Ore no Imouto Bonus Episodes Confirmed!

Slowpoke.jpg imo, but in all due matter Oreimo will live on with a total of 4 brand new episodes making it a grand total of 15 episodes in its series roster! This news comes in when this week the official website confirmed for 8 DVD/BD volumes to be released, with the remaining two volumes to have two eps each – to be released on 22nd June and 27th July respectivel (heey my birthday!).

This was also pre-announced at the most recent Ore no Imouto Festival (LOLWAAAT!?) where Aniplex producer Atsuhiro Iwakami announced that Oreimo was inactuality a “15 Episode Production”, with the 12th and last TV broadcasting episode to have two versions. One the initial to end off the buildup of the last 11 (the “Good Ending” it’s said) and the other which branches off to continue on until episode 15. Iwakami states that this style of endings be a main adaptation to how visual novels and eroges to conclude with multiple endings (good, bad, heroine, harem??), and also further entertain big Oreimo fans to broaden the series it’s known for with its high production costs (refer to the multiple ED roster and different alterations to the OP each week).

What was also abiguous about the festival (how come no one ever told me about this!? ;_;) was that Iwakami never once detailed the contents of the bonus episodes. So naturally a rally of mass rumours surfaced on messageboards and the likes of 2ch with fans giving hunches their opinions on the endings, perhaps Iwakami deliberately did so to create more hype and anxiety towards its already growing fanbase. One main (and plausable) conclusion to the end is that in the normal TV run it’ll typically end with Kyousuke not ending up with anyone but then in a more closer relationship with Kirino as sliblings, with slight signs of incestual relationship between the two, while the latter could be that Kyousuke actually DOES end up with one of the heroines of the show, something that never seems to occur in anime adaptations of eroges and manga/novels (mainly due to worries to enrage fans, plus this is adapted from a running light novel series :P). However because of the “good end” loosely ending in the 12th episode’s title others believe that the bonus eps will feature a “bad” end to the series (in contrast to the “bad ends” in the upcoming games) which further then, masses a number of users that a possible “School Days Nice Boat” incident may occur, but that seems unlikely, however.

To me, I would mostly think the “typical harem getaway” trope will be inorder while possibly a heroine ending will happen in the bonus eps. Who will be the heroing I don’t know. Although I’m all rooting for Kirino to hone the main spot, after all it’s called “OREIMO” right? Nevertheless, time will tell, once the series will fatefully conclude in a few weeks time Iwakami may call for another announcement detailing the contents for the bonuses!

The extended episodes are confirmed to be released online for streaming with dates at the moment unannounced. But fortunately Aniplex vows to release them in a consistent time intervals inlike what happened to the extra episodes being streamed with production delays and encoding problems from the likes of Bakemonogatari. Other than that they’ll be released in its 1080p glory next Summer.