Suzunari! Review

A much rather slow review post since I finished reading this almost half a year ago, and a year when I began. But nevertheless, I thought I might make a review of it since nobody else appeared to.

What happens if you’ve woken up and you find a spitting image clone of yourself resting on top of you and everyone you know seems to be fine with it? And what’s more; this “clone” has been equipped with neko ears and tail? Go insane? Deal with it? Fight it? Well that seems to be the very case of our Kaede Takamura, our small energetic girl hero of our story, who finds; Suzu Takamura on top of her one morning. Suzu is much more of carefree girl than our moralist Kaede, she’s eccentric, cute, fun-loving, and you can say she’s more well “endowed” or “developed” to Suzu in terms of… *three sizes*

Anyhow Suzunari! takes on the typical 4koma slice of life form and the fun loving hi jinks of these two love hate twins and set an example of how life would be more interesting if you lived your highschool life with a clone of yourself with cat ears and a tail and wants to be with you forever and ever and ever. Creepy if you’re a guy, but okay if you’re a girl.

Serious note: This has fanservice. Yuri. Twins. Twincest. So parental advisory is advised D:

And another note: Suzunari is almost unavailable on the net (unless on Mangafox w/ YENPRESS rips) so the only reasonable way to read is to buy the volumes like I did!

And thus I became a buyfag D:

The Characters

Kaede Takamura – Our shojo-hero of the story, and sadly the one who’s also the most exploited

Suzu Takamura – Our heroine of the story, the neko-human and spitting image of Kaede in question, the more “developed” Kaede in my case :3

Mr. and Mrs. Takamura – Kaede and Suzu’s parents, somehow they’re easy adapting to the point where they accept another member to their family even though they never have any recollection of having anohter child :P

Iincho – Kaede’s and Suzu’s fellow male classmate and class rep (naturally given the nick of “Iincho” meaning Class Rep). Also a typical creepy otaku moefag.

Natsume – Kaede’s bestfriend, she’s an obvious Yandere to look out for D:

She really is creepy…

Sensei – Kaede and Suzu’s teacher, she’s the spitting image of Yukiji from HnG, an alcoholic money betting bum who’s also a single lady.

What’s more, Suzunari! also considers the creepy otaku crowd, first with the precense of Iincho, a typical creepy moefag who somehow made his way in as a side character to this series. As well as his failed attempts to bring coalition of the 2D world and the 3D together, he is also president of the Animu and Mango fanclub in Kaede’s school, who during the Cultural Festivel chapter, are not what you’d see of typical /a/ users…

It’s funny and ironic at how creepy otakus are being portrayed in animu. They’re are so stuck up about animu and mango in the “3D” world (inactuality the “2D” world) when they’re already in a anime/manga of their own :3

Straight off in chapter one? Surely people will be reading this FOR THE PLOT.

Oh Kaede…


D’awww Kaede’s “first time” ^_^

Then explain why her hand is now resting on Kaede’s chest…

“Onei-chan” is the actual pronounciation of “Onee-chan” Suzu speaks, since of course she’s half cat :P

INB4 Misaki rage


If you are considering to read Suzunari and do not wish to view spoilers, stop reading now or forever hold your peace.

Above from all this carefree plot and a fun loving typical school life, things like this won’t last forever (since there’s only three years in High School in Japan :P) plus the fact that this series only ran for two volumes- Suzunari is very short lived. Meaning of course there’s a climatic conclusion which I have to critique.

Prior to the conclusion of Suzunari!, there are numerous times at the beginning of chapters where there’s a mysterious flashback page where theres not much meaning of. Until you read them altogether; you’d get some sort of flashback story between Kaede and Suzu. Although this was a nice touch from Shoko Iwami, the author of Suzunari!, the main big flaws about these “flashback” 4koma pages is that they are mildly obvious. Heck I even got the gist of the flashback a quater way through of chapter one without even reading it all and knew why Suzu had came to be. Which was rather simple-minded all in all; Suzu was originally a cat. Kaede when she was younger was a lot like Suzu as she is now, and actually had met Suzu when she was a cat, abandoned in a box next to a bridge. They then got a lot closer as Kaede came to visit everyday. Until it goes for the worse when Kaede wanted to own Suzu- and her parents didn’t allow it. Kaede argued with her parents and the decision was final. Kaede sadly bids farewell to Suzu at the usual spot and gave her a suzu necklace as a farewell gift (Bell=Suzu in Japanese). Until then Suzu has been praying to the Gods wishing herself to become human and to always be with Kaede, which as soon granted once Kaede hit her second year of┬áhigh school.

The climax of Suzunari! was as well more simple minded but rather stupid in my personal opinion which I well explain later on…

The climax series of chapters begins when Suzu was constantly disturbing Kaede from studying for the final exam in her last year of High School. Kaede snaps and yells at Suzu, this disheartens Suzu and she suddenly disappears, and everyone appears to forgot about her. As Kaede comes into contact with objects with past memories with her and Suzu, object by object, Kaede finds a omamori under her pillow with a wish from Suzu, wishing her wish would come true and to hope she’ll always be smiling. This brings about the conclusion of the series of flashback pages and Kaede’s presence in another dimension with the “Neko God” (I shall name it) it appears. It turns out that Suzu had made a deal with the Gods that she can remain as a human if she is on good terms with the one she wants to be with (Suzu) but will be broken once Suzu or Kaede are on actual bad terms with each other. The first climax 4koma has the “Neko God” telling “Suzu” that if she wishes to become human again, her previous memories will all be completely wiped and she’ll be an entirely new person. As for the second the God is talking to Kaede the same thing. If she wishes for Suzu back Suzu’s past and memories will be sacrificed and they’ll never remember the old days they have spent with each other. Most surprisingly, THEY ALL COMPLY!! After which they return to Kaede’s room, and after another introduction of each other, Kaede KISSES Suzu apologising to her and confessing her LOVE. And to end it off their graduation ceremony and Kaede and Suzu blissfully walking off in the blank space bidding farewell to Natsume.

Sadly not much is known about these spiritual Gods and how they came about.


Okay ‘kay ‘kay, before I go on about the fact that this may wekk be the first manga I read with girls actually kissing… judgjing from how it ends I think Iwami-sensei has forgotten the golden rule in story telling that never to use “…and then I woke up and it was alll a dream”. In Suzunari, he did exactly that very sin.

I was rather much disappointed all in all at the end, it made me feel rather betrayed how everything, the fun memories and times together for Kaede and Suzu were all ditched. Heck it’d felt as if I had forgotten what had happened before that too! Though looking back now I can see why my English teachers always said to never use “and it was all a dream” conclusion; it ruins the whole story and holds no significance of a meaning to the plot. Yes in terms of entertainment but if in terms of plot and development no, as it simply serves as a shameless filler sequence. Needless to say, in the end they return to square one of the whole plot. Though taking place now in Kaede’s first year in College! Which- we’ll never get to see… :((((


Now looking at the yuri kissing scene… WOOOOW!!!!! I couldn’t actually believe my eyes when I turned the page and saw it appear right in front of me. At first when I saw this series on the shelves in Waterstones, I thought it’d be another K-ON!! clone with sisterly love and nothing further than that. It’s like an ecchi show with no actual explicit scenes, cause otherwise it’ll simply be branded as “hentai”. I was overly surprised to see Iwami taking a step further in a attempt to surprise the male range of readers out there. Looking back at it now it seems a lot more ovbious than expected. But still good going Iwami-sensei!


Needless to say, Suzunari! is another entry to the catalogue of “typical-highschool-slice-of-life” manga in the 4koma category that takes a little step further at the end making it rather more uniques to the rest of the crowd. The art seems all the more generic, though neat and collected in each little 4koma panel despite the colour illustrations looking a bit creepy to the eye if you look longer than usual, plus the fanservice is kindly entertaining and funny. Plot ambiguously simple minded and overly flawed at the end and the character roster looking much rather limited than sufficient.

Last trivia note: Shoko Iwami, the author of Suzunari! is also author of another 4koma and actually known; Kanamemo!

I was rather deeply surprised when I looked this up on Wikipedia D:

INB4 rushed opening fanart D:


2 thoughts on “Suzunari! Review

  1. AndromedaFlame December 29, 2010 / 20:31

    Hey, I personally thank you for pointing out this series, as I decided to go ahead and pick this series up for the holidays.

    While I do agree that there were many typical things done in this story (all the constant references to Kaede being a DFC), I think that it pulled off the whole “it was all a dream” thing pretty well. Sure, it might be over used, but the mangaka really did a good job incorporating it into his story. I do wish, though, that those “higher powers” could be explained…

    Also, despite the author’s best efforts, honestly, Kaede came off as being cuter than Suzu. Just saying…

    • Nyarth December 29, 2010 / 20:51

      Your welcome~ although I actually known this series for over a year and actualy came about to write about it…lol

      And yes there were many things such as (heavily) the “higher -supernatural godcat- powers” left unspoken but I guess that leaves off a mystery to the series, and annoyed from the readers at the same time as suddenly a dues ex machina appears out of nowhere .__.

      Kaede > Suzu I now agree ^o^

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