To Aru Majutsu no Index II – 01

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And ZOMGoodness Index BDSM!???


Like in traditional Raildex tradition, Index Librorum Prohibitorum, our main heroine of the story, is kidnapped by an middle aged man wielding a crossbow on his right arm. All the more it is the last day of Summer Vacation and Kamijou Touma, the protagonist of the story is hurrying to finish his untouched homework post haste after a nice long date with Misaki Mikoto earlier on in the day. Touma’s luck as usual turns for the worse when his homework is all ruined second by second due to the man kidnapping Index, gets thrown out of the family restaurant where he was peacefully working for causing a ruckus as well as having his apartment wrecked for the crossbow man crashing in. Later into the night, it is revealed that the reason why the man kidnapped Index and placed her in a tightrope bondage position (lolwat) is because of his final straw of saving his love of his life, who is unfortunately suffering from a certain curse. The man plans to force himself into Index’s mind so that he can read the 103,000 books and touch the grimoires and find a way to save his beloved. Obviously, he throws some kind of ritual in order to do so while Index tries to coerce him to stop, the man refuses and carries on. Which sadly causes him to shed out blood from his ears and his left eye as consequence for committing a sin (lovely). With the whimsical help of Sphinx (Index’s cat), meeting Biribiri and listening to Index’s secret call, Touma manages to find the kidnapped Index and stop the man from his evil deeds using his right hand, the Imagine Breaker. Almost falling over to death, the man receives a couple of scratchings from Sphinx to wake himself up, as Touma decides to help him in saving the women he loves by using his right hand, with the unusual ability in nullifying any supernatural powers.

Biribiri’s tsundere shows.


Touma~~ Oh how I missed Index’s voice 8D

I lol at the hypocrisy here. But even so just look how Index is sparkling here!

74th time Touma’s room was crashed and magically restored after?

And he was right.

Ahh Index and her eating habits… it’s a miracle that she has a high metabolism :D

Is stained with black coffee.

Heh. Immaturely I laughed at this.

Oh don’t mind me. Just writing a death threat specially for Touma… >(

Such misfortune…

Oh Biribiri!



Imagine Breaker! Long time no see!

That’s all up to the writers btw.

Those boobs! I can recognize them from a mile away!


/subfail it’s England!! *britazn here*

After two long years since the first season concluded, JC Staff’s LIE of there being a sequel and Index’s poor appearance as a side character in Railgun last year, Index is back! Perhaps this time Index shall receive a little more screen time…

Just so you know, Index is actually my self-proclaimed eternal waifu and I imply Index >>> Sparky.

Soo this first episode was a pretty nice re-introductory to the series. The main characters made their return as well as a few sides too appearing in cameos. Unlike the majority I was rather pleased to see “Sparky” here only been appeared once and having no effect to the plot aside from being a plot hole, perhaps an ep with moar Index and less Biribiri seems more greater to me. Besides Biribiri had all the appearance she wanted last year with her Railgun, also an OVA is due this month too :P

As with this week’s plot. Same ole Raildex style. Index (again) gets kidnapped by some bloke > Touma goes out his endless eight-risque free time to save her > Add in the empathy of the suspect’s reasoning for the kidnapping > ???? > PROFIT! Though this time seems to leave more of an impact because of the guy (I forgot his name, therefore not mentioned) kidnapped Index for the sake of his cursed love of his life, by “forcing himself into Index” to go through her 100k worth of books to find a way to save her. Y’know cause he’s too ancient to look it up on Raildex’s Google and find a more civil solution. This week left with a cliffhanger with Touma deciding to take it into his own hands, literally to use his hax0r right hand to save the woman’s curse meaning next week will conclude this intro filler arc and then, maybe, head right into it’s first major arc. Favourite part of this episode this week has to go to the shot of Index being tied into rope bondage! Seemingly called Shibari in Japanese terminology which is practically a way of tying someone up for sexual BDSM. I was rather shocked when I first saw this because my Index… in this manner… ;_; and the fact that this totally reminds me of SYD when Aria was mistakenly tied up this way too, but more sparkly and dazzling…

Dunno if they’ll be doing the same 3-4 ep episodic story arcs like they did in the first, but I wish they’d just keep it all in a nice connected linear plot to keep everything smooth. Last Index’s season left me in surprise in one arc almost around at the end where there was practically no Touma or Index or Biribiri at all! Jus’ Accelerator and loli Misaki- well, perhaps Biribiri was in this arc too… But yeah you get the picture. Personally I’m looking forward when the new group of characters come into the series, especially the new team of nuns that look really badass when they fight!

Not forgetting, the OP and ED for this first half of the sequel appears promising too. Though the ED still follows the first season’s mediocre character rollcycle…this time with new characters and Uiharu. Sadly no Saten :(

“No Buts!” by Mami Kawada

“Magic∞world” by Maon Kurosaki

Nice to see visuals of London in the ED~