Nyarth in Vietnam 2010

Two months ago, as you may have heard I visited back to my co-native land, Vietnam, since my last visit 12 years ago, and I was rather surprised to see how much it had changed. Other than the fact that I realised that Vietnam was communist country and communist flags, banners and billboards were everywhere, I had a wonderful time visiting the weird and wonderful ventures of the country. And compared to my previous first-time visit to HK where me and my family were pretty much lonely joes with no proper tour guide, in Vietnam was a lot more welcomed as it was a bit more personal as most of my cousins and relatives live there. I also meet a lot of relatives I never even knew existed!

So yeah, my visit to Vietnam lasted from the 1st till the 16th of August (that’s two weeks), most of the time we simply hurr durr’d around Ho Chi Minh City, and during the “half time” of our holiday we hightailed out of the bustling city to the relaxing town to the next best city of Dalat and the “Capital of Resorts” of Mui Ne. And around the climax of our stay we went habouring on a traditonal long speed boat and went to some tropical island in the south, which made me imagine myself in Lost with all the heavy breathing…haha

But knowing that this is Vietnam, sadly still a third world country and poverty still looming, there were dozens filled of poor people and beggars troddling on the streets asking for money. Not only the beggars, but also the old seniors walking around offering people lottery tickets, wile 99.99% of the time being rejected. I personally ran into a few (well, they came to me) and even a little boy even scratched my arm! Being that I had dyed hair I stood out of the crowd which instantly made me a azn tourist. He was holding a discarded can supposedly where the money is supposed to go in as we visited a cremation cemetery to pay our respects to my Grandfather who, sadly passed away in 2007 (around the same time as Steve Irwin) due to high blood pressure and diabetes of some sorts.

Even still at the time I actually felt a little sorry and guilty as I ignored them beggars and “lottery people” when they walked up to me for money and lottery tickets. Since it’s been said around the city that if you ever give them any sort of money, a whole horde of other beggars would come running and trample over you for more money since you already gave one beggar money. Also it appears that most of the beggars aren’t actually authentic beggars and poor people at all and are just doing it just to earn more money for their families. Even on the way back to Ho Chi Minh, the little mass of villages we drove pass were in terrible conditions, all the “houses” and huts were all poorly built with old and degraded wood, it was all practcally in shambles. There were also little kids out playing with a withered ball, not appearing to be in any education, they gave me the glares as I stared at them from the driving minibus. Heck I saw a crying little boy in some passing town crying, little clothing and wearing sandals in the deep puddle on the roadside (being that it kust rained) sitting on the pavemenbt curve flapping out lottery tickets! It was assumed that he had to sell all of his lottery tickets before the end of the day or else he’ll get abused for his mother for not earning any money!

The horrors of poverty, up close. Truly a painful sight to bear. Oh the world…

Despite Vietnam actually still communists there appears still isn’t anything done with the national “equality” movement eh…

But anyway, enjoy the massively abridged pics I took while be there (over 800 while there, seriously) while at points I’ll point out at some facts and trivia;

A slideshow for the rest.

If you wish to view all 800 or so of my VN photos then you may do so by visiting my public albums on Facebook, (yeah. facebook. but where else can I host them freely? :P)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

Epic shawt :0

Our “temporary” breakfast and snacks table in the “Zero” starred hotel we stayed at. Two king sized beds, a wardrobe to store our clothing, some space to put our luggage, a bathroom and a CRT TV. Just noting that I was highly disappointed with the bathroom conditions at the hotel. The shower head had dirt stains on it, it was merely a shower platform than a regular bath, again with dirt stains on it, the walls were cracked and there were a few odd ceramic tilings that made me feel the family workers there were spying on me (yes it was a family hotel tower of some sorts, we were on the 4th floor btw) and also the fact that bugs and ants were crawling all over the place. It was a traumatic time while taking a proper shower before going to bed. Just remembering the experience makes me shiver in all sorts of places o_o’ Plus there were a few issues in the bathroom concerning the shower head not spouting out any water and the toilet seat being broken, they were surprisingly fixed at haste, though not a thing was replaced for anything new.

Also it appears that after we left the hotel was demolished for renovating into a entirely new facility. rageface.jpg imo.

The TV channels there were sorta interesting. Unlike the channels in HK that were all Cantonese oriented, Vietnamese TV channels seems to rip off broadcasting channels from all over south east of Asia. NHK world was the main channel which I watched through the night and in the morning before we head out, as it was the only interesting channel out of the 90 odd channels or so. Also the time I was there NHK world was usually showing programs relating to the remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings since it was the 60th anniversary, there was also a program dedicated to the bombings with Ken Watanabe in it, interviewing survivors of the bombings residing in the States, the country that nuked Japan, and listens to their views of the tragic event. It was rather depressing watching the programs about the nuclear bombings, but the shows after 11pm are rather… stereotypical. There was also this show about learning Japanese with this Japanese woman and this obvious CGI robot who is self proclaimed to know Japanese but breaks down when listening to complex words, then we have this expert professor who explains words and its uses. There’s also little clips of this typical American guy who works in Japan spouting typical American dialect simple Japanese phrases. Watching just made me cringe in the bed…

Vietnam is also known for it’s Vietnamese translated Japanese manga! For examply Ai Yazawa’s josei title above… Despite only available in some book shops, the volumes are surprisingly cheap coming in from only 33,000 Vietnamese dong! That’s about only a pound or US$1.60~

And now some scenery of Vietnam~

The place where I usually staed at 12 years ago, which used to be my late Grandfather’s bakery, now sold to someone else as a vegetarian diner, never actually went in this time round ;__;

The bed I layed in for the whole 2 weeks (mines the days when I was in Dalat/Mui Ne).

Because of Ashen’s reviews of the crappy ripoff Pop Stations, I myself had brought myself one only to have realised that I was ripped off. 250,000 dong… that’s £8 when I could’ve brought it for 80,000 in the market! :(

Ahh yes Vietnam is also known for its 9:1 ratio of motorbikes and traditional bikes to cars and motor vehicles. Also because now that no one in Ho Chi Minh ever walks outside and simply rides on their motorcycles or bikes (for the kids) they though it’d be smart to push every little store io every street corner (Ho Chi Minh known for it’s little small business  literally on every street and wheelywagons) out to the pavement making it barely impossible to walk on, forcing me having to walk on the side of dangerous Motorcycle filled road…

But most of the time we usually called for taxi.

And a bit of trivia Asia is known for it’s cheapest taxi rides in the world. Even for Vietnam one average ride in a taxi usually costs around 50,000 Vietnamese dong, that’s £1.60/US$2.50!!!

Talking about the roadside the roads and the system in Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam for that are terrible. Because of the lack of people actually controlling the traffic that’s usually happening every single day, the composition of motorcyclers and bikers on the road are a mess, because of this the poor old taxi drivers in their huge ass cars and family carriers often have to continuously use their horns to ward off all the incoming bikers! Plus the traffic lights are no more different than in the UK, with the average red light amber light green light, though not sensory managed but timer managed. On every top of traffic lights there’s always a fixed time going off at every 30 second interval from stopping bikers from going to let the other bikers on the opposite side of the rod to go, and after letting this side of the heard go. It really is just fixed at 30 seconds to let the bikers go and stop and wait for the other bikers to go. Heck some even ignore the lights since there literally no authorities around to stop them and the sides of the road follow the rest of the flow of bikers.

Which leads to accidents now as I seen a few accidents on the road too involving a crash between a motorbike and a car. As I was in a taxi, literally what happened was a motorcycle rider crashed head on to the back of a car, the biker flung himself off the bike in mid air and fell onto the ground from 4 meters up. The biker and the car driver argues a little and simply just drove off! Because there wasn’t any paramedics, traffic officers around or even the cops anyone can pretty much do anything they want. Heck even 30% of the bikers and car drivers didn’t even take and driving lessons and don’t even have a license to drive! And even so you don’t have to wear seatbelts since car usually don’t go that fast because of the amount of motorcycles there are!

Ahh the CO.OP MART… Typically a multi-level supermarket complex with restaurants, diners and even arcades on the top floor. Namely the place to hang around if anyone is bored… I wonder if they’ve copied the Co-operative brand here…

Lotte Mart!!! And this shot is a precious one and below before the guards outside almost destroyed my camera since apparently you’re not allowed to take pics inside @_@ Thought I’d be sneaky and use my phone to take disceet pics inside only until I realsed I left my phone back at the hotel =_=

Overall, I brought buckets full of Lotte goods at the mart mostly consisting of Lotte snacks that are never imported to the UK, also they’re all pretty cheap too and I only spent around 270,000 VND (around £10) at the place!

All the money in my Miku wallet… if I ever done this outside I would’ve been instantly robbed ^_^”

Some pics of Mui Ne~

Part of our getaway we (and a few of our relatives) stayed at Mui Ne overnight before going to Dalat and staying there for two nights. And that means we’ll be staying at two other hotels!! And man how the hotel at Mui Ne, just residing off the glorious beach was godly. Was 3 stars and had a DECENT BATHROOM!!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT ANIMAX!!!!!!!!111!11!!11!!!

At the time I literally wanted to stay at Mui Ne for some reason. But seriously I was mindblowned while flicking through the channels and I found Animax! Why didn’t they have this channel back the hotel in Ho Chi Minh?? Otherwise then this would’ve compensate for the shitty bathroom :D

Anyways, at the time there as well as trolling about on the beach, other than that as the otaku lite I was I was in the hotel suit just chillin and watching Animax to sober up on my animu fix that I’ve been lacking for over a week. At the time most animu were all Animax dubbed 90s shows including Spooky Kitaro, Inuyasha and Conan. And at times shown more modern anime like Tears to Tiara, Bleach and Keroro, all dubbed too but with the OP/EDs being left as they were in Japanese. Heck and at the time too they were simulcasting Maid-sama and what a great convenience they were showing the episode where I had actually left off back in the UK! Thus my first up-to-date animu watched in another country 8D

Also name all the animu shows shown below and earn yourself a cookie 8D

At night time what better to do than troll around the streets of Mui Ne, place was known for actual tourists so I actually saw the first few foreigners in Vietnam, they were European I suppose as they were speaking French and Dutch…

Also I ran into a complete Russian shop that seemed to sell motorbike parts, at the time I thought it was fake and that it was actually something more sinister… like in anime.

The next morning, I see a guy and his family cruising on supposedly their “family carrier” on the beach…

First person view of me looking down to the sand.

Overall, had a wonderful time at Mui Ne, and possible the best time there because of Animax being there…!!

Also had the chance to ride on a jet ski while on the waters with my.. err…. distant cousins daughter’s husband…? I dunno but someone part of my relative tree.

Some pics of the country landscape as we trodded onto Dalat~

Also saw a few wooden houses and huts here and there in the middle of nowhere! I mean, how can they live there without any sense of food or supplies? There doesn’t appear to be any patches of land with growing organic food at the places I seen so I suppose they don’t grow their own food… strange.

At Dalat, in the hotel, look out of said hotel and I see this. Oh lordie.

That night we went to some fancy restuarant and had some niice Vietnamese/Chinese food. This drink here was soo sweet and even had to ask waiters to have the cookers to add more water to make it dilute, but even after 3 or 4 times, it was still too concentrated .__. it was a strawberry shake btw.

Also restuarants in Vietnam seems all the more hygenic. Because the chopsticks and eating utensils are already out on the tables it appears we all have to give them a good ole clean with clean water before using them, as them just being stored there in the pots may have bacteria and germs on them after being clean. Also the tissues they offer often sucks like shit. The tissues are too thin and are easily tearable meaning if you wipe away the food residue on your oily face it’llbreak apart and bits of tissue will stick to your face, which my dad, had to learn the hard way ;__;

Nice WiFi station at the Dalat hotel…

The guy who went Jet Ski with me was also kind enough to give me his netbook to play on! *GASP* INTERNET ACCESS FOR THE FIRST TIME ABROAD!!! I thought this was a miracle. With the Wifi offered at the hotel, just glorious. Buut until the netbook was unable to connect and it seems the staff is reluctant to give out their Wifi password despite outside saying that it was “Free Wi Fi” in plain English. Service ehh ¬_¬

Anyhow, because the Wifi internet failed and the netbook was rather slow I went to a internet cafe just across the street at 11pm at night. In my sleeping clothes. Though it was rather warm like how it was in HK at night so it was fine. Went on Facebook and Twitter to see how everyone was doing and posting a bit of a update. Was around 5pm in the UK so everyone was sorta busy having dinner of sorts .__.

Also it appears on Facebook when you log in from another country you have to do this authenticity test before you can actually log in, cause you know, because Facebook is security tight and being the fact that you dodn’t log in through your usual IP Facebooks gonna be hatin…

Anyhow the test is simply identifying your friends in tagged pictures randomly taken from the albums of your friends in your friends you’ve connected to.

Some spiritualist table (an OOPart if you’ve watched Occult Academy) that if you believe in God and are a Buddhist, give out your hand and have it hovering over the table by a few centre meters, think in your mind wanting the table to spin, the table would spin :0 no kidding.

Since I don’t necessarily believe in God or even a true Buddhist despite being azn I tried it out and it utter failed. Though apparently my distant cousins said that it actually worked, they they’re Buddhists and believe in God… rely?  x ‘_’~

Anyhow, after arriving in Dalat we visited some Buddhist temple of some sorts.

I got to ride on a horse! :D

Tried doing the same thing with the Big Buddha in HK with this smaller one in VN, didn’t hold the same feelings as back then ;__;

Had to take my shoes off before going to the very top of the temple two pics above, surprised that no one took my shoes >_>

For some reasons crisp packets in Vietnam looked as if they were about to explode D:

After the temple we visited the Crazy House, also known as the Hang Nga Guesthouse. Thought it’d be like a fun house you’d find in a theme park with wonky flooring and stairs and trap doors and wotnot, but it actually turned out to be a mere house with weird architecture, there are also blueprints or the house and stuff stuck in these “guest houses..

A video I made at the Crazy House;

After so we visited the house of the Emperor of Vietnam, was apparently rebuilt from the exterior and was more like a touritst museum attraction than anything new, inside was showcasing all of the rooms and places that the great last Emperor of Vietnam lived in. Wasn’t sure about it at the start but it I shallowly learnt a few things about Vietnam’s history and past, and also learn that the Vietnamese language was sorta based off French because of its coalitions with France or something in history.

I’ll leave a few links here for some reference…





Had to wear protective bags over our shoes to prevent the place being “tainted” with our “filth”, quoted from my father translated from Canton…

Now the souvenirs shop made me lol. Place literally didn’t have much stuff related to the last Emporer at all. Most were all nonsensical statues and figures and souvenirs of Vietnam including over 9000 portraits of Ho Chi Minh himself (not that he’s everywhere in the city named after himself) and coin frames of the Vietnamese currency that are out of use. Heck and even some obscene figures like the ones in the above pic and below! I rofl’d when I saw one only until I found that my own mother brought me one.


Censored by obvious reasons.

Bakugan is also known to be big in Vietnam too. Can’t help but notice the many Bakuman stuff available in toy markets and the VN dub on TV. Sadly they all appear to be fake ;__;

Finally some Engrish ever since I came to Asia…

Next, we went to another temple .__.

Just testing out my photographing skills ;D

The yoyo I brought at the souvenir shop with the weird exploited babies. Cheap plastic shit at 10,000 VND (30p/70 cents) that broke after one light collision to the ground.

Good times… also chased some gooses :D

We went to see a waterfall that seemed to be popular in those parts. The place also had some sort of rail attraction that let tourists use it to go directly to the waterfall in monorail style. Ride costs around 90,000 VND one way plus the long line that was there when I went on. Other than that then it was a 10 minute walk to the waterfall for free.

Rail was less exciting one the way back to the entrance since the drops were only for from the entrance TO the waterfall, which I stupidly suggested that I walk to there and come back by the rail thing ;__;

The waterfall itself.

Place where everyone took pics of them and the waterfall was rather slippery. Surprised to see no protection whatsoever and the amount of people. Think when there’s a huge tide or that someone stupidly pushes someone over and falls?

SLR photographers were also there offering people to take pics of them and have it developed. Shit costs 300,000 VND (£10/US$16) which was a total ripoff for the low standards of Vietnam. Use your own camera!

Evening fell, time to hurrdurr around the market square popularly known in Dalat! As seen on Wikipedia~


A LQ video via phone (since camera was low on memory and chances of “being snatched” by the beggars despite having the lanyard tightly sealed to my wrist….

Obviously real LV leather seated moped outside our Dalat hotel.

The internet cafe I went to that night, and later suffered an allergic reaction to a soya drink I had which cunningly contained nuts which I am allergic to .__.

Time to leave Dalat and return to Ho Chi Minh City as concludes our getaway holiday part of… our holiday.

Stopped by at this stop centre place to have toilet break. Place also offered free cups of coffee and tea. Tea was literally water with brunette dye remains so everyone had the strong dang coffee. Man it was good ^_^

The toy section was something else though…

Ehh…. typical.


Heh, I couldn’t resist :P

Reached the half way point of out trip. The money I had left in my Miku :>

800,000 VND = £25 ;__;

Rather a change of pace, after coming back from Dalat we went to one of the Top 10 5-Star hotal plaza in Vietnam, the Windsor Plaza Hotel! :0

And no, we were just there to have breakfast at the restaurant and check out the plaza on ground level. But man how I wish we’d actually stayed there. Price for two weeks was pretty much the same as in the Metro in HK at £600 or so!

3 days in HK (Metro Park (3 Stars) = £500 approx

2 weeks in VN (Windsor Plaza Hotel (5 Stars) = £600 approx

Something is definitely wrong here, mother and father :<

A tree made of marble stones and thin copper wiring! I may have the greatest idea of what to do in Art class…

At the Windsor Plaza, some comp winning you guessed it- a MOTORCYCLE.

Though I wonder if someone owned a car where they’d park it… since houses in Vietnam are usually in cramped slumbs inbetween all the exterior shops, there’s no they can park their car there.

Plus, some trivia that you are more likely to have your car jacked if you own one. Meaning that most people even for the VN peopl with money to buy motorcycles, easy to store and less chances of being stolen.

Also you’d think robbers and pick pockets can get so low… if you get robbed by someone in Vietnam such as your purse or watch, and it was actually fake the robber would come back and throw actual SHIT at you. You heard me right! POOP! EXCRETA! FAECES!! For having something so cheap and making them “fools” as interpreted. And whats even more cruel is that even though it’s “fake” they still keep the thing they had stolen. What the hells wrong with you third world ;__;

Moon Cake Day was around the corner, so Moon Cakes are sure to follow.

Guess I shouldn’t make a move here…

Ah yes. Speaking of pedestrians, you must have skills and experience if you ever want to cross the road by yourself. Seriosuly you’d be scared shitless like I was when my first time crossing a motorcycle filled road just to reach the other side! The trick here is to cross during the moment when they’re no bikers, chances are that you’ll never likely be able to cross with all the bikers kindly stopping for you just to cross. And just stopping at “lanes” the motorcyclers cycle, naturally they have the obligation to slow down and stop for you (as well as cars too), as it appears you still have rights for being a pedestrian. Keep doing that and you’ll “safely” cross the ever so dangerous battlefield they called a road.

And so, we reached to another marketplace. Place where I saw the first foreign tourists in Ho Chi Minh, being a couple of male Aussies buying  Kappa shirt and a family of females, supposedly American sharing out the VNDs among the group. One of the girls was actually looked pretty hawt but at that moment the rest in my herd left ;__;

Also this was also where I almost got robbed. Because the place was so crowded it was a hotspot for pick pocketes to steal stuff from people without them noticing. I was carrying a Adidas mini messenger bag at the time. As I noticed as I was facing down towards the floow to look at my shoes, a hand of a woman came coming into the gap of my bag. Since my bag had a sense of security and had a zipper to actually open the contents of my bag (which was luckily zipped at the time), the womans arm came coming out as she totally failed in stealing my tic tacs which was typically what was actually inside my bag as my camera was attached to my wrist and up my sleeve and my wallet tightly pocketed in my trousers, as I knew it was in there at it was clenched into my thighs. Hah, and parents say that I wasn’t prepared ^o^

Jewellery *_* sad that they’re fake ;_;

That night we had a huge family/relative gathering at some broke family restaurant. Place was in shambles that they even allowed us to litter stuff on the ground and having them cleanit all up after we left! This was the case when a nearby family finished eating and all the finished plates, bottles, drinks and sanitary hankerchiefs and packets were left on the table, chairs and the floor. Another pack of people came in astonished by the conditions and immediately left! Also it appears in Vietnam there’s no age limit in drinking alcohol, again this was the case when one of the staff poured me a bottle of Saigon, a beer brand into a cup for me and dropping a large ass ice cube despite I am obviously a minor! That night I drank 4 full bottles? Yeah maybe, I lost count after 2!

Also apparently I was drunk that night, with this video as evident…

Overall great night getting pissed first time abroad :P

The most narrowest building I’ve seen with my own eyes.

About fast food chains in Vietnam, don’t expect McDonalds or your Burger King or Taco Bell (did you know they just opened one in the UK!??) to be in VN, as Lotteria seems to be the craze there. If you have no clue what Lotteria is then it’s simply the Lotte version of KFC and McDonalds, with its special sauce that instantly fell in love with after having it in a meal a night after just arriving to VN! Wow first Lotte Mart and now Lotteria… Vietnam sure loves its Korean brothers… If you ever see one if you go to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan or Vietnam, GO TO IT. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!

Went to some electricals store afterwards, surprised to see the stunningly low prices of the stuff in there, from computers to washing machines compared to the prices in the UK!

Hurr durr’ing in some Korean line clothes shop~

Ahh KFC… Lotteria>>KFC all the way <3

Some theatre they had over there…

Ahh Bach Dang… the best place to have your ice cream if you’re ever in South East Asia… quality ice creams at cleverly low prices!

This time ’round we explored the parts of Saigon, an area in Ho Chi Minh know for it’s richer parts of the country and home to a few of foreign brands out there. They even have a department shop which only accepts American dollars! My kind of place~~

Parliament? :0

Another hotel known for it’s foreigner tourists.

Engrish alert D:

Also in Saigon we visited the Diamond Plaza, known for it’s highly expensive products from Gucci to LV. Place also has a arcade though being etiquette, the arcade wasn’t. 60% of the games there were vandalised or broken at parts, and the games were not that great. They had Pump it Up and no DRR… guess VN really hates Japan ;_;



Those two little boys at the lower left, they were actually watching Salt. The recently released movie in Asia with Angelina Jolie. More trivia that Vietnam sadly holds no official releases of movies, shows ect on DVD or Bluray whatsoever, so naturally pirated and unauthorised copies are the way to go. I went into that shop and was surprised to see all the walls filled with pirated DVDs of shows and movies you could wish for. Also in those glass boxes I  found a couple of obvious Pokemon bootleg copies that obviously are fake and are selling at normal prices :0 naughty naughty~

Also joined the two boys to watch a bit pirated Salt :3 the two look back at me and gave me the evos ;_; Sadly I don’t speak Vietnamese to make a comeback. fuuuuuuuu…..

Lizard in relatives house :0 apparently common in Vietnamese homes. There was also a dead poisonous rat with rabies outside the house, apparently ran over by a oncoming car :(

Was at the Seventeen Salloon for the Friday the 13th event, performances of the rock indie Filipino band “The Most Wanted”, whom are surprisingly have connections with my distant cousin whom I got to greet and hand shake with them :0 great times~

Before saying goodbye to Vietnam, what better to do than visit an uninhabitad island~~

Nah kidding, some hot island we went by ferry that seemed to be a tropical island you’d find in Lost.

Got to touch a snake :D

Got a free boat ride while we got to wear the traditional Vietnamese hats :D

Land ahoy!

The hotel we stay at, now renovated ;__;

Also the daughter of that hotel seemed to have hots for me and gave me her home address! Which was rather obvious since the times when we came back at night or come out at mornings to go out she was strangely smiling and staring at me… After though I came back to the UK it she apparently called me several times in her broken Engrish… since obviously she’s Viet and she’s not that good with English I assume.

Went back to Windsor Plaza, this time my treat, THE BILL… ;_;

Last day, all I had left, which I spent on a bag I got at a bag mart…

My otaku survival kit that kept me sane this whole trip.

Should I…?

Brace yourselves, moar engrish .__.

My last clear view of the motorcycle people… goodbye everyone!! ;_;

And so, Agust 16th, ends my Vietnam adventure! Surprised to see how close the airport is to the borderline of Ho Chi Minh~

The stuff collected during my stay… also looted myself a Gundam kit imported from Japan, AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE SOLD ONLINE! £10 for the Stargazer model was rather surprising to see, so I naturally took advantage of it ^^’

Soo after fatefully bidding farewell to my distant cousins, whom perhaps I’ll never meet in person for another 10 years came to running down to catch our flight back to Hong Kong. As then we’ll wait there for our flight back to London.

CX 764… ah there it is!

Place also9o had a internet station so that flight attendees waiting for their flight can surf the web ^^

Just checking up on my site…


Google Reader… holy thats a lot to catch up to after 3 weeks D:

Dannychoo to check up on his updates~~

On the human conveyor belt! Weeee~~~~~

Back in Hong Kong and in the mens room, may I ask why there is two toilets in one cubicle??

For father and son ehh….

After that it was plain flying all the way back to England, was rather stomach churned like I was to HK and puked during the strong turbulance..but managed to keep it in the whole 15 hour flight~

And so with this ends my Summer Holiday post coverage, despite it lagging on for two months after the actual holiday. Guess motivation to actually keep up with these kinds of post really kept me going… But still this year’s summer will be something to remember of my adolescent life. Though my parents was originally planning to next year than this year, but since my sister is finally going to Uni next year and all of the paper work to fill out, there just doesn’t aooear to be time to go on holiday next year thus relocated to this year as the very last gathering trip as a family, sad imo ;_;

Well, that’s it I guess. Until next time I go abroad…to Japan?