Nyarth’s Top 10 Fall Anime Songs of 2010

Rather late this season. Usually in the past I would have posted this a month in, but well, real life and time really eats up as you get older eh. Anyway, after much consideration, voting and decision making, I’ve nailed down my top 10 Fall Anime songs this year!

Obviously, Ore no Imouto clearly tops the ten this season with its wonderful opening song; “irony” by Claris. It also gains points from AIC’s rich spending budget in the production to alter the OP animation sequence every episode, which never fails to impress every week!

1. “irony” by ClariS (Oreimo OP)

2. “Akai Coat” by Suneohair (Arakawa ED)

Although Arakawa’s sequel is not really my most fond series this season, the calm and relaxing ED it features compensates which I look forward to every episode (not that I hope it to end veru quickly!), also it appears the animation changes half way from 3DPD Hoshii to a rather abstract animation styling of the show’s cast.

3. “Metamerism” by Kanae Ito (Ika Musume ED)

Not one of the most creative ED’s in the season in visual representation, but it actually holds a variety of easter eggs each week with something different (based upon the events in said ep) shown on that starry night beach with Ika Musume standing with her head held high.

4. “絆-kizunairo-色” by Lia (Fortune Arterial OP)

The eroge’s OPs good too.

5. “Shinryaku no Susume☆” by ULTRA-PRISM with Ika Musume (Ika Musume OP)


6. “Heart no Kakuritsu” by blue drops (Sora no Otoshimono Forte OP)

The “manly” version of the first season’s OP was featured in the first episode. Just saiyan.

7. “More-more LOVERS!!” by Natsuko Aso (MM! ED)

I wonder if they motion captured this…

8. “Magic∞world” by Maon Kurosaki (Index ED)

Was hoping that they’d graduate from the group character panning bit…

9. “No buts!” by Mami Kawada (Index OP)

The sudden pause there at 1:24 irritates me each week >_>

10. “God only knows” by ELISA in Oratorio The World God Only Knows (Kaminomi OP)

The full version is also available, though I don’t advise on listening to it since its 8 minutes long as it’s an oratorio. Though it’s a great song to listen, if you have the time D: