The World God Only Knows – 06

Keima intends to act coldly towards Kanon to find out what was troubling her, although Kanon was so hurt that she became transparent; he thinks that this is all due to a runaway spirit. Elsie goes out that night to the TV station Kanon was performing live at to investigate, and comes back with sufficient info about Kanon’s past from Kanon’s fans. The next day after school Keima realises Kanon wasn’t going to show up as she usually does since she was busy filming in a TV drama, although he does receive a message from Kanon as he gave her his address. After meeting each other on the set, the two becomes much closer now as Kanon believes that Keima is only person she can ever go for help. After that meeting Kanon begins to constantly send Keima messages and always coming to him for help even for the most trivial of things. Days later Kanon met up with Keima again outside a cafe since she had free time, until she had to take off, and again outside the venue where Kanon was going to perform on Christmas Eve. Kanon finds Keima listening to her songs on his PFP, and asks if he likes them. This makes Keima flustered and pats Kanon on her head. On Christmas Eve, a few hours before Kanon’s concert, things turn for the worse when Kanon turns out to be missing!

And so we arrive at the climax! I was expecting Kanon’s arc to run more than two episodes to say at least since in the manga her arc seemed rather long and deep in context. Nevertheless expect the next episode to see the conclusion of this arc and then set sail for my favourite Shiori Arc! Seemingly the last capture target arc in this season :(((

Keima’s ludicrous 2D gaming lecture never fails to impress me xD

Driving a taxi with Kanon in the passengers seat by chance and listening to Kanon’s debut single on the radio, probable the best moment in his ‘single’ life so far ;__;

Infiltrating Narusawa TV HQ, COMPLETE!

D’aww :(


Keima’s Gaming God’s habits begin to show. Sadly my plan of putting an iTouch in a plastic bag to use in the bath backfired at me :(((

Gotta love Mother-Rebellious Teenage Daughter relationships xD

Though it comes at a price :(

And also, bad Keima-kun for not caring for your acting-imouto! :((

Kanon made some idol otaku friends!


Nico Nico is everywhere in annie-mays now.

Well, you could say that you’re transparent…

Inb4 countless devs creating a Windows 7 Kanon theme like this!

Oh Keima and his delusions that 3D is a flawed game design and created a bunch of people. S’pose the game developers were called GOD Inc? ;D

That Kanon is an obvious yandere o_o

This episode was pretty hectic, much to the fact that I had to go back and scan through marking the most significant points in the episode for my summary! The entire episode really just focused on the developing relationship between Kanon and Keima, how each scene and scenario depicts how the two are slowly becoming much closer, and sadly slowly exploit’s the innocent Kanon’s flaws and her controversies in her idol pop career as well as her life. Overall, it was a pretty nice intuitive compressed episode. Little laughs and gimmicks here and there, not to mention the sad tale of Kanon’s circumstances.

You probably have already guessed, this episode reeks of Kanon service. Even though I’m not much of a fan of Kanon I have to admit Kanon was pretty cute in this episode. Excluding all the yandere moments of herself, manglobe did a pretty good job of this. -patpat-

Why must she be so perfect at the most inexcusable times?

And yeah apologies that this post came rather late and rushed than usual, art homework just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and I was left no choice but to valiantly fight it, only coming out victorious with a twisted and hurt wrist :(( I’ll to find time once episode 7 comes out next Wednesday!