Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 07

Kirino and Kuroneko as usual have one of their otaku flame wars criticising each other’s favourite anime; Meruru and Mas Ochera, only this time they are also arguing over about each other’s light novel doujins. This leads to them, along with Kyousuke and Saori (via telephone) to hold a Witch Meruru screening at Kirino’s house for Kuroneko to watch Meruru in a “new light”. Only till after the OP sequence, Kuroneko had enough and continued on ranting Meruru’s major and detailed flaws, and ends in the two arguing to their hearts content. In part B Kirino finds out that Kyousuke was using her laptop to look at porn sites! and punishes him into another episode of her Life Counselling, this time assisting her for research into her most recent light novel work, as her first got accepted by Raigeki Bunko, a publishing book company (obvious Dengeki Bunko parody, who publishes Oreimo). Dragging Kyousuke all round the city making him buy all sorts of expensive jewelry and cheap accessories and even attempting to make him get hit by an oncoming truck!, Kyousuke implies she’s doing all this for self gratification. Kirino suddenly dumps a bucket of water out of nowhere over her head and says that it’s to emulate one of the scenarios she has in her ideas about her novel and geta feeling of it, also to prove Kyousuke that this isn’t for her self grat. Since Kirino is dripping wet they go to a nearby hotel, where after Kyousuke receives a call from Manami and soon gets called a perverted siscon as Kirino is in a robe after having a shower. Kirino believes she has done enough research when she was about to plan to sleep with Kyousuke in a hotel suite (another scenario in her novel). As the two walk outside in the evening of Christmas Eve, Kirino suddenly gets a spark of enlightenment and discovered a great idea for her novel.

D’awww no continuation of Manami’s Halloween party from the last episode, though it was rather obvious because of the title preview at the end of last week. This weeks seem pretty good too but somehow lacking in fanservice and good ole normal moe meganekko, I guess Meruru’s uncensored transformation this week, plus Kirino’s KIRABOSHI~☆ and the hotel scene sort of compensate. I also really like Kirino and Kuroneko’s impressiong of each other, quote Kyousuke, they really did put their soul into it!

KIRABOSHI~☆ or Ranka Lee’s Kira Pose if you’re that precise…

I think I was like that when a new episode of Hayate no Gotoku S1 first came out… good ole times!

Thas some good Kuroneko impersonation

Dohohoh, now I demand Kyousuke do Manami xD

What also surprised me in this episode is that of Kirino and Kuroneko’s wide knowledge. I mean- rape and sex slaves? I know usually these days 14 year olds have came across those terms, as I came across it when I was 12. But surely you don’t see minors like them create doujins, even if literature risque that include such adult themes would you? inb4 the moralists takeover with moar ethical raison detre about Oreimo…



Earlier on when Kirino was talking about recieving a gift from someone you love implying that she loves Kyousuke and wanted him to buy her something, although clearing it up that is was for the story for the novel… that scene kinda surprised me in a particular way since I expected that happening. Plus another step towards a incest ending to this show, if there ever will be one I suppose… I went *D’AWWWWWW* when Kirino realised what she’d said and blushed even more than she usually does 24/7…haha

Now I see why Volume 7 is coming to effect…

The hotel scene really got to me. And from reading from other masochistic sources it appears they decided to made a few censors in this scene, not visually but changing the fact that they went to an ordinary Hotel and not a LOVE Hotel as laid out in the novels. Guess from my impression was that having siblings stay in a Love Hotel meant for coupls to have sex with BDSM equipment was far too extreme for TV viewing… Although it could be interpreted that it was a Love Hotel after all with the pink wallpaper and the Kleenex tissues at the beds and Kirino saying tjat was some weird “equipment” in the bath, oh and also the situation where Kirino was still in robes and Kyousuke was convicted for fantasising her dear imouto. inb4 raging doujin artists making alternate ending to that certain scene… :3

So THATS how they blush in Oreimo… that’s one wonder crossed off my list :P

And poor ole Kyou :(((

When Kirino poured that bucket of water over her head… at that I point I was thinking; what the heck was she thinking!?? and only a few seconds after I wondered how the heck did she get the bucket- heck even the water from? It’s like as if they were in a set and she was given it by one of the assisstants out of shot! That was a bit of mystery to me. Of course because now that the anime has headed straight into volume 3 and the coincidences that I have a copy I got in HK I can see a few resemblances from the novels illustrations and the ones presented in the anime. Few minor tweaks but still fully covered.

D’aww, who’s a little wet imouto? :3

I know this maybe a little off topic but this has been on my mind when I purchased the books in HK… am I the only that thinks the symbol for Mas Ochera resembles that of Hei’s mask in Darker than Black? Also if you look at the official illustrations in the novels of Mas Ochera the dude with the Hei ripoff mask looks much like Kyousuke. So just a quick hypothesis, could Kyousuke may very well be the reincarnated version of Hei? If so then it all makes sense! Inb4 spoilers and this may become ridiculoous, as Hei too has a little sister that holds contracting powers that become his later on, applying this I wonder when Kirino will eventually become a part of Kyousuke…

I wonder if this copyrights Hei’s mask…

Thought Kyousuke’s facial expressions were rather creative this episode, so I made a collection :D

Dat Kuroneko.

I’m always like that on Friday nights, no school next day and big 37″in the living room 8D

Beg to differ; 2ch does that with late night animes…

This made me realise how much they use that in Western Magical Girl cartoons… except that their bodies are glowing.


Pros being pros :P

tl;dr – This is a traffic, please die in it immediately.

30,000 YEN? THAT’S LIEK £250!! Which makes me ponder how Kirino is casually holding such a expensive thing and the opportunities of stealing it…

Another thing about this episode was the either references to RL shops or lorem ipsum’d shop names… Burger Kight being a obvious parody of Burger King (logo gives it away), Raigeki Bunko, another parody of Dengeki, and Cache-Cache and SisterMart being totally random…though strangely entertaining.

Needless to say, it seems this time will be continued in the next episode as it appears Kirino’s novels have been granted an anime adaptation or something, based on next week’s episode title.

Oh and one last thing; as always the OP/ED changed as usual, OP with the animation and the ED in it’s entirety, with a delicious illustration of Kirino and Kuroneko in a suggestive pose. Obviously put Meruru as truly dominated the op this week;


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  1. Just to note, “Sister Mart” is a parody of “Family Mart” in Japan. (right down to the color scheme and all)


    1. I’ve noticed, after seeing someone took backdrops all over Shibuya on all the places shown in this episode and the parodies on all the shops.


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