Hayate no Gotoku! – 297

Will be restarting Hayate no Gotoku chapter posts since I have nothing else better to do for this recent-episodic-driven blog, and also things are starting to get interesting in Hayate. Plus I’m still hoping for a third season and the upcoming Taiwanese drama Hayate version cringes me.

The story thus far;

Due to the events that took place in the Golden Week/Athena Arc, Hayate, Nagi, Maria (and Tama and Klaus) have lost the Sanzenin inheritence and been evicted out of the mansion. After which they began house hunting and eventually found themselves a much more cosy normal home (though still grande) which conviently used to be abandoned and belonged to Nagi’s mother. Finding themselves a new home they now have to find a way to generate money so that they can maintain a sustainable life, Hayate suggests that they turn their new house into a mini apartment (with a personal home butler as their main selling point) and managed to take in Chiharu as their first guest. Recently Nagi decides to go Bakuman and start out early in her perilous journey to become a successful mangaka, which she believes that’ll be the sole way to earn lots of money. Except Nagi suddenly loses all hope when she meets Gouji-sensei once again and takes a look at what a pro’s manga work looks like, realising her own stance and the high level the pros are. Now dis-heartened over her life long mangaka dream Chiharu suddenly receives more screentime and invites Nagi to a small comiket happening in Ikebukuro (hoping to bring back her mangaka passion) to help her out selling a doujinshi made by a friend of hers, a debut doujin by a new debut artist that Nagi grows a liking to, and finds out that she’s in the same situation as Nagi. And as the two novice mangakas closely cross paths, Hayate is being targeted by some suspicious mysterious women who made a move on him earlier on in this arc.

At the moment in the Hayate no Gotoku universe, it’s been a pretty good start to a new uplifting story arc, after the first turning points in this series turning out to be pretty serious and dramatic, losing most of the humorous and fun referencing the series was known for. Though looking back in past arcs before Golden Week, I start to get the feeling that Hata-sensei is now focusing more on time-stretched story arcs than ordinary episodic chapters, despite intending to be episodic as stated in the commentary at the end of volume 6, prior to the Sonia Arc. Personally I prefer long story arcs as it has more potential to building up a good story, episodics are fine too all by itself, but having too much seems rather stale to me and I’ve already seen that kind of thing with American Cartoons when I was a lad. There was always one thing from my experience with the golden age Cartoon Networks series was that the plots never went anywhere. Only the special episodes made some little effort going somewhere but overall, the plots written are all just for kids to get some kicks rather than a whole series devoted to one main goal and at the end to bring about a conclusion. This made me realise in those times when I became more interested in anime that episodic series are more aimed at the younger audience while the long drifted story arcs and the like are more devoted to the older audience, mainly because they require more brain power thinking and concentration to grasp the story, while episodics are simply a set of characters, a simple plot backgrounding being put into scenarios lasting for around 600 seconds. These don’t really require much thinking and just watching seeing how everything will turn out after 10 minutes, while the episode probably will have continuity errors since it’s tradition episodics do that, in the West that is. Dunno if Hata-sensei intended to set HnG on the boundary line between the young and mature audiences of episodic and arcs but it appears for now Hata is centering it more around the mature audiences, since the series has run for like- 7 years now? Hata’s longest running work? imo

Before I go off-topic, another thing I realised when I decided to read the gap before the Golden Week Arc and when FoOlz decided to drop official-unofficial scanlating was that the humour seems a lot more diluted than concentrate now compared to back then, now it seems more plot-driven with the new arc story implemented while having little fun sized references/parodies here and there and the gags seem casual than funny as before. We’ll just have to see if Hata still has his jokes up in his sleeve….

Summary for Chapter 297:

With Luka’s safe arrival to the place she wanted to go thanks to Hayate before being attacked by a robot, Chiharu and Nagi soon pack up (after selling just 9 copies) and finally leave to meet the author of the doujin they were selling, conveniently the same person who was attacked and saved by Hayate; Luka! Before long as they were walking to their destination Nagi was growing impatient curious of who this special person (who’s in the same shows as Nagi) and why she was a great deal of a person towards Chiharu. Soon after when they came to the “place” to meet the author of the Dolphin doujin, Nagi witnesses a dashingly beautiful girl up on stage, whom Chiharu introduces to her being the very “Luka Suirenji”!!

A very anticipating chapter this is. Finally Luka makes her true debut appearance into the series! At last we see fully Luka’s glory from her first appearance on the colour cover of c268 and numerous cameos in recent chapters, though as an idol singer? Surely she’s not related to Megurine Luka but the fact that she’s also a singer “artist” rather surprised me a little page by page when I anticipated what was all her business was about. Though I guess we have to wait a few more chapter to get what the gist is up on all this. But still, she’s an idol of some sort? I can see why with her in a glamorous dress in the cover spread above but also the one who produced that very same level of plot complex as Nagi in her debut doujin was the most surprising. And also I’m now growing eager to see how what will being Nagi to run up to the top floor of Sunshine60 shouting out Luka’s name as shown in c268. Needless to say, HnG seems to be getting back up on its feet in all it’s glory and wonder. The art still seems to be developing as usual by the works of Hata-sensei though for the better I suppose.

One last thing: I’m still awaiting for someone to scanlate the special tankobon of “Before Hayate no Gotoku!” with Hata’s earlier works. I have the RAWs and annoyed by the fact that I can’t fully understand it :(((((

inb4 CHAPTER 300.