Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 05

After finding out Kirino’s secret from much as the “contents” in her bag outside the station, Kirino and Ayase fall out of being bffs. Days passed and Kirino is depressed due to being unable to take act and Kyousuke decides to convince Ayase that otaku’s are all not what she interpretss and that they’re just being too heavily prejiduced in the media, though Ayase isn’t much fond of the hobby otherwise because it’s so perverted, with news articles relating to incidents regarding otakus and how they corrupt their humanity to back her point. It is then revealed that Ayase cannot make up with Kirino because she syas that she’ll never give up the hobby and thinks that Kirino’s devious hobby is more important than her best friend. Kyousuke then goes to his father, yet again turmoiling the relationship of “otaku” son and high expectational father, spilling out a complete lie just to get his help. At the park one after school, Kyousuke relays out to Ayase about the prejiduced points she made during the phonecall. With report evidence humbly researched by Kyousuke’s father, as he has connections with all the journalists who reported the otaku related cases that Ayase read and saw on TV and the net. It was then clarified that the incidents were typically misinterpreted by the reporters that it was actually just a normal guy trying to get violent on a girl, and that the collected info was mistaken. The case about people playing eroges that would make them lost their sanity was simply theory and not the truth, due to the lack of evidence, and that not all otakus are that bad. Despite the clear ups, Ayase still fails to see Kirino’s hobby as not as bed it’s presented, and even to as far that this isn’t the Kirino she’s best friends with and demands the “old” Kirino back. Kirino appears into the scene and- *cue the loving speech from episode 3* convinces Ayase that even though she is the high class, atheletic, intelligent and pretty talented girl she knows, she loves her hobby as much as she does and her friends. The reason they’ve fallen out is because she loves with both of them, and without one of them, she isn’t the “real” Kirino, she needs both to be herself. Declariing that she’ll make up with her and wouldn’t throw away her hobby. This moves Ayase though she is still reluctant on the suggestive content in Kirino’s hobby. Kyousuke, forced to step in tells Ayase that because he found out about Kirino’s hobby is what brought them two together as siblings and made him realise his feelings towards Kirino, even going as so far to confess his love for his little sister! This shocks Ayase shattering her image of Kyousuke, thinking it was because of Kyousuke’s little deprived mind that got her into this hobby and pledges her newly reformed best friend. In the end now that Kyousuke manages to unlock the option to fight real players in Siscalypse, Kyousuke and Kirino play their first match together.

Another great episode imo. Not one of the most entertaining episodes of all, but I actually though this episode was rather intriguing adding most of how otakus are all negatively represented and stereotyped in the media and the way they are prejudiced (much to how I’m studying why teenagers are being looked badly in the media in school!). I personally am a avid otaku myself and I think I don’t think I’m one of those typical otakus who die-hard about moé and little girls all the time, even as far as doing ridiculous stuff shown in anime in real life. I mean, I do enjoy reading animu, reading mango and light novels, play a little eroge and hell, I read a few loli and h doujins in my time! I also do purchase a few manga volumes, posters figures goods and wotnot. Heck I even enjoy moé anime like K-ON! despite it hardly holding any sense of plot. But I don’t go as far as how the media shows the general public to be. I go out, I have friends, and most of all I have a life. Despite having this hobby, I am who I am and no one (*looks at the Agenes-chan moralists*) can change it, and I don’t think after having this hobby for over 4 years of my youth I never once lost my “humanity”. Heck just talking about this makes me look like I’m in Kirino’s shoes… though I gotta feel for her since I’m pretty much in this stance too.
But overall yeah, Oreimo really does take consider of the current stance of the ever growing otaku community and actually tries to make light of it, despite the incestuousness of the genre of the series holding a bit of irony…

THIS SCENE. I actually almost bricked at this…


U jelly after looking at this? I know I was.

Though, all in itself I actually enjoyed watching Ayase this episode acting as the normalfag tourney in this arguement for otaku rights especially the sites Kyousuke opened as he was talking to her on the phone. It was pleasantly entertaining just to see it all happen in TV anime form than it is just treading it offline, where most probably only a small group of people would’ve actually read. Despite that Oreimo airs really late at night in Japan… And speaking of Ayase, she is a complete yandere just I expected.

You better watch out O_O

“So that’s what a male’s “thing” looks like… wait!!” 8D

A middle school girl I’m friends with recently saw a big haul eromanga I got!
*spit take*


Ahh love the classic spittake. But the fluid Mr. Kousaka spat out…

Sadly for Saori and Kuroneko they didn’t make much appearance in the episode since it’s just a “best *girl* friend quarrel” / “otakufag vs normoralistfag” taking up 24 minutes. Cruelly exiting the stage after Kirino implying that they’re weirdos, even if we all know she and the two didn’t mean it. But Kuroneko did say something uplifting just as they got on the train back home for their *5pm anime*…

Sadly for Kyou, it appears his abuse by the other fellow character continues…

Super hella masochist successor confirmed? :0

Good ending or bad ending? Who knows…

Even if this episode was mildly serious, as it is another turning point of the series, this episode still rustle up some good quality service for teh Kirino fans out there.

Bwahahahaha, Kirino looks rather cute their tearing…

Appears a little jikai card told me that next week will feature the ever so normal Manami in her own special little episode. Perhaps this time Manami (as well as Satomi Satou-san, her VA) will have more screentime compared to her little cameos on the show, which really, in my opinion, destroyed her first impression on the first time viewers when she was instantly introduced in the first episode for a short time just being a normal character as ever. But that does suit her normal personality though… normal >_>

Omake: Kyousuke’s father is a tsunderepan as we all suspected!

Last omake endcard art;

EDIT: INB4 ad for Oreimo PSP game. Looks definitely promising…

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  1. I wonder what his dad would think if he knew Kyousuke actually showed Ayase the porn doujinshi xD That’s sexual harassment Kyousuke!

    If my own imouto went and told me with teary eyes “Take responsibility until the end” I would die!!!! I’d get a nosebleed and die!!!


    1. Yeah but either way, you’d still break the responsibility ;_;

      Also we must pay our respects for Kyousuke for he sacrificed himself for our otaku hobbies ;__;>


    2. Couldn’t disagree more, I hate my imouto with a passion, same goes for the rest of my family, I think they are doing little more than holding me back *Sigh.* oh what I’d give to be a stepsibling to some cute girl….


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