Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 06

Why is she so perfect? ;__;

Halloween is around the corner and Manami invites Kyousuke to come over to her house after school to try out some delicious Japanese Halloween candy she made, since her Grandparents run a small Japanese Candy Shop and her family is planning to run a fair including all the local children with candy making and activities and stuff. Once the two arrive, we are suddenly introduced to Manami’s grandfather, who’s lying lifeless on the coffee table in the den. Thinking he’s dead, the two panic and Kyousuke tells Manami to call the ambulance, only till then they found out that Manami’s Grandfather was messing with them and was trying to act as a zombie for Halloween. Fed up of her grandparent’s pranks and mischief, Manami takes Kyousuke up to her room to relax. Just a little later, Kyousuke wounds up helping Manami’s family with the prep for Halloween and decides to stay over as it was soon the weekend. After a nice relaxing dinner with the Tamuras for a change Manami tells Kyouseuke he can take a bath, though Kyousuke says she can go first. Manami decides to tease Kyousuke by offering the two of them to take one together- making Kyousuke blush! Kyousuke fires back by saying he is will to take one with her, which causes Manami to fluster and call for her grandparents for help, which again creates an opening for her grandparent’s mischiefs. At night, Kyousuke and Manami discover their futons places directly side by side, with the epic efforts of Manami’s grandfather, the two sleep together like old times. Unable to go to sleep, Kyousuke “hypothetically” asks Manami what she’d do if someone told her they liked her, this flusters Manami once more responding that she doesn’t know. Manami fires back and asks what he’d do if a girl confessed to him, Kyousuke answers that he’d turn her down and reasoning that he would prefer a peaceful life and how things the way they are now. Meanwhile, Kirino’s order of a Stardust Witch Meruru dakimakura arrives on the door step after school and hugs it with glee. As well showing signs that she dislikes Kyousuke’s absence…?

It’s a great turn of events for the plot in Oreimo now that it can entirely focus on the relationships (especially for Kyousuke and Kirino) and wotnot now that Kirino’s problems of her being an otaku have been sorted out and accepted by her friends and family. Given now that the series is at its halfway point of the broadcast the creators did a good job managing the time constraints. Though questions about whether if the anime will ever catch up to volume 7, the current instalment in the light novel series known for many controversial spoilers regarding the plot is still up for debate.

Funny… 6 across says IMOUTO :DD

Speaking about this episode, wow I have to admit, Manami really was cute in this episode *quotes my childhood friend cant be this cute!*. And it was great for Manami’s character to really shine in this episode, as she never did have a significant role in the series yet, excluding the mini appearances and her little contribution to the story as of yet. This week was rather creative too with the juxtaposition jumping back and fourth at Manami’s relaxed and lively house and back at the Kousaka’s strict and dense household, contrasting how much of a polar opposite of the two households are.

You can see why here.

So sharp *_*

I wish I was the dakimakura ;__;

Judging from this episode, the Tamuras are an awfully great bunch. There’s the all loving parents that haven’t been introduced yet (though shown in a shot of Manami’s frames on her Junior High graduation), the mischievous epic grandparents, an eccentric brother, and a cute innocent but normal Manami to top it off. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t fond of Manami’s character at the start, or would I say when I stumbled upon this series in a bookshop in Hong Kong this Summer. My first impressions of her at first were all that of a normal personality, and heck I was right, though I went on and implied that she had a rather plain face and weren’t that much of a great character. But this episode really did refresh my eyes. Manami can be rather cute in her own way, plus Satomi Satou really did her best in voice acting yet, as it actually did fit in with Manami’s personality and character of a sweet innocent borderline coming of age girl. Manami’s grandparents are also pretty fun dwelling too, especially Manami’s granddad’s constant pranks and teasing. Sadly I have no grandparents who’re on the same level of fun as Manami’s, since I am azn they were pretty strict and highly expectational *asianbeingasian*, also sadly all of my grandparents have passed away so looking at Manami’s grandparents living it large really remind me of my moments in life with my grandparents.

The many faces of Manami… so beautiful ;__;


Guessing the parents behind are Manami’s. Great photo!

Epic faceplant :P

Ohohohohoh, teasing gone wrong xD

You can tell Manami’s grandparents are a great bunch!


Damn they look tasty!

Looking at it now, I can finally see why a pairing of Kyousuke and Manami can be likely, other than the fact that they’re childhood friends, but that Manami really does represent as a whole what Kyousuke pursues in his ambitions; a normal and peaceful life. Though sadly, much like Tomoki from Sora Oto who, conveniently like Kyousuke wants a calm and peaceful life, isn’t able to grasp it with no regrets due to their ‘recently formed circumstances’. Just making a comparison of Sora no Otoshimono and this aspect of Oreimo; in Sora Oto Tomoki wants a normal life, though he is unable to hone one because of being caught up with several different bishojos with wings suddenly crashing down from the sky, claiming to be Angeloids from a supernatural world. Plus the usual perverted hi-jinks that seem to naturally come about (also if it were to be completely peaceful and normal Sora Oto would never come to be!) although Tomoki was reluctant at first, he seems to actually be fine with it afterwould and can almost come about implying that maybe this is better than living a normal relaxing life. It’s pretty much the same for Oreimo but replacing Sora Oto’s situation with theirs. Kyousuke wants a peaceful life which Manami, is pretty much like an entity of the meaning of “normal” and a “peaceful life”. Though he cannot come about to accepting to actually have feelings for her (despite in the episode he claims that he unaccepted Manami going out with anyone and not intending to go out with her at the start), most probably is because of his newly found circumstance of coming more closer to her own little sister Kirino, whom he was on bad terms with ever since she came into the family. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna date or even have sex with Manami (man I so would now!), she has a reliable and responsible personality, she’s calm and collected at all times, she’s innocent and lively and heck, she can even be cute despite her plain and normal face and her short normal hairstyle (does she even wear makeup?), guess her character really does compensate for her looks… This sort of makes a contrast between her and Kirino. Manami is pretty much like anyone’s typical normal highschool girl, normal personality, appearance, character, while on the other end of the stick we have our all loving Kirino (sadly not having much screen time this week), who’s in a nutshell the “perfect” girl one could wish for, though recently we found out her “taboo” side of hers… You could even say that Manami is a major threat to Kirino in this imaginary love triangle, if ever the characters are able to be true to themselves… who knows maybe? That or Ayase jumps in and creates a YANDERE ending, who would want that? :P

Kyou you perv! :<

Good reasoning. lol

Wonder why Kirino was always kicking on Kyousuke’s door and his seat during dinner… ohhohohoh :3

The great weapon of mass destruction 8<

Manami unmegane’d isn’t that bad :0

Aww poor Kirino without her beloved aniki :(((((((

Needless to say, this episode was godly. Great in and of itself and the great Manami getting what she deserves in this series. Though unlikely, there won’t be a continuation of this happening next week by judging episode 7’s title. Where it happens it maybe that perhaps Kirino might start becoming a light novelist of some sort.

As always, AIC likes to flash off their production cost budget and it is confirmed that each week the OP will change it’s animation sequence (or not even have one at all, refer to episode 3) to fit in with that week’s episode, in terms of featured characters and setting backgrounds and wotnot. This week’s OP focuses most obviously, Manami’s family, most accurately, her grandparents, her brother, and herself of course. Also not forgetting the Nico Nico styled annotations from “wwwwwwwwwwwww” to “ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!”, if you read Sankaku’s “in depth” post on the episode you can see the catchy sneaky messages displayed throughout the character intro in the OP;

The ED of course tends to change every week too, again with AIC’s antics, this week focuses yet again on another art with flashy computer graphics of a illustration of none other than Manami, drawn by obviously looking Ume Aoki, whom I made a perfect insight when I watched the RAW. I am such a pro :D

Special omake!

Guess this compensates for Kirino’s exceedingly little appearance in this episode, classy *_*

Which reminds me, Saori and Kuroneko never did made one appearance in this episode ;__;


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  1. Loved the scene where Kyousuke looked at Manami’s thighs and was like “I shouldn’t”

    Some people have said and I agree that he may see her precisely as an imouto, even more than Kirino, that’s why he doesn’t like the thought of seeing her as a girl, a potential lover.


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