The World God Only Knows – 03

So… beautiful… ;_;

After following Mio Aoyama, the second runaway spirit target, driving back to her home, much to the shock that she actually lives in a old apartment than a huge mansion next door, they learn that due to the recent death of Mio’s father (the owner of some huge corporation), Mio is facing a major financial cut despite continuing to act as if she was still rich. Much to the fact of the chauffeur calling it quits, Mio finds Keima eavesdropping on her conversation and realises Keima knows everything. To broaden their relationship with this meeting, Keima decides to get more close to her by offering her a lift to school and back everyday, using a normal bike as well as a special carriage at the back made from Elsee’s hagoromo. Though things go out of hand for Keima as Elsee transforms her hagoromo into something even bigger day by day, from a normal fancy carraige rickshaw to a giant train! As days passed, Mio begins to feel more close to Keima and suspicious since he’s being so devoted biking her to school and back, and the fact that he hasn’t told anyone her “secret” yet. As Keima refuses to bike Mio to school as the carraige was a huge-ass train, Mio plans to whip Keima as a horse believed to set him straight, Mio smiles and laughs for the first time. Suddenly silencing the atmosphere, Mio says she shouldn’t spend her time with a commoner and leaves. Later in the day, Keima finds a letter in Mio’s letterbox a invitation to the “63rd Evening of Flowers” gathering at some rich person’s mansion, and plans his final move and seeing the ending.

One day after school, Mio sees Keima with a pumpkin carraige at the back ready to take her home. But soon after realising that Keima was planning to take her to the gathering. That evening at the mansion Mio, in her dazzling blue dress (hand-picked by Keima) meets Keima in the backyard, much to her anger for not being inside but out alone at the back. Keima asks Mio for a dance lessons since he’s not keen at dancing and Elsee appears in a maid uniform with a tray with multi-coloured drinks. As Keima and Mio start practising dancing with Mio mentioning her father being used to dance with her, a bunch of other corperate attendees from the gathering appears before the two ridiculing Mio’s presence at the mansion, knowing that she is now typically a commoner due the death of her father and losing the inheritance. Which gives Keima a chance to question Mio the point of carrying on acting as if she’s rich. Mio feels betrayed since Keima at the start said that he’d help her. Keima says she has done enough and believes that her father is satisfied for all she did after he passed away. Mio didn’t accept the fact that her father died and wanted to preserve his memory by living on by pretending to be righ with her head held high, based on words said from her father. This was also the reason why she didn’t burn any incense for her father yet (traditional in Asia for burning a bunch of incense sticks for the dead). With memory flashbacks of the time when Mio was in kindergarten and her moments with her “Papa”, Mio says that her father will live on in her heart and he’ll never die as long as she lives the way he wanted her to. Keima reminds her of the day where he saw her smile for the first time, despite her lost feelings for her father, Keima wants to see Mio’s smile more. Embarrassed by the atmosphere, Mio punches Keima in the face with all her might, and says that ever since Keima appeared her memories towards her father have been getting smaller and smaller. Keima goes on saying that he wants to live in Mio’s heart, and that she has to choose decisions for herself and live her own life. With a envision of Papa in Mio’s heart saying that she has grown a little, Keima and Mio kiss under the night’s sky, forcing the runaway spirit out of Mio’s heart allowing Elsee performing a successful capture. The next day at school, Mio has forgotten all her memories with Keima. At lunchtime Mio, by chance runs into Keima asking if she had the correct change to buy two of the special omelet soba sandwich. Aftre saying she has enough, Mio runs off into the crowd already trying to buy the special sandwich. Elsee pities believing that Keima and Mio could’ve gotten to know each other more. Keima says that everything is better this way forgetting about her father and him, as this allows her to live her own peaceful life. Incenses is shown burning in front of a portrait of Mio’s father in Mio’s home.

A meeting that never should’ve happened…

Elsee’s hagoromo reminds me of Fairly Oddparents where all the stuff magically wished for, or in this cased formed, has some sort of trademark watermark, in this case Elsee’s chibified head and a skull being incorporated into everything. I think Sora Oto has that too.

-1 for no panty shot





On how I love Elsee’s creativity… Just wait until the firetrucks.

S? D8

I wonder if Keima plays any eroge themed games…

Oh naice a pumpkin. Reminds me of a certain magical fairy tale…

Finally some fine Mio service~

Elsee fans rejoice ^o^

You will never have a musume who will say “Papa” to you ;_:

I want to see her smile more too :(

Just me or that Keima gets a beating once every capture?

You know you’d fall for Keima if you’re a GIRL.

Dazzling kiss shot #2

Anime first viewers don’t misunderstand. She has lost all of her memories with Keima. ALL OF THEM ;_;

With the plot going at a steady pace, this episode (or arc really) seems to be the most emotional and saddening arc yet, compared to the other arcs available in the manga. Also this the first episode in the series to cover a whole runaway spirit capture arc in once episode.

Concerning this week’s heroine Mio. I gotta say Manglobe did a good job managing her character up on screen. Though there are times where her character slips off a bit, both personally and visually, other than that they seemed to have nailed it down. Though hate to say it, I have to criticise the voice acting. Little trivia Mio is voiced by Aoi Yuuki, known for her other main roles like Mina Tepes from Vampire Bund, Noel from Soranowoto and Sunako from Shiki. To be bluntful, her voice acting in TWGOK was rather terrible. When Mio shouts it sounds as if her voice is breaks down as it gets louder. And also at the most serious points in the episode, it seems she’s just trying and acting too much. Not that I detest her other roles or anything they’re great. But it’s just that when it comes to Mio in TWGOK she seems to voice act a little wooden if you ask me.

ED song apparently going to change every week fitting to the most recent capture target caught, in this case Aoi Yuuki of the richgirl Mio.

All in all, another fine episode. Expect next episode to be the first double manga plot filler in the series as well as Kanon Nakagawa, the next capture target to be featured in the next.

by Yosai Kuchu

Gotta love last-second art omakes!