The World God Only Knows – 07-09

Apologies for the lack of TWGOK episodics post the past few weeks. Incoming mocks just ruined my schedule meaning I was off blogging for awhile. Luckily mocks are over for now and here’s my triple special episodic of TWGOK episodes 7-9!

To make things run efficient I’ll be going through 7/8 briefly with no screen shots since episode 9 is much, much more interesting than the latter :P

Episode 7’s summary:
The staff and folks are in a frenzy after the disappearance of Kanon. In the evening Keima manages to find Kanon and tells her he fully understands her idol worries, although Keima goes on asking whether if Kanon needs people to confirm her idol status. He consoles Kanon encouraging her that she has the potential to succeed by herself and to become more independant. Hearing the chanting all the way from the event hall, Kanon fatefully kisses Keima, letting loose for the runaway spirit for to be captured! Afterwards Kanon rushes back to her fans and performs her biggest concert yet, forgetting all the events that took place the last two episodes.

[insert generic ep7 screen shots here]

Alas the third girl is captured… in the anime. Although the Kanon Arc wasn’t my favourite when I read it in the manga, the anime actually puts it more in a better light as, of course, it’s in picture motion and sound it was able to devote 40% of the episode of Kanon’s performance, of which was never shown in the manga due it being in physical print form, comparing it to both mediums, I’d say the anime serves up more depth to the arc as it requires more choreography and physical sound to effectively make clear of the plot, which is rather difficult to convey in still artworks but Wakaki did a good job with the efforts of sound effects in the manga. The songs made for Kanon’s idol performances were pretty good but partially cliche in its own way, though I can see now where the production’s budget heavily go towards to… All in all, great episode and three-arc-episode wisely spent.

Episode 8’s summary:
The episode is foretold by four different perspectives. Elsie is mad at Keima for calling her useless after making lunch with “supernatural” ingredients from half dead to alive, and with the help of Chihiro Elsie decides to make a Strawberry Cake to prove her worthiness. Although her misuse of ingredients from Hell and not Earth causes a Mandragon being released into the vicinity. Meanwhile Keima irritates Mr. Kodama, the comical English Teacher for playing games in his class despite getting top marks, who gets revenge in PE when Keima is forced to run more laps. Later the Mandragon lands on Keima’s house, and eats Elsie’s cake found outside as the Mandragon dropped it earlier as it took off with it from Elsie. Keima’s mother mistakes him for being a thief since she heard suspicious noises and hits him on the head with a vase. Later at home Elsie vows to make another cake after her first failure. Despite having devoured the cake, Keima tells her he doesn’t like sweets, much to Elsie’s anger.

[insert generic ep8 screen shots here]

A well spent filler episode covering two filler chapters in the manga, it was pretty entertaining watching the story relatively the same four times, but when combines makes it a good plot twisting story. Props for Manglobe for bringing this plot in the manga in moving pictures! Mr. Kodama makes a formal entrance to the anime this time with a lot more screen time and contribution to the plot, shame he doesn’t appear much later… Though I do speak for myself but this episode did serve up some good quality fanservice, this time more realistic since it’s Keima’s MOTHER in the shower (inb4MILF). Don’t recall for seeing this much skin or even the scene for that matter in the manga, but it was a cleverly goo quirk. Nice plot, nice time delivery. Great episode.

Episode 9

The greatest arc yet, as it begins with the fourth capture target arc in the series, my favourite, SHIORI!!!!

This also makes me wonder why this season’s fall series always gets good around the end…


Keima tells Elsie to go to the school library to learn some Modern Human History after seeing her “Scholar” knowledge is 200 years behind, but becomes fascinated by firetrucks instead. Wanting to find more books about the red vehicles, she asks one of the librarians, Shiori Shiomiya, asking her to come back after school and finds a runaway spirit in her. Afterschool, Keima and Elsie are amazed to see Shiori collect all 458 books about firetrucks in the library. Thinking she used the library’s index and running everywhere all day to collect them, Shiori in deep in thought, wanted to tell him she was able find them by her heart as she remembered all the books she read in the library but is too shy to speak up. The next day, Shiori arranges and tidy the books in the library, lamenting herself upon her love for books. Keima is aware how shy librarian girls like her are prone to easily figure out, typical characters in games however, unlike games where he can read the bottom text to figure out what she’s thinking as it’s foretold in third person, finding out how what Shiori is thinking will be much more difficult as they’re in real life (and the fact they have no power to break through the fourth wall!). Shiori is given a list of books in the library to be disposed of and again laments about their fate. As Shiori catches a book difficult to get up high, Keima helps her by catching the book and preventing her from falling. Shiori tries to think on how to thank him and start a conversation, but fumbles on her words after staring at a economics book the whole time (thus, “thankyonomics” was born!).

This is the 3D world Keima, there is no omniscient narrator around other than the fourth wall .__.

Fuak yeah the Greatest TWGOK Arc yet begins, and it’s suitable to see the concluding arc for this first season (second in spring ’11). And I’m proud to say that Manglobe was able to bring out Shiori’s character the way she is. Heck I was also happy to see Manglobe to add in the “…” bubbles taking over the screen when she was introduced, which was also used in the manga. Great inclusion!


The mango version. Just D’AWWWWWW.

Damn her shy personality makes her all the more cute, which also reminds me back in the day when I was much like her (since my English wasn’t up to par from speaking only Cantonese before Nursery :P) Also the fact that Kana Hanazawa is voice acting her role makes it much, much god tier. Even before the episode when I didn’t know who was to voice Shiori, Hanazawa instantly came up in my mind due to her innocent calm soft voice. It was just the perfect voice for Shiori!


Seriously I D’AWWWWWed all the way through!

Fuuck Shiori is just so damn cute! :0

Funny how at the end of the episode after staring at the “Principles of Economics” book the whole made her fumble her words saying “Thankonomics”! This made me remind me of my times when I fumble my words, I even remember one time that I included the word “penis” in o_o

You will never hear a shy librarian girl fumble her words ;___;

Apart from the Godly Shiori this episode attains much more quirks and references from the manga. Firstly this episode marks the beginning of Elsie’s obsession of firetrucks, one of which we’ll see more of likely in the second season.


Second of all is the sudden episode-in advertisment mockup of supposedly Kanon’s new game on the PFP, sadly no signs of it happening in real life ;__;

Wonder what the heck is that in the background.

This advert too happened in the manga but was advertising the first tankobon volume release of the series, supposedly the old man is Wakaki-sempai himself, otherwise some old Japanese veteran…


What I also like was Elsie’s imagination scene at the start when reminiscing her Human Modern History about the black ships invading Japan. Weird how it could be discriminatin if transcribed into English, but funny to see the fun additions Manglobe put into the anime plus, the horrible cliched Japanese-Americal accents. OPEN YOUR PORTS NAO.

Inb4 episode 10 for moar Shiori godliness and likely a 4-part episodic arc (or otherwise a mere open end for the second season to easily follow) to finish off the series. Can’t wait!