Yosuga no Sora – 02

“I’m asking you to measure me, I’m making a uniform.”
“Asking you to measure me, I’m making a uniform.”

“Measure me, I’m making a uniform.”

“I’m a making a uniform.”

“A uniform.”



At that very moment… a part of me inside had died.

Continuing on from the last episode, it turns out that Sora was actually trying to make Haruka make her come to school, and wishes for Haruka to measure her body. It is also revealed (but much obvious) that Sora is lonely of not being able to go to school and jealous of Haruka being Mr. Popular and most of our other heroines all over him. Migiwa Kazuha, one of these heroines talks about how it is tradition in the former domestic all girls school for the girls to sew on the buttons for their uniforms, and willingly decides to lend a helping hand to sew the buttons on for Sora. Once the day that Sora can fully go to school arrives, it was also the day where the boys and girls go outside to clean the pool together. Due to obvious reasons, Kazuha “forgets” to being her swimsuit to clean the pool and sits out. But after a splash of water Amatsume has accidentally bombard knows no bounds. Embarrased by having Haruka see her wet and now transparent school uniform she runs for the girls changing rooms to get change, with assistance from Amatsume, feeling bad for what she did. As Haruka approaches the girls changing room hoping to formally apologise for looking at her in a embarrassing situation, he over hears the girls antics inside when Kazuha calls Amatsume “onee-chan”. Misunderstanding now that Kazuka and Amatsume may as well be in fact sisters!

Less on the fanservice this time and more on the plot development, which is a good thing to see once in a while for a eroge > anime series. Episode 2 here sees a bit more on the drama side of the series aside from the imouto-boom and the bishojos the series is known for, much to the announcement that Kazuka and Akira could be sisters is a shocking thing to end this week a cliffhanger! Speaking of the seemingly limited fanservice this week, still it does not fail to comply up the viewers standards and brought out some very delicious Sora safe-service screen spreads!

The last screenspread was a fickle screen to take since Sora moved a little as the shot scrolled up to her. Meaning I have to edit a few bits on Photoshop to make things look more smooth and natural. Worship me!!

Other service scenes to be mentioned are also when Sora gets scared of mosquitos in her room and tries to kill them using hairspray, which I admit was rather funny to watch, and then Sora passionately clinging onto Haruka who just came out for school and came back in after hearing Sora cry. Others was during the pool cleaning scene where Amatsume splashes everyone dripping wet causing much erotic wet uniform to display along with the girl’s blushed embarrassed faces. Kazuka the one to be mentioned… :3 Cliched as this may be but still leaves off a dignifying impact…ha! Also Kazuka’s pantsu scene in the changing rooms and Motaka’s pantsu and shota dick grabbing scene proved yet to be godly too.

Amatsume’s Miko uniform with bra bonus scores points as well, though rather innocent it’s yet stimulating too…

Also this week several more characters are introduced to the series. Ryouhei Nakazoto made a significant debut as a temporary sidekick of Haruka as he has the hots for his twin sister Sora, whom Haruka will “tickle him till he cries” as a dear threat. Tickle him until he cries? Surely Haruka can do a better threat than that…

Bonus screens:

Next episode will appear to explain the reasoning of Kazuka and Amatsume’s “onee-chan” addressing and awaiting for some moar fanservice!

On no.


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  1. alright “…..come ……. to school” That’s better. I was a bit scared there, hence my comment on the first episode. But i still feel it’s a bit freaky that she’s tripping for her twin brother.


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