The World God Only Knows – 05

Just one more arc until my favourite Shiori Arc!

Kanon Nakagawa is a new debut idol who recently won the NNS Best New Artist Award. Elsee instantly becomes a fan of Kanon after witnessing her performance on TV one dinner night and even rein acts her dance posture and sequence, adding Keima’s rather influential speech why 2D idols are better than 3D’s. It then turns out the next day that Kanon was in the same school and class as Keima and Elsee and also she was to return in just two months, much to everyone’s excitement now that she’s a idol. As Kanon looks at the view on the rooftop of the building, she meets Keima on the benches playing his gal games. Keima recieves several shocks from Kanon’s neko stun gun after asking who she was, and not acknowledging her as the rising idol she is. From her walk in the hallway to a montage of her idol success, Kanon invites Keima by way of a message on a copy of her CD, carefully placed inside Keima’s desk to come to the rooftop after school, or he’ll receive yet more shockings otherwise. Keima comes up to the rooftop afterschool and Kanon suddenly performs one of her songs on a huge portable stage, with lights and loud speakers and everything! Kanon stops as she realises Keima wasn’t paying attention at all, in the end Keima is shocked again by her but this with two stun guns. Kanon bails out as she receives a message from her agent that she was late for recordings. With Keima’s explanation of a girl going after a boy instead of the opposite- usually is a trap- in games, Kanon yet again performs for Keima the next day, only this time Keima had fallen asleep. This saddens Kanon and suddenly Kanon magically disappears into thin air on the stage!

Heau heau… this episode was quite funny. And so begins the coveted Kanon Arc! While for the TWGOK manga readers, this arc will bring back some dear nostalgia [spoiler hint] ;__; While comparing this episode to the original manga chapters (7-9), there wasn’t that much alterations at all, though there were a few additions in the anime for the background and filler elements and scenes, it was a pretty good feasible adaptation to moving pictures.

Kanon really did just looked badass in this episode. I wonder where she got her neko stun guns? At first we saw Ookami’s neko boxing gloves and now we see this, I wonder what lies next…haha

( ̄^ ̄)

( ゚Д゚)

Y’know what they say, twos better than one!

Give in to Kanon’s special idol shock!

Though I have to say, Kanon really did go over the top with the whole idol thing… It’s like after winning some big song talent contest like the X Factor you instantly become some sort of popular superstar and you become a totally different person. Though in Kanon’s case, she was much hung up about being an idol and over reacted over the fact that one person (Keima) didn’t know who she was. Surely Kanon would’ve accepted before winning that not everyone in the whole world would instantly know her after establishment as an idol just a few days ago, she just debut meaning she has to work to get herself recognised! And shocking people for not knowing who she was, even if the gun looks rather cute… if it were irl an “idol” like that would get arrested, and thus elegantly follows onto Keima’s 2D > 3D glorious speech…

^o^ /

Keima’s rendition of a “2D” political organisation is surely one of the best Keima’s ravenous speeches yet! Like how they used a D-pad for the party’s logo…

Would so join them if it were real :3

Kind of irony here because everyone in TWGOK is 2D despite interpreted being 3D by Keima, so say if the TWGOK universe was 2D, what dimension would Keima’s games be? and does that mean Keima was actually living in his ideal eden, though influenced by the “real” 3D’s elements after all? > MIND BLOWN

Would’ve voted for the dude with the bling in the background ;P

D’AWW Elsee and her idolism!

Mrs Katsuragi with her glasses off and hair down really does make me brick D:

Moar irony that this scene implies that every guy in Maijima (‘cept for Keima of course) is a idol OTAKU. Bwaha~

Sharpees really can write anywhere D:

LOLWAT Kanon voiced that girl in the gal game Keima was playing a few eps back? Yet another new anime-first scene…


Some elegant Kanon service for teh Kanon fans out there. Moar in my mashup screenshot~

Weird that they simply stayed in that position and never moved a muscle, or even reacted to Keima’s Kanon signed PFP (  ‘_’)

Oh gawd shit just got real ;_;

Needless to say, the next episode as always will see the conclusion to this arc, and with 3 out of 4 capture targets covered this season only leaves with one (my favourite Shiori Arc!) add two more episodes at that and leaves 4 or 5 filler episodes. I can already see the ending ;_; Though luckily a second season has been confirmed hoping to cover the next 4 (or even more if they commission more than 12 eps) and a bit of filler.


Moar Kanon service goodness~ the art kind of reminds me of Shukufuku no Campanella’s eroge.