Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 04

That’s the spirit Kyou!

Kyousuke continues to play eroge as being forced to by Kirino, and plays this new eroge/fighter game Kirino has taken a liking to; “Siscalypse” (a portmanteau of “sister” and “apocolypse”) obviously, another little sister type genre game. Despite having otaku friends, Kirino wants Kyousuke to continue playing her eroge games as she wants to level up her characters in Siscalypse by fighting Kyousuke’s, even though Kirino sucks at the game, much for Kyousuke as well.

I wonder how AIC got away with animating little imoutos with that little clothing…

Disclaimer: All characters shown in Ore no Imouto are over the age of 18!

Oh I see…

I must play this game asap.

Also some trivia Siscalypse hosts a variety of tasty references and parodies from another RL mahou shoujo animu Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, in terms of moves and names, since I’m still at like episode 3 or 4 in the series I won’t go into detail as of yet…

Even though he’s a beginner?

DAT LEG! Love it how AIC always focus on Kirino’s slender thighs.


Play game > Complex options/layout > GIVE UP!

That’s how I roll I s’pose…

Man even in the interwebs Saori’s sweet eyes are still encased by her dorky glasses ;_;

Saori pulls a Konata 8D

Later on, Kirino’s RL friends, Saori and Kanako, come over to her house, and Kyousuke has been told to stay away from them. A ring on the door by the delivery guy later, Kyousuke receives a package sent to him by Saori, which Kirino grows a liking to the package since the brand on the packaging is “Eternal Blue”, namely an elite cosmetics brand. Kirino snatches the package off Kyousuke’s hands (think it’s all cosmetics inside) and takes it upstairs to her friends so that they can open it.

Kanako! Ayase!! We’ll be seeing them moar in later episodes :3

Because you are a erogamer in denial :<

Are Japanese home’s that thinly built? Anyways this is when Kirino is NOT being herself by being secretive about the contents in her phone, especially the contacts. Kanako and Ayase are suspecting she has a BOYFRIEND because of her actions, as well as seeing her talking to someone on the phone, at times being angry and always at the happy with a big smile on her face. Obviously as we all know as well as Kyousuke that she is talking either to Kuroneko or Saori, but because she can’t merge her two worlds together she can’t tell her RL friends her secret. A aggravating situation imo.

Middle school girls can screw up a growing healthy teenage boy’s heart ;_;

Gee I wonder how much it is to send packages like this in Japan, seeing as how much Anime DVDs are over there.


How girls cannot understand the utter pain men feel when their balls are being abused ;__;

But after a call from Saori finding if Kyousuke received the package, it turns out that it’s all the doujins Kirino asked for is that’s actually inside, NOT witty cosmetics. Kyousuke snaps and runs into Kirino’s room despite not being allowed to, takes the box away from Kanako and Ayase who were about to open it which causes a wild goose chase between Kyousuke and Kirino. Suddenly, Kyousuke’s luck twists as he avoids a fatal kick in the balls and ends up in a “unlucky” accident!

Surely the highlight of the episode;

Great reaction face!

Holy… are Kirino’s bra and breats that fluffy and soft!??


Epic scene deserves some epic screens. imo

Funny story really I actually first saw this as I was scrolling on 4chan. First I thought it was some ludacrous fanart only until when I saw the file name;

“[Leopard-Raws] Ore no Imouto Episode 4… .mp4”.

My body literally wasn’t ready ;_:

So naturally then I couldn’t resist waiting for Mazui to release the subs and downloaded the raw first.

In a way, yes!

Kirino’s reaction wasn’t that much I expected. I thought that she’d freak out even more than what was shown, and even her still lying there despite even fully understanding the situation!! I smell incest~~~

Kanako and Ayase’s reaction was rather surprising too, they’re actually accepting it!!!

Exposing Kirino’s intimate parts and groping her breasts in front of her friends, Kyousuke has been kicked out of the house until her friends leave. As Kanako and Ayase leave and Kyousuke comes into the house, Ayase stops Kyousuke and talks to him about Kirino and the “accident”, they introduced each other and exchanged phone numbers.

Read volume 7, Ayase.

Now fully understanding the circumstances, as punishment to make up for the accident, Kyousuke accompanies Kirino with Kuroneko and Saori to the biannual Summer Comiket. Despite Kirino being annoyed by having to wake up extremely early in the morning and having to wait in a crowded line for hours in the hot, sweaty and smelly weather, Kyousuke knows that Kirino is not being honest with herself and that she wants to be here.

That’s some nice sneaky packaging there Saori. Oh and totally diggin’ the doujins thar.

Oh my :3

How I so want to take those banners home :<

Ohh! Dat PSP SPS! I know that SPS from a mile away!

It’s the same one Kirino was using to promote the new Oreimo game coming out January next year!

Oh Kirino and her viral marketing….

AIC working their stuff showing what the spirit of Comiket truly is. Here some nice delicious itashas including Oreimo’s Meruru, a clear parody of Gurren Lagann and on that cartain Britfag Mini car at the left a clear knockup of Fate/Stay Knight.

A itasha Mini eh? GLORIOUS!!!

Lines lines lines!!! Truly an exciting attraction for all attending comikets.

After waiting in line for hours they finally made it into the lobby! The doujins Saori sent to Kirino comes into play since they’re all produced by circles Saori has connections with, which they all then go around to visit and say hi. Outside, the weather cools down a bit now that it became cloudy. After Kyousuke being baffled by Kuroneko’s “teen complex” terminology of words, Kirino asks is he’s still cosplaying and finds out that her flashy clothes where actually her normal! After stripping her of her outer layer clothes, Kirino admits that she looks much cuter when she doesn’t wear thick clothes and shows more skin.

I love AIC.

Ah Kyousuke still discovering the depths of ero doujinshi…

Hey wait a minute DAT MAIDDD!!!!!!!!!

Errm am I missing something here?

Is that why you have Neko ears on your head?

Kuronuko sleeveless… :9

The group then make their way towards the industry booths where Kirino wants to visit Alice+’s booth, the developers for Siscalypse Kirino and the rest have been playing. Being gloomed by the fact that the ‘Limited Edition SisCaly Summer Comiket Disc’ has been sold out, a clerk for the booth tells them that there’s one copy left up for grabs, and that’s if they beat one of the booth’s staff at the game, who’s known to be the master pro at SisCaly. With the defeat of Kirino in only just a few seconds and gripping defeat of Saori, Kuroneko saves the day as she surprisingly beats the pro so effortlessly, and wins the limited edition disc!! Kuroneko gives the disc to Kirino, despite snot being honest with each other. Kyousuke and Saori laughs at them since they cannot be honest with each other.

One of many Comiket’s pure heartbreaking moments… having the things you want most sold out!!!

The reason why I called the PSP the SPS, until you see it…

Do want the SisCaly plushies though.

We know who’s got the most free time ¬_¬

AMIGAWWD KURONEKO!! Who’d though she’d be such a pro at the things she hates.

Liking the character designs in this game… take that Agnes!!!!

For some reason the art styling in SisCaly reminds me much so to Disgaea…

I’d give Kuroneko a good ole bear hug too if I could ;_;

Dohohohohoh… so this is what happens if you put two tsundere type characters together… I cant stand the madness!!

As their happy day and last day NatsuComi begins to conclude, Kirino surprisingly runs into Ayase, her RL friend who isn’t supposed to know about her otaku personality!

Kyousuke still taking up his normalfag pride, despite slowly becoming a erogamerfag.

OH SHIIIIIIIIIII- a meeting that never should’ve happened…

Trololololo Oreimo just keeps getting better and better! Obviously the best moment of episode 4 has to go to the incest grope scene shown earlier on in the episode, man when I saw I literally shat bricks!

Overall, I liked this episode as it clearly shows the two sides of Kirino’s personalities that indirectly coincides each other, in the first half of the episode Kirino showing her exterior personality with her RL friends coming over to her house, and also “that” unlucky scene… and the second half showing who she really is by bringing our her otaku passion by going to Comiket. I can see now that plot is set in Summer time here…

But sadly, Kirino’s worlds collide a bit as at the end Ayase appears before her- AT COMIKET!!! Surely everyone be thinking; what the heck is she doing there? did she teleport there? omg did Ayase find out about her secret!?? As I mentioned before and past posts we’ll be seeing more of Ayase and her soft and innocent charms in the next episode as cunningly shown in the next week’s episode title;

Guess what **** is and recieve your own cookie!

And another short trivia, Ayase is voiced by Saori Hayami, known for her role of Saki in Eden of the East, Ikaos from Sora no Otoshimono and the lovely Takane Manaka from Love Plus!

This week’s rotating course of EDs, features another exterior art of Ayase, the true star of this week’s episode, drawn by Hidari in a technicolor vibrancy and with some calming scenery of the highways of Tokyo under the stars as well as the Tokyo Big Sight too, the HQ of Comiket.

I wonder if you wear a pair of 3D glasses you’de see a bit this week’s ED in 3D?

Full view of Ayase drawn by Hidari!

Expect next week’s episode to be another fun-filler with some moar Ayase to hand out, also with this week’s fourth episode we’ve reached this Fall Animu Season’s third-way point! Oh how time flies, there’s only two months left this year!!

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  1. The anime should clarify it, they meet Ayase not at Comiket but at the station near where Kyousuke and company live (well, Saori actually lives far from there, Kuroneko lives in the neighborhood)

    As for the maid, it’s a pity they didnt’ focus more on her. She was trying to sell Kyousuke a bondage-themed doujinshi for which she had been the model!!!! And Kyousuke almost went all dere dere and Kirino got pissed off


    1. Ehh, could’ve sworn that Ayase appeared at the Big Sight grounds… my bad
      But in that case, she meets Kirino with her otaku friends! :0 this is gonna be one hell of a ride.

      I am hoping to see more of THAT maid in said cameos, man she deserves mosr screen time! :<


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