Hayate no Gotoku! – 300

Hinagiku Katsura with 4089 votes, 2nd place is Athena Tennos with 2168 votes, not surprised D:

The color pages show Maria informing the readers that the characters who got 2nd and 1st place will have to wear embarrassing clothes as punishment, while Hayate and Nagi examine the previous 1st and 2nd polls results where Maria got 2nd place, they eventually realised it was Maria’s way to get back at who stole her place! Which were obviously Hinagiki (1st) and Athena (2nd) who flaunt off their embarrassing (Santa) costumes in the color spread!

In a sudden surprise after hearing someone calling him in his sleep, Hayate soon finds A-tan before him as he wakes up! Shocked to see her in his room while she was supposed to be back in Greece, Athena asks Hayate whether he knows the whereabouts of his brother (Ikusa Ayasaki), while Hayate saying that he’s probably somewhere saving someone’s life. Athena goes on telling him two important things, one is for him to act not knowing about the “Garden Palace” to anyone if they ask him, and was unable to tell him the last thing as doesn’t “have more time”. Bidding farewell Hayate calls out to her, eventually to waking up for real realising it was actually a dream. Hayate gets up and sees Nagi with brand new motivation while Maria sleep deprived due to Nagi’s newly found passion. In the end Nagi goes back to sleep anyway and Hayate and Chiharu (still living with them) go to school. They meet up with Aika surprised to see her back, and finds that she came back as she was looking for something (also the conception that Hayate and Chiharu are going out since they walked to school together!). With Yukiji’s ranting of “wasted good looks” over Miki’s disappointment that nothing came out of her and Kaoru’s trip to Italy, Hinagiku walks out saying that she has someone who she likes. Later she runs into Hayate, and at the same time a little girl as well!? Risa and Izumi arrive at the scene estatic over the presence of the little girl, and decides to find her “mama” for her thinking that she was lost. Although things turn for the worst when the girl points at Hina implying to being her Mama! while Hayate becomes rather suspicious and worried over the girl’s strong similarity to Athena…!?

Firstly congrats to Hina for the third time running taking first place in the popularity poll by storm, and also Athena in second place slowly catching up to Hina with around half the votes! Goes to show how our strawberry blonde Hina’s popularity continues these past years… And pity for Maria, seems her 2nd place combo breaker was broken by A-tan! ;__;

Note that this chapter announces a theatrical adaptation to be mad, read all about it here!

And for the main plot *facepalm*; HINA HAS A CHILD!??? OH GAWD I NEVER SAW THAT ONE COMING!!!

A- A- A-TAN??



But seriously in all due matter, a little girl suddenly appearing on Hakuo grounds, looking a lot like our Loli A-tan claiming to be Hina’s child seems all to perfect and a coincidence. Looking a lot forward to see how this turns out in later chapters. Cause seriously. Is Hata trying to defile Hina’s innocence? Inb4 Hina fans raging over the chances of her being used goods, but that seems unlikely looking over Hina’s and the plot’s stance. But that would be funny to see (fans posting pics on 2ch their Hayate goods rip- wait, that’s bad! D:).

Speaking of underageb/& A-tan I was actually right over her next appearance in the plot, well… almost since she appeared in Hayate’s dream. But that does count right? You can see some major plot progression going on here as from my preconceptions; Hayate’s dream appears to be a foreshadowing of whats going to happen next. I have no idea what but it seems Hayate’s brother Ikusa may very well be appearing in later chapters (as mentioned in this chap), also the King’s Jewel case and its true origins including Grandfather Mikado and Himegami (maybe) to appear as well! At the beginning of the main chapter it almost made me feel another “End of the World” flashback arc was in order in how it began like how it did in chapter 178. As well as Sora no Oto vibes when Athens says she doesn’t have much time and leaves – reminds me of Tomoki in SnO when he always sleeps and dreams of the Synapses meeting up with a mysterious fairy. From the similar art style of Tomoki’s deformed character to Hayate’s dream thing, perhaps I’m just too absorbed to Sora no Oto than Hayate nowadays…

I can see that Hata has it all planned for next dozens of chapters for the next year. Glorious!


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  1. :3 I just love how A-tan and hina-chan are in the top. Those 2 are my favorite characters in hayate no gotoku <3. A-TAN AND HINAGIKU FTW, DOWM WITH MARIA ( sorry maria :O )


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