The World God Only Knows – 02

Elsee fans rejoice. Here’s your TWGOK in my animu burogu.

After capturing their first runaway spirit from Ayumi in the last episode, Keima is now finding it hard adapting to life again after Elsee, a demon from hell, has transferred to Maijima High and claims to be Keima’s “little sister” (even going as far as saying she’s Keima’s mother’s illegitimate daughter!). Keima objects the fact that Elsee will be living with him as his “little sister” because she does not hold the key traits of a authentic little sister (refer to BMW), which makes Elsee come up with an idea to prove to Keima she is a caring little sister by thoroughly cleaning his whole house and making him food straight from hell. Keima is surprised by how good the pig disgusting hell food is, but snaps once Elsee screws up when she wrecks a portion of Keima’s house and the hell food starts to kick in his stomach. In the bathroom, Keima as usual is playing on his PFP to get away from Elsee, and is concerned that Elsee is slowly meeting the acquired qualities as a little sister. Suddenly after finding the lights switched off Keima finds Elsee buttnaked in the bathtub! Claiming to be there to offer scrub Keima’s butt as an apology. After a quick short story of Elsee’s background, Keima decides to give in and accept Elsee as his little sister, as throwing her out means nothing when he has a collar around his that’ll behead him if the contract was broken. But shortly then coming out of the bath, Keima snaps once more at Elsee for using water and soap cleaning his PFP! Totally ruining the whole console….

In the second half of the episode, Keima and Elsee meet their next capture target at the most popular sandwich concession stand in the school, Mio Aoyama, a rich and spoiled girl and daughter of the boss of a successful industry. Mio appears when she arrogantly buys all the limited special Omelet Soba Sandwich that everyone was fighting for, as she claims that she never had short change for all her life and only had big money bills. Finding ways of confessing his “love” to Mio thinking a half-hearted confession will bring the two of them closely together, Keima collects samples of love confession lines from the gal games he played and uses Elsee as his test subject, much to the embarrassment for Elsee. The next day Keima finally confesses to Mio, who not speak a word and clicks her fingers for her agent to beat the crap out of Keima, then blissfully driving off home. Keima and Elsee follows them using Elsee’s hagoromo and much to their surprise, they find Mio arriving at some old and crummy apartment building appearing to be their home!


Keima’s mum in all her glory. Prefer her hair down to be honest…

Oh no you di-int!

Note: Keima’s mother used to be in a delinquent biker gang.

BMW. Learn it.

Aww yeah. Pervs shuttup.

Epic Love Plus reference. I’d actually prefer Love Minus if the girl there was featured :D

Taste liek chicken?


Like her bathing suit thar. Pretty curves and everything!


Oh Chihiro~ Too bad she isn’t featured as the target in this season.

Wonder how you actually hold it.

Mio! Long time no see. Don’t really like how Manglobe obscured her face into anime form and Aoi Yuuki’s voice to far too mature for her character.

Bratz shoes? D8


Elsee’s reaction… classic!

I see True Tears, White Album, ToHeart and others which I am not bothered to decipher.

Rejected. Epically.

Shocking development! Only if I didn’t read the manga this would bring utter surprisement to me…

Alas. The second episode arrives. This post could’ve came a day earlier if it not were for the Chilean Miners coverage in the background as I process them screenshots, cutting it down as far as I could to preserve my WordPress media hosting storage, and then writing half the summary till I grew unmotivated as it was getting late. Excuses excuses, deal with my slowpoke.jpg posts.

Obviously my most favourite part of the episode is of course the flashy fanservice where Elsee and Keima were all but naked together! Oh man Manglobe you did well with the godly smooth curves on Elsee’s body and surprisingly Keima’s how abes later. Also I like how they decided to moar boobs into Elsee than what is typically shown. Obvious as it shows the animu excels the mangoo’s prospects…



With the anime showing much more leeway on the skin exposure with the manga closely together, sealing off the intimate parts, the anime adaptation recieves its first win over the manga :D

I also like to take note of is at the beginning where Elsee implies that his “onii-sama” will eventually have every girl in the world fall for him. I, too, chuckled along with the crowd in the episode, but as noted from 4chan this scene plays a bit of parody and reference to the significant art style from Charlie Brown. This also occurs in the second chapter of the manga too.

The anime:

The manga:

The original:

Overall, it was a pretty nice episode following on from the first. Splitting this episode into two plots seemed necessary we all need a moment of breather from the runaway spirits capture going on (despite this season/first sector only covering the first four) and the relationship of Elsee and Keima progressing! Alas, the second capture target arc in the name of Mio Aoyama begins just only in the second half of the episode, making haste of the plot. Expect a mountain of fillers if capture target episodes take one episode to complete, though I expected for a maximum of two eps for a capture arc to last before the start of the series. Needless to say, the third episode appears to be concluding the Mio arc rather quickly since again the episode is split into two halves and a quick filler will be added in. Adapting chapters 4-6 tbd.

Episode 2 has also been granted with an ED sequence! After the rumour that TWGOK will join the growing list of ED-less animu titles, TWGOK has been saved. It is called “Koi no Shirushi” and is sung by Ayana Taketatsu.

Moe feet painting~~~

Concerning the animation quality of the ED, if you’ve been following my Twitter then you may have caught eye when I was tweeting live watching the ED after episode 2 the mutual errors Manglobe have stumbled upon, or that I’m not that fond of. Click on the mentioned links to see why. Overall the ED is pretty great, like the idea of the heroines of the show creatively painting Kami-sama by smearing oil paint all over the surprisingly clean blank white flooring. Though I do believe Manglobe could do much better with the art quality…


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  1. Oh I hadn’t read the manga so it’s full of surprises to me, great anime.

    As for that scene in the bathtub, well, certainly the anime shows more skin, but in the manga their organs may well be touching… ahem ahem


    1. Now that you mention it… no way!

      I’m pretty sure Keima didn’t instantly had a boner and stick it in in such good timing…er never! cough cough


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