Well, shit.

Unfortunately I’ll be taking another brief hiatus from blogging… and the Internet for that matter since my current laptop is away for repair, while my backup (the one I was always ranting at last year) is simply just isn’t cooperating with me and not getting anything done – which now has caused me to suffer internet depression (HEGEE).

Will be for awhile until next week I suppose until everything returns to normal and I’ll be back up on my own feet.

And yes, Oreimo/TWGOK episodics will be (again) delayed until further notice, not that anyone actually reads them…

I. shall. return.

Scratch that, somehow managed to found a way to system recover my Acer (Alt+f10 at startup) and it’s disturbingly fast! But not fast fast… Although Oreimo/Twgok/HnG posts will be coming when I get my fast laptop back, once PC World decides to call back -_-


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