they realise Barbie herself is the monster itself kidnapping students of the school and mind controlling them into being her slave.

The second part of the show has Panty as a hugely successful celebrity, and free of scandals and gossip it is known. Also showcases Panty’s new “debut” film; “Sex and the Daten City” (ripoff of Sex and the City if you didn’t know). Panty complains that this movie isn’t actually her first appearance in a movie, and has them play her “first movie” out to the audience. Which in fact; was a porno. Panty’s celebrity life seems to be going downhill now due to this “scandal”, realising her idiotic mistake, Panty begs Stocking in to do something about this. Stocking complies, and decides to help Panty collect all copies of Panty’s porno film distributed all the world and destroy them. Literally. With the last one being in outer space, they decide to spare the last copy of Panty’s porno and keep it for themselves. In the end, all well is done and now they can safely premier Panty and Stocking’s now “debut” film! Though Panty does it again announcing that Stocking’s appearance has been completely removed from the entire film by the work of elite CG artists, thinking that Stocking’s emo personality doesn’t suite the film and decide the movie should be heavily focused only on her. Making Stocking furious into uploading the only copy of Panty’s porno online and bringing them back to square one.

Controversial much?

Holy… this week’s P&S turns out to be another eccentric and more controversial episode. First ep being rather mediocre where Panty and Stocking battle another typical monster kidnapping students but the second….well least now P&S can safely be stamped with a R rated show ^^’

But seriously I dunno waht to say about the second half of the episode. It basically shows how much of a whore Panty can possibly get as well as them going out of their way of destroying EVERY SINGLE COPY of Panty’s sex video on the planet. It just amazes me how much Stocking put into finding the location of every single tape as well as the expenses paid for travelling around the globe. Well this is a ani-toon (half animu half cartoon I’ll say) so it’s inevitable I guess. Pity Arisa Ogasawara for her role of Pantyas she has to go out of her way to act out all those raunchy and erotic voice of hers. Though looking at her history of roles in anime, she only has appeared in several series acting one of the side characters meaning there’s not much of a fanbase for her.

Anyhow, since they don’t show a preview for the next episode at the end of the credits like a normal ameri-toon we’ll have to simply wait to find out next week’s episodes.

Enjoy the following screenshots.