Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 08-10

My Ayase cannot be this Moral! :'(((

Notice: Post un-revised (due to being SOO late) so be prepared for any spelling/grammar mistakes and incoherent consistence.

Episode 8 Summary:

Following on from the last episode, Kirino’s novel has recently been published and debuted into Akiba’s bookshelves and suddenly; she gets an anime adaptation! However things just doesn’t go Kirino’s way for a change when she presents her suggestions before her animation staff, rejecting almost everything from her ideas, from cutting down the expected 26 episode series to 13 and bland first time voice cast to major alterations in terms of plot and even changing the main character from a girl to a boy! This saddens Kirino much so that she collapses from exhaustion, and it is up to Kyousuke, Kuroneko and Saori to set things right. After several board meetings with the efforts of Kyousuke’s forgiveness, the trio manages to persuade the staff to take consideration into Kirino’s ideas.

Apart from several nostalgic moments that I was reading Bakuman Chapter 488 and on, this episode was more of drama debate than our usual fun and games that Oreimo is known to be. Plus (if you haven’t watch/read Bakuman) it shows how harsh the anime industry is between the original creators and animation staff taking charge. Taking this into account you may see how why your favourite animu was adapted either into a masterpiece (which is highly unlikely) or just plain poo-poo compared to the original source. Though there was some controversy about this episode days later when top real anime producers took light offence to the setting that it wasn’t always the relationship between the creators and anime producers and Oreimo just exaggerated the whole premises. Funny how the guy in the animu team looks a lot like Yamakan, that failed controversial director of Lucky Star, Kannagi and BRS. Personally though, not one of the best episodes of the series but the most intriguing in a way as it pokes upon the ways and wonders of how the core anime businesses run, one of which has never been revealed fully to the public in terms of formality. Although Oreimo being dialogue-heavy is not my cup of tea this episode was pretty satisfactory.


D’aww, Kyousuke-shi is in denial <3

Episode 9 Summary:

Kirino had just received her eroge (about little sisters, surprisingly) she ordered and spends the day playing the game. From raging from the “100%” dere imouto and squealing over the “100%” tsun imouto’s love confession to reaching a H scene and moping over one of the “sad” endings of the game; much to Kyousuke’s dismay unintentionally eavesdropping on everything the whole time. Meanwhile look at Kuroneko’s day spending quality time with her little sister and our pure Saori recieving Maid uniforms she’d ordered…

Not that much interesting screens this this ep, so here’s your extra daily of dose of Kirino, isn’t she just d’arrling~?

Hurr… was actually pretty peaceful in this episode since it mainly focused on the daily lives of the ‘otaku three’, well mostly Kirino and Kuroneko while Saori living it large in her huge ass mansion- so it seems. Also about Saori we get closer towards who she really is behind her ridiculed megane typical otaku stature. Kirino – as always is playing eroge (in 1080p mutherfukker!) on her overly decorated desktop and Kuroneko – at home living a rather typical normalfag’s life playing with her rl little sister (yes, Kuroneko has a LITTLE SISTER D:). Looking at these two I can make out a contrast between Kirino’s western styled bedroom with a rather expensive desktop computer, plus a 42″ HDTV in her living room and Kuroneko’s surprisingly normal middle-classed apartment (probably on rent), a standardline laptop and desk and also a normal 2004 small SDTV. Although in other terms it seems Kuroneko is pretty badass in her artistic skills from the number of Maschera fanarts lying around her desk compared to Kirino – who seems to can’t draw for shit and write cell phone novels…

Kuroneko fans :(

Overall this was a nice composed episode and taster of how life is for our main little imouto heroine. Little on plot progressing however but…nice! Just watching Saori’s scene in this ep instantly told me whats gonna be in the next concurrent episodes, inb4 GOSHUJINSAMA.

Episode 10 Summary:

Kirino gets mad at Ayase for not fully understanding aspects of her otaku hobby, and asks Kyousuke for help to find a perfect gift for Kirino to make it up. While out in Akiba with Kuroneko and Saori all day to find something all ends in vain, Kyousuke finds hope as he sees a poster advertising a Witch Meruru cosplay contest with a rare Meruru figure as first prize. Ayase, the norm/moral/yan-fag she is is not keen on cosplaying as the highly suggestive antagonist of Meruru, and manages to trick Kanako, her classmate to participate in her stead. As the contest kicks off, they (unsurprisingly) find Kirino among the crowd and Kyousuke has to make sure Kanako doesn’t see her. Despite being reluctant towards the situation (with her clothes on the line) Kanako maganes to get (disturbingly) into character and scores a winning performance for the first prize. Later it turns out that Kanako has always tried out for idol auditions and frequently when to sing in karaoke bars, which was the reason how she knew the Meruru theme. Ayase finally gifts Kirino the rare Meruru figure and Kanako gets caught up with the police, never getting back her clothes from Ayase…

Bwahaha… I now finally see Kanako in a better light. Mostly because she doesn’t appear much in the anime (with little cameos and screentime) and she didn’t really draw much impression when she debuted. Luckily this episode was finally able to bring out Kanako’s charms and show who she really is and her potetial! Of course, the performance scene realy was the eyecandy this week as it made me realise how Kanako and Meruru are alike! Shame however Kanako didn’t use colour contacts to change her eye colour to blue to fit Meruru’s, but it was actually a perfect fit. And I can understand Kirino not realising thats in fact Kanako, with her loli-like body and act, she could be the spitting image of Meruru! In 3D!! (2D inactuality ;__;). I wonder when the official Meruru Theme CD is coming out…

inb4 fate/stay night parody .__.

Why is Kanako so perfect?? ;__;

Notice: Shes a Dark Witch D:

Notice: It’s a trap.

I’m starting to like Kuroneko…

Once more, DAT MAID who appeared in episode 2 and the other in the Comiket ep appears again as the MC for the contest, this time however, with her name revealed as Hoshino Kurara! Like how the producers managed to bring her back into the plot as it shows a relative sign of continuity and quality of the characters.

Was MIND = BLOWN for a bit when I realised Bridget was a genuine British Loli Imouto > BRITISH > LOLI. See what I did there?

Adding so her voice somehow reminds me of the nooby VAs for Lilpri.

For a change I strangely am for Kirino for suspecting Kyousuke to be making a move on all her friends (both otaku and RL!), first was her otaku buds Kuroneko and Saori, although it was his efforts (and Manami-watshername?) to bring them together… and now her RL friends Saori and Kanako in this episode! Funny too as how they’re years younger than him and already he has himself a harem… herpy derp derp Oreimo never ceases to impress me.

>implying Kyou isn’t a super hella masochist >I THINK NOT

The OP this week was much more paced than collected, mainly in the character sequence it pretty much introduced all the main and supporting characters (except for Manami :(() and flaunts a hefty amount of new animation, including a delicious birds eye of Kirino laying on a plain of grass and the Kousaka siblings walking side by side (2m across obviously) next to a river.


Believe me, I saw her purple scrunchy thing first :0 

>implying Oreimo is DEEP

it is :0

Great surreal shot of our wet ginger imouto.

Kirino and Kyou walking side by side (2.5 meters) alongside a river? God knows whether this is a sign for the golden ending…

Kirino and Kuroneko’s epic mahou shojo-style battle was as usual animated at god level, it also conveniently matched the theme of this ep.

ED this week is as epic as ever. With this week an accompanying delicious illustration of Kanako Meruru ver. by Ito Noizi (much known for illustrations/works like Shakugan no Shana, Haruhi and many eroges!). Of course cutely performed by Kanako’s VA; Tamura Yukari!


Also some trivia the ED was apparently so intense with the amount of effect my laptop couldn’t actually manage to properly play the whole ED! So it lagged ;__;

And so it appears my earlier hunch was correct, inb4 GOSHUJINSAMA next ep!