Ore no Imouto iP!

Suddenly, what seems to be a sneek preview and demo for the upcoming PSP visual novel game; the “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai iP” app recently surfaced into the iTunes’ App Store from devs of Bandai Namco.

This totally beats Love Plus :P

If you’re fond of Danny Choo’s Mirai Clock apps then you’ll much be familiar of this. It basically features a fixed clock at the top that you can toggle to be on and off, and a battery icon at the upper right indicating your battery’s health. It also obviously features our lovely Kirino in all her glory behind various locations, from inside her bedroom, on the streets to ourside their house, it varies depending on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad’s internal clock.

The app features it’s new Live2D technology (which will be included in the PSP game) where when you tilt your iPhone/Touch/Pad it’ll orientate to the corresponding side to create a 3D effect, while still retaining the traditional 2D look.

If you want a moving visual demo you can observe in the following video, and no its not me in :P

The sauce;

You can make Kirino talk and react by tapping onto her or rubbing/stroking on certain places… -snickers-

As a bonus you can also pinch and stretch with two fingers how big you want your Kirino to be shown on the display and can be moved around by two fingers too.

Get your Kirino app for FREE in the Japanese iTunes App Store now!

Thanks and credits go to @RichardR for bringing this topic up!


7 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto iP!

    1. Where/how can I download it from sweden, it’s not on my itunes store and I can’t find it on Installous either.


    2. The Oreimo app is currently only available in Japans iTunes store meaning you have to create a Japanese account. Just scroll down the iTunes homepage and click on the flag > select japan and create new account. You may have to enter info such as your Jpn address and phone numbers, just make it up and you’ll be fine ^_^ or google is your friend.

      If you’ve jailbroken your iTouch/iPhone/iPad then you probably can get it on apptrackr.


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