Hayate no Gotoku! Movie Confirmed!!!

To think that a shady TV drama version was confirmed… The most recent issue of Shonen Sunday, with the announcements of the third HnG Character Popularity Contest to celebrate the upcoming 300th serialised chapter, also cunningly announced that there’s going to be a theatrical release coming our way!

Of course, when I opened up my Google Reader and found the said news on ANN and SanCom, and if you follow my Twitter, well…

As you may well tell I was ecstatic to hear the news, as I was sort of waiting for Hayate to return to the TV screen for a fresh third season, after a much disappointing second season, in terms of animation and plot quality. However upon hearing that a movie was confirmed rather a third season, that left me somewhat surprised as there are a lot of animu these days recieving theatrical releases. Guess the economy and the animu industry really are suffering…

Speaking of the movie it serves rather promising production staff, Hideto Komori will be directing the movie for the first time as a anime movie director, while in the past he directed much named titles such as Darker than Black, Ergo Proxy and House of Five Leaves. Luckily this time round the studio MANGLOBE will be taking care of the animation, perhaps Manglobe will do much of a good job on the same levels of SynergySP as from the first season, buut with the concerning harsh quality in TWGOK this season, the chances is 50%. And last but not least Yasuko Kobayashi will be dealing with the scripting, Kobayashi is know for script scenarios from known series like Casshern Sins, Claymore and even our Shakugan no Shana!

With the Taiwanese drama around the corner, a movie adaptation next year and the surprisingly interesting plot building up in the most recent of chapters, Hayate seems to be going back to way it was back in the golden days!

PS. Delicious Santa-themed A-tan and Hina illustrations from our favourite Hata-sensei.


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