On a Short Break

And no I’m not going a voyage to the distance galaxy to fend off the evil warlocks :(((

But what I’m trying to say is I have mocks and exams in a weeks time meaning thus I have to devote most of my free internet time now to revising and finishing off bits of coursework I have left to… finish. And so in order to do that like how the government decided to cut our benefits n everything to tackle the deficit, I’ll be laying off the animu and mango for several weeks oncoming, which also means I’ll sadly be unable to make any posts at this time meaning no Oreimo/Twgok posts for the time being, not that anyone really reads it n that :P Also note that my blog will be the only thing on hiatus, I’ll still be available on Twitter and other weird places while I’m relatively afk.

So yeah, wish me luck and I’ll be back on the second week of December!

In the meantime, enjoy the clean Oreimo ep8 end card I painstakingly edited from the bottom of my heart <3