The World God Only Knows – 04

Keima becomes overly obsessed with a gal game he is playing which is known for it’s extreme difficulty in capturing one of its heroines, Asuka Sora. The gal game in question is known for not only it’s obnoxious difficulty but also the ridiculous amount of choices and routes the player has to cover and the amount of bugs and glitches within the game. Such example is when it was introduced; a bug that loops a certain event in the game where Asuka asks the player if they wants to look at her picture, whether or not the player says yes or no, it’ll simply just go back to Asuka asking the same question over and over.

Kodama!!! Great to see you in colour and greatly animated!

A few new characters made their debut in this episode too. Not only another brief appearance of Chihiro (sadly not having her arc in this season) Kodama, the English teacher appeared at the start of the episode as he lectured Keima for playing his games in class, despite ansering his questions with ease. I like Kodama, one of my favourite characters, he’s the only true foreign character in the series as well as being the most comical. His simple and cartoonist appearance just doesn’t fit in with the rest and that makes him special. Pity that he doesn’t get much screentime in the manga except for when Keima is in school whining at him and stuff.

If only this was real…


D’awww Elsee looks so damn cute in her Dora costume.

Keima then complains about the release of the game, which turns out the game was delayed 23 times just to fix the bugs known in the game and mainly to think of more special merchandises to go with the overly priced limited edition, also it comes with two discs, with the second disc being simply a huge failed patch to “fix” the bugs and glitches… Keima becomes hyped up and declares that his pride of being the ‘Gaming God’ is on the line and that he’ll claim victory.

*points to certain eroge/visual novel makers*

Trivia: These are 2D representations of Manglobe’s staff.

Kami-nii-sama is evolving!

Reason why I don’t really play eroges; they get freakin’ confusing + time consuming.

With Elsee’s help of taking note of every path he takes, Keima begins playing the game from square one, only until he faces a lot of problems such as trying to actually start the game, saving it, facing over 30 choices in one go, much for poor Elsee that she has to endure all of this to make up for Keima’s runaway spirit capturing.



Never had actually thought that PFP stands for “Plat Field Personal” since it wasn’t formally shown in the mango…

* He’s referring to the game, not Asuka.

The devs decided to troll the players and got their cumappence .

Love the blimp sounding out Elsee’s reaction. From here I can already tell this was gonna take a whole episode.

Look who’s talking ¬_¬


Hahha, guss Elsee had more luck than a certain Mesousa


After many attempts of trial and error night had already fell. Elsee asks Keima why he is so hung up on such a crappy game despite him saying that reality is a “crappy game” as well. Keima replies saying who’ll be the one look at Sora’s picture, and goes on explaining that there is no such thing as “bad” heroines but bad games, and that heroines are always waiting for someone to save them. Elsee suggests Keima to write a letter of complaint to the company that made the game, only for Keima to end it revealing the company shut down a month ago. Keima points out that the people that trapped Sora in the endless bug loop in the game are gone, as well as the players who gave up on the game, and that he himself is the only one left actually playing it.

Some moar service for the Elsee fans~~



After many more attempts throughout the night Keima appears to have broken out of the loop! Only until the game decided to screw up and fell into a eternal glitch.

YAY!! YAAAAY~!!!! ^o^/


Oh silly Keima there’s only 24 hours in a day.

At the end of the episode, a user is seen browsing through a Wiki page for the gal game Keima was playing throughout the episode. Revealing the game’s production history and wotnot, and at the end reveals an ‘internet rumour’ that there was only one person that truly saw the ending, but it wasn’t believed and was soon forgotten by many…

Do want this OS.

Feels like I was watching Death Note the past 18 minutes.

Asuka….. ;__;

I was actually rather surprised by the decision of manglobe to make a jump and pick a filler chapter all the from ch. 5 (end of Mio arc) to ch. 17 (this entire episode), as just last week I’d expect the story to had follow on to cover chapter 6, which I admit that chapter wasn’t really good…

The many faces of Keima this episode…. Like how they managed to adapt Wakaki’s hilarious Keima doll faces.

Overall, I actually prefer this anime adaptation than the original manga. Just seeing the feelings, the emotions and depth of the poor old Asuka stuck in a bug-infected game up on screen left more of an impact in my opinion than on the manga, which was poorly scanlated at the time meaning I didn’t get the full picture today as I am a loyal reader of TWGOK from the start. Though put into context, this episode was merely dedicated to Keima just playing a gal game. Manglobe did a good job by adapting 20 pages of the original chapter (this story was originally in one chapter) into just 20 or so minutes adding the OP/ED, meaning one page = one minute, madness.

Y’know, I gotta hand it to Keima. He really did show off fully his capabilities and potential as the “Capturing God” he is known for and went all out trying to capture this simple eccentric innocent girl stuck in a warped, glitchy and twisted game while everyone else in the world had already given up ages ago. Just goes to show what the boundaries are of true ero/gal gamers and entry levels are and the feelings and integrity of the 2D fictional characters are towards them.

However, in the end it seems Keima plausibly did managed to see the ending, though with the Wiki article displayed at the end that there were rumours that a individual had seen the ending (referring to Keima) but no one believed them and it was forgotten, I have a hunch that in the end he really did. Take not at the very end of the episode before the guy goes on Wiki to look up on the game, even though Keima managed to crack the loop though the game suddenly screwing up and sputing out gibberish, it appears Keima had continued on playing the game until he had hit the definitive end, in the morning. Iono just my theory if he ever did capture Asuka.

This episode did have some rather funny moments too, the highlighted moment I’d guess is when Keima imagines himself actually as the main character in the game. The constant loops when Keima gets attacked by the dodgeballs in the so-called pointless “Dodgeball Minigame” just to find the right route picking which of the 30 or so food choice the main character eats with Asuka for lunch (the oversised cartoony meat stick, the tower sandwich, the flying onigiris!!). But listening to Asuka saying that Udon is her favourite food a couple of billions of times rather annoyed the heck outta me, but I understand the repetitiveness and the consequences of eroges players have to endure to see all kinds of routes, events and endings…

Because this week’s episode isn’t a capturing ep, Manglobe decided to go out of their way and made a special ending devoted to the lovely Asuka, sung by XXX who I have no idea is of until ANN decides to update TWGOK’s list cast.

Skip to 10:09 since the #t=10m09s end link thing doesn’t seem to be working…

Expect next episode appears to be kicking off with Kanon’s capturing arc, which will bring great nostalgia for me due to the recent events currently in the manga (not gonna spill it here though), and if you’ve just been introduced to TWGOK through the animu, I suggest you don’t just suddenly read the most current chapter of the manga as it’ll entirely spoil the series for you.

Hakua~!! We’ll beeing moar of her in later eps~~


3 thoughts on “The World God Only Knows – 04

  1. “Reason why I don’t really play eroges; they get freakin’ confusing + time consuming.” This is the reason why I can’t bring myself to play them either. I’d like to, because the story itself is often really interesting, but while an anime episode lasts 24 minutes, in 24 minutes you can’t get very far in the story.

    And what’s worse, having to replay the game to enter another, route, etc., reading the same dialogs. And I tell you, it’s ap ity, I’d love to play eroge, but I’d rather watch anime or read a manga/light novel. You convey the same type of story in way less time

    Anyway, I just loved how buggy the game was! IT was a pretty funny episode


    1. Though playing eroges can be time consuming, playing them can give you another new experience and story compared to the anime/mango/light adaptation of said series, plus the H scenes that usually removed in the a/m/l :3

      Watching Keima suffering in the buggy game and Asuka repeatedly saying that Udon is her favourite was like a spiritual successor to Endless Eight @_@


  2. regarding the old man picture, doesn’t it look very much like isaku/kisaku? lol. i rofl’ed literally when i saw that. am i the only one who noticed it?


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