The World God Only Knows – 11


Also new record for completing a episodic the fastest time after a few hours from broadcast :D

&inb4 Finale of Fall 2010 :[

Shiori locks herself in the library opposed to the plans of the new media room. Keima and Elsie break in from the rooftop of the library, while Shiori suddenly falls asleep flashbacking back to her childhood and how she got into books. Later Shiori finds Keima on top of a bookshelf after falling in from the ceiling. Keima decides to gives his support for Shiori as he too doesn’t wish for the peace and quiet in the library to be taken away. The two then camp out at the librarians desk through the evening while Keima plays his games and Shiori lamenting upon herself about the situation. The reps outside turns off the library’s electricity supply to reset the password so that they can get in. Because of the sudden power out Shiori panics as she got close to Keima, and the two suddenly get crushed by the fortress of books around them. Shiori realises Keima understands her about the world and wishes to live quietly in the library forever. Keima tells her she’s lying and that the truth is was that she wanted the confidence to talk to others also questioning her whether she was trying to protect the books or the sanctuary she made within the library away from the outside world. Shiori goes through in her head concluding that she indeeds wants to talk about books to other people, however she thinks that she had lost her chance and now unable to talk to anyone. Lost and imprisoned in her imaginary realm surrounded by books, she then sees a light above her, and was pulled out by Keima, telling her he would give her the courage. They fatefully kiss in the showering background of books, letting out loose the runaway spirit and allowing Elsie a successful capture! As the reps come storming in hunting down Shiori, they find her only to recieve a formal apology and surprised to see her properling talking out loud. Shiori gets an intuition that someone was with her during the events when she drinks out of the green tea bottle (what Keima drank earlier on). Now with the courage to speak her mind after the ED, Shiori is seen writing a story based on her ‘faint’ memories believing someone was there during her standoff, only to realise parts of her story was too embarrassing…

*sob sob sob* so… beautiful! Oh man I think I cried a little at the end when they kissed, and damn book for ruining the view! Thinking about it now did they actually explicitly show them kissing? Oh well, the ratherly effective backing track of the oratorio OP made it really epic in bringing out the mood, fitting for the final capture arc for the final few eps of the first season!

;___; ultimate troll man

Now I can safely say; screw Ayumi, Mio and Kanon… Shiori’s Arc is the BEST ARC EVER!!! I know I say this a lot in previous posts, but you have to admit it is right? Manglobe, on the other hand did an amazing job with the animation this time around. Those books flying around the screen… they really did seem to capture the taste in the manga where it didn’t really shown it as effective since, understanding the circumstances Wakaki-sensei can’t be asked to draw over 9000 books for a single regular panel! Speaking of Wakaki-sensei I have a hunch he was briefly cameo’d in the last episode when they were having the board meeting in the library, where he suggested Dead or Alive and Idolmaster to be in the new upcoming Media Room, maybe perhaps he even voiced it! But sadly if it were he would’ve got an honourable mention in the credits and in the media, most likely not :((


Notice – She’s in a anime.

If only she was like that.

Muahaha.. Keima’s sitting posture xD


C’mon popular Japanese Green Tea Copyright Brand! Do something other than sweating condensation man!

Ergo Proxy! :D Another work by Manglobe I’ve yet to watch.

…so close! Damn you Keima :<

RL… it sucks :|

But overall godly job Manglobe! Beautiful CGI book animating and the sudden sharp and tone upgrade to the normal art D: It was pretty nice to see and hear them use the full soundtrack of the OP in several parts of the episode. It really did brought out the DEEP atmosphere in the scenes and DEEP emotions on the characters. So DEEP man!

For a second there I thought I was seeing Shinji D:


I kinda feel for the people who had to design each and every little book cover designs for all those books, that or if they had some Lorem Ipsum kind of generator thing…haha

On a side note, that bitchy girn who was the said “leader” for the Media Room… she had the most annoying voice I heard this season and was a total bitch towards Shiori! >:( I want to kill her so bad… uguu!

…of the season ;__;/

And so we reach our final episode of TWGOK, for the first season that is! Since as you may know a second has been announced for next spring!

Funnily enough Keima speaks light of it during the delicious end card. Sweet :D

Let’s all hope for a wonder (open) end to the series and hope for Yonkyun to appear next week! As shown in the end card on Keima’s PFP…haha!

For now Shiori… we bid you adieu ;__; *sob sob sob*