In other news… this.

Reporting in from my iTouch an in bed~

It’s half 2am at night, but what the hey, it’s always been like this this whole week outta school.

But just a bit of heads up, all you britfags should know that in a few hours the London MCM Expo is kicking of the 18th time…? Yeah perhaps. However this time for the first time they decided to throw in Friday as well to be running though after researching, it seems Friday seems to be a lite taster of the event…

But anyhow onto the main point, I won’t be attending for the first time ever.

Shocker and combo breaking moment imo, as I’ve been going ever since May 2007 and managing to bring back a whole lotta bargained loot back with me. Sadly it just doesn’t seem to be the case this time round most mainly due to the dismal emptiness of my wallet… But it appears my most recent summer abroad holiday to Hong Kong an Vietnam seems to compensate as it was my first visit to HK and has been 12 years since my last presence in VN, and the fact that I came back with a mountainous lot of loot and still laying here and there in my room.

This also means that there’ll be no post about expo coming from me… Sorry :(

Anyway, to those who are going this week; stay safe and have fun! And if you’re planning to hurrdurr around in central London afterwards and you came by underground/train… don’t wait until the last train arrives .__.


おやすみなさいー ( ̄▽ ̄)