Hayate no Gotoku! – 299

Unlike animu, mangos are a lot easier to take shots.

Housen tells Hayate the reason why she is after them was because “his mistress” destroyed the Kings Jewel, much to Hayate’s shock for her knowledge of the Jewels, and demands the defaced photo back. The robot suddenly launches a surprise attack only to be inflicted upon by Hayate’s quick reaction, and was mistakenly thought to be one of the performers in costumes for Luca’s final act by the staff and is thrown on stage. Hayate begs for Housen to get her robot off stage before anything bad happens and does so in exchange for him to give back her photo. Housen attempting to call back her robot leaves no avail, as the robot was completely screwed up from Hayate’s strong kicks. Resorting to Hayate to kick the robot off the stage in a split second, shocking most of the audience including Nagi and Chiharu, and even Luca under the fiasco. Luca thinks of a way to bring back the attention of the audience by doing a backflip scoring a winning performance, drawing the concert to a close, until she collapses later backstage from her agonising injuries. Luka asks her agent where the “mysterious girl” (Hayate) went regretting asking for “her” name. Nagi and Chiharu walk back home after the concert with Nagi vowing to draw another manga, while Hayate returning home early to get some rest, reminiscing A-tan after Housen reminding him about the “King’s Jewel”

About time Luka’s concert ended, though a fitting conclusion Luka’s mini concert arc shoing her character to light. Now it seems the plot is beginning to get serious a little as the King’s Jewel fiasco re-ignites! Surprised me a little by the face that Yozora, the suspicious woman all this time is beginning to show herself more as now it’s confirmed that she knows the Kings Jewel and the fact that Nagi destroyed one of them. With A-tan’s little flashback cameo at the end there just makes so that there’s a possibility that she may return to the series (as hinted at the end of her Arc thinking she might return to Japan)!

Notice – this happens in 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds.

Luka in this chapter – was pretty impressive when she did a backflip (was it? couldn’t tell…) to draw back the audience’s attention from a subliminal flash of a trap Hayate wiping out the robot. Sadly it seems this will be the last time we’ll see her (for a while) as the plot shifts back to Hayate and the gang. Funny how Chiharu remains as this arcs “main character”…

Panty shot – DENIED!

While the chapter went rather consistent than usual the art continues to deliver. Nostalgic how the staff backstage looked a lot like Tomoki in super-deformed mode from Sora no Oto and the robot one of Hata’s impression of a Gundam. Other than that the old dude in that photo looks kinda like Kotetsu in the future… or Risa’s grandfather when he was younger D:

300th chapter next week :DD plus the third Character Popularity Poll results!