Hayate no Gotoku! – 298



Luka’s idol performance begins. Hayate is surprised to see how Luka is managing to perform so well despite being overly injured, and becomes guilty of being responsible for getting her caught up in it. A flashback is played out hours earlier how Hayate got in backstage disguised as Luka’s relative helping her out. Hayate uses his master butler-skills to efficiently and god-speed to get every job the crew asked him to do done. Luka’s agent grows doubt whether if she’s -he’s- Luka’s relative. Luka asks for Hayate’s help to get her costume changed quickly at every song interval to avoid anyone seeing her injuries. Meanwhile in the audience Nagi is still grasping the fact the idol up on stage is her rival. Once her song concluded and it was time for the quick costume change, alas Luka stripped herself, much for Hayate’s innocence hesitating (since Luka still thinks Hayate is a girl). Once the change was complete, Luka thanks Hayate (glad that she was a “girl”) and kisses him on the cheek. As Luka continues on performing Hayate is confronted again by our -masked- troublemakers!

Alas; a very interesting chapter indeed. Again with moar Luka fanservice, this time round I tried to attempt to  use my Photoshopping skills to colour the coverspread pages of Luka in all her godly glory. Although things did go as planned since I had a bad colourful imagination….


Has to say Luka is slowly becoming my favourite character of HnG now after becoming fond when she appeared the first time in that coloured cover spread at the beginning of this arc. Sadly as of yet Hinagiku has yet to appear and make a contribution :( Though Chiharu is making a tonne of screen time than ever in the manga. Guess Hata-sensei felt guilty of not including Chiharu in the Golden Week arc he made her the center stage in this Doujinshi Rivals Arc…

Hata-sensei…. OH DAMN YOU HAYATE.

As shown in the last few panels it appears that suspicious woman (who gave Nagi a Limited Edition Gundam model kit out of nowhere now with a life size Gundam herself) returns standing before Hayate. Just what does this menacing woman have business to assassinate Hayate I assume is not clear, since now the Sanzenin inheritance is cleared, Hayate doesn’t have to be hunted or Nagi getting kidnapped the 9000th time. Time would only tell.

For now I’m keeping light spirits for this arc, since this is like a new generation for Hayate, that being it’s now heavily devoted to a longer running plot than half-hearted episodics all the way through, also the fact they’re now living in a standardised room (though grande in itself) makes it more realistic than ever now that they have to create a financial sustainable life.

Looking forward to the next chapter and hopefully knowing what that suspicious onee is doing…