The World God Only Knows – 10

Black Jack Keima! :0

After a slight fumbling of words, Shiori is embarrased and tries to flee, however after Keima remarks on why physical books are useless nowadays, with anger and confidence Shiori verbally calls him stupid in a quiet tone before leaving. It is here Keima reveals to Elsie that he is deliberately making Shiori angry so that she can speak up for herself more. Again Shiori laments upon herself that due to her shyness she has been unable to speak to people from at a very young age, but says that she doesn’t need communication as books are the only thing she needs. The next day, the Library Comittee has called in favour a media section in the library, Shiori tries to give her opinion out to the team but was too shy to speak up. Later, she catches Keima writing in one of the library’s books when Keima corrects that the book was his and he was correcting it, while commenting how books can’t be easily updated. Once again Shiori calls Keima this time an idiot (in a broken tone) as she walks off. The next day Shiori finds Keima is writing in a book again only to realise once more that he was scribbling in his own book. Suddenly Shiori talks her inner thoughts out of her mouth and realises only when Keima points out afterwards. The day after, Keima introduces to himself and so does Shiori, now that Shiori is speaking normally to him the two manages a normal conversation. The day after that with a ripped up notice on the unattained librarians desk (which Elsie conviently puts back together with her hagoromo), revealing a notice for a considerable amount of books to be taken out of the library to make way for the media section, Keima can finally see the ending once more and decides it is time to capture Shiori’s heart!

Stupid… Idiot! Shiori’s verbal abuse is ever developing…!

Epic climatic build up! Man watching this episode made me remember back in ’08 how I loved every bit when I read this arc, Manglobe really did a good job with the adaptation here as well with the continuing “…” bubbles and being completely loyal towards the manga (while in mind that this is an anime!).

Keima you dawg.

Again as I pointed out in the previous triple special Shiori is as cute as ever in this ep! Now that she is slowly becoming more verbal and speaking out she is also bringing out her charm. I also liked how they managed to keep the lamenting scene as close to the manga with slight alterations with Shiori with wings flying through an imaginary library. The part when Shiori stands before the giant book opening the gateway to the “golden library” might be in referene to FMA with the gate of truth, well, thats how I thought of it at first. Also props to Hanazawa again for he wonder voice acting role for Shiori, she perfectly nailed her character in my opinion and was gold to how she spoke out rather than in her mind.

Tamiki Wakaki?? :0

Refer to Hey You, Pikachu! game for the N64….

Ancestors create telepathy > telepathy = psychic powers > mfw

As with Kanons arc this will likely conclude in the next episode, making it the second 3-episode capturing arc of the series, and it also starts to show how complex and length the capturing process gets with each concurrent heroine, so much to see in the upcoming continuation next Spring.

eBooks perhaps?

Elsie’s been useless this whole season… unforgivable!

D’aww younger Shiori! Still with the godly ribbons~


Just me or does this remind me of the Gate of Truth in FMA??

Oh this scene… so idyllic (and ronery ;__;)

(so ronery ;__;)

D’aww Elsie! Probable a Black Jack reference again?

This book… thought Shiori.

For whatever reason, Shiori speaking out loud gives me the hnngs…

Jazzhands! derp.

The last ending of the season :(

Oh how I cannot wait for the epic conclusin to happen in the next episode, hopefully Manglobe will continue doing their stuff and adapt the ending as optimal as possible, and as likely an original filler ep will serve for episode 12 to end this season (wow already? ;__;).

Let’s hope for the best and end TWGOK S1 (and Fall’10 for that matter) in style!!