Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 03

Days after Kirino had made with Saori and Kuroneko, the three meet up again in Akiba where they hang out and Kirino looted off some more eroge to play, and is also when Kirino finds out that Kuroneko and Saori never actually hid their “otaku” hobby to anyone. Everything seems fine now that Kirino has now made some otaku friends, and still appears that she still tends to her other friends at school as well as her modelling job. However, one day Kirino gets busted when her father finds out of her secret hobby when he bumped into her and a DVD case with the subject in question comes out of her bag (much like when Kyousuke bumped into her in the first episode). With anger and guilt, Kirino storms out of the house as there didn’t seem any choice left. Kyousuke has been ordered to go after her and finds her expressing her rage out a certain Taiko Drum Master drum at an arcade. The two then go to a cafe nearby where Kirino explains what had happened between her and her father in the living room. It happens to turn out that her father said that Kirino’s hobby is a bad influence to herself and may wreck her social life, as it is looked down by many people rendering them as “otakus”, also implying that this is a “worthless hobby” and that he’ll set her straight if she resists. Kirino breaks down into tears, now in anger and in doubt whether if it’s right for her to like these things. Kyousuke replies implying that she’d be perfect with all the flawless aspects of her, in grades, looks, athleticism… if it weren’t for her “weird” hobby. However Kirino says that she won’t give up. Even if her father throws away all of her stuff, she’ll continue to love anime and eroges. She loves eroge with all her might, her and eroge are one, it’s who she is. If she never had eroge, she wouldn’t be the Kirino everyone would know and love. This is how Kyousuke coveys Kirino’s feelings towards her father. With the help of his mother collecting all the necessary items for their talk Kyousuke uses photo albums to prove his valid point. Kyousuke questions his father whether he really is proud of Kirino for all she is, even if she has this little weird hobby. This moves his father and touches his heart. But Kyousuke has finally hit the boss stage of his father’s talk. It’s the eroge Kirino know and loves. Even if his father acknowledges Kirino’s otaku hobby, the eroge part of her is one thing he’ll never accept. It’s eroge, dumbed down; it’s porn. And a 14 year old prepubescent girl playing R-18 games is strictly out of the questions in Kyousuke’s father’s terms. Kyousuke does the unexpected and claims that the eroge is his! Asking Kirino, his little sister to hold it on for him, using Kirino’s, his little sister’s computer and playing it in her room, an eroge, with little sisters, and he said that it felt great. Kyousuke’s father lands a big hard earned punch to his face, leaving no traces of bruises or marks on his face for some reason. However since Kyousuke is a highschooler and a young adult he is leaved with no other choice but to accept it, even with the fact that Kyousuke’s mother even know of his porn collection! The next day, Kirino says a word of gratitude “Thanks Aniki” towards Kyousuke. Much to Kyousuke’s shock, Kyousuke let’s out the catchphrase in relation to the name of this series; “My Little Sister Can’t Be this Cute!!”.

Obviously, this week’s episode of Oreimo appears to be first rather serious turning point of the series. With Kirino’s father now in on Kirino’s hobby as well Kirino slowly starting to acknowledge Kyousuke her older brother by calling him “Aniki”, things seems to all for the better at the end of this episode (though obviously that’ll be the last time in a while Kirino calls Kyousuke “Aniki” :<). Though don’t think this will be last for these dramatic moments are surely there will be more to come, a wise “>granddad’s bag of secrets once said…

Overall, this episode turned out pretty great and the best so far. Guess the brief “deep” and enchanting moments this episode really brought out its charm and how it really means in being a passionate otaku, minus the current standing in moeblobs and fansub/scanlation being “cancer” in the whole industry. Kyousuke also being the man and the onii-chan he is standing up to his intimidating father all for his cute imouto Kirino made this episode great. I also like the numerous time Kyou got battered by Kirino at the arcade by Kirino and his dad when he declared he loves eroges, all that just to cover Kirino and her eroge habits. Though I feel that Kirino’s passion of eroge and especially her “life counselling” appears to be rubbing off Kyousuke as he made several reference to the genre throughout the story, which was rather entertaining and funny at the same time!

The climax flag?

Irony cause after he said that he’d found Kirino ;P

Lol’d at the eroge-risque situation here. Kyousuke lists out several choices of what to at this point where his father is about to burn Kirino’s stash. From obeying dad to save to saving his sister or the imouto eroge.

Pfft. Kyousuke should learn how to dodge :P

The talk between Kyousuke and his dad…. That was amazing. Can’t help but think how the author had so carefully choreographed everything out in such a flawless format. It also points out the family love going on marking that there is indeed some form of strong relationship between the family, in the past, but of course the highlight of this talk must go to Kyousuke going to far ends implying that he loves eroge, despite being so reluctant towards it at the start!

I’d tap that :3

Ahh… when Kirino had brown hair. Much prefer her natural colour either way :D

Go go Kyousuke! ^o^


Oh no he di-int! :0

This show reeks of sisters >_>

The experience of playing sister eroge on your sister’s computer in your sister’s room surrounded by all of your sister’s belongings who is also your blood related sister?

Then why did he hid the “porn” DVD away from her mum in the first episode? :<


Of course, alls well that ends well. A little small price to pay than for Kyousuke with Kirino saying thanks ANIKI. As in OLDER BROTHER D:

I have to say, I spat juice out all over my laptop at this point since I was drinking OJ, had to take 15 minutes wiping of the liquid substance :(

The references and cameos weren’t not so bad either. One of the main obvious references were of course the DVD box set of a fellow twincest animu KissXSis as well as Japan’s most love game Taiko Drum Master, where Kirino was ragingit out after running out of the house.

Meruru’s eyes look much rounder in this shot…

Kirinos already forming a crowd…haha

In terms of fanservice, I gotta praise AIC for ther surprise panchira exposure just right at the start of the episode. Though rather faded, it’s in no doubt what lie’s under Kirino’s fashonable clothing, or skirt this case.

Such detail too for a faded shot. Nice one AIC!

Hurrdurr. Ayase looking hawt as ever. Look forward to her with moar screentime coming soon!

Kirino at her job looks all the more dazzling~

Manami during her little date with Kyousuke was seemingly cliched but funny too. Though I’d feel for Manami for Kyousuke being a bit dense for not reading Manami’s body language offering him Manami’s coveted lap pillow routine. Though it was predictable for this to occur since Kyou is a normalfag, despite being a animu world…

Manami wants YOU.

Keep on being normal!

Ayase poking in on Kirino’s love life…

Oh AIC you’ve gone and done it!

Cause that’s how otakus roll!

Never knew Kuroneko had a RL imouto :0 must see pics

Course, Kirino gorging over the imagination of Kuroneko’s little sister. Also like Kirino’s comedic fang.

Does she ever stop blushing!??

So… close :(

10,500yen=£80=US$130 D8

Though I wonder how she got her hands on it despite being R-18…


My… precious :3

Also her fingernails changed to blue.

Oh dear… busted D:

True, but then Oreimo wouldn’t have never come to be and Kirino and Kyou would’ve never gone any further ;_;

Guess Kyousuke’s mother has already seen the ending…

Episode 3 also happens to be the first to have a proper ending, would have an obligatory link to YouTube, but there happens to be no source of the new ED yet. Go look for it yourself!

Though on a review note, it simply is a cheap compilation of clips from the OP (lacking this episode, though I can see why) so it’s not that out of the ordinary… Oh and a quick reminder the official site released a second special ED that didn’t quite make it on TV broadcast on their site, go and check it out!

Next episode;

They go to Comiket, nuff said. Also the time in the plot takes place in the Summer so it’ll be NatsuComi.

And a little omake;

This marvellous piece is drawn by Na-Ga from whome you may have known drawn some sweet original concept illustrations for Angel Beats!