Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 11

So… fabulous… ;___;


Kyousuke brings Manami over to make lunch as his parents are out, but Kirino doesn’t like it. Beaten by Manami’s god-like cleaning and cooking skills (ha), Kirino gets back at Kyousuke by leaving an eroge he was playing on on her laptop in his room as well as scattering “megane” porno on his bed. Unfortunately for Kyousuke Manami gets the gist and pities him upon discovery. Later Kyousuke is invited by Saori to “Kirino’s Anime Party” only to realise it was “Kyousuke’s Harem (Maid) Party” instead, Surprised to see everyone in Maid outfits, the party gets under way as Kuroneko presents her manga, starring characters based off Kirino and Kyousuke in a incestuous situation! The siblings get into another argument when Kuroneko was making a move on Kyousuke. Kyousuke coldy blames Kirino as being the sole reason for his recent depression, from every little problem it would always lead towards Kirino. However things get bitter as Kirino suddenly gives Kyousuke a present and apologises for what she did earlier, and surprisingly as well telling him she’s thankful to him and that she wouldn’t be where she is now without his help. This moves Kyousuke emotionally to the point he can’t help but cry tears of joy. The atmosphere soon lightens once Kyousuke opens Kirino’s present only to find the imouto eroge Kirino was playing a few episodes back, as Kirino tells him to think of it as her and take good care of it. This makes Kyousuke laugh half heartily and afterwards thanking her for the present.

God knows what Kyou is gonna do with it D:

D’aww I was actually tearing a bit myself when it came to Kirino’s moving speech scene. Overall it was a pretty funny episode as well as being rather emotional and moving, but I prefer the latter as it heavily contributes to the plot development.

The opening scene really kicked things off. Mrs Kousaka really is the godliest mother of all time and her Kirino impression was awesome! She really did capture her tone and speech and Akeno Watanabe, the VA for our Mother at heart did a great job acting it all out.

This scene also represents fully how healthy teenage boys in puberty react when their mums walk in suddenly into their room. I… too… have suffered this situation once. But not a mother as godly as Mrs Kousaka ;__;

The episode itself was neatly split into two separate plots while it contrasts each other in terms of fun filler and serious moving drama. In the first we see Kyou getting tormented by Kirino ultimately tainting Manami’s innocence and believing Kyou is a downright siscon and megacon! While in the second the plot turns serious as Kirino steps out of character and temporarily becomes ‘dere’ and act like a genuine imouto!

My Little Maid Can’t Be This Moe!1

As hinted in episode 9 (where Saori ordered Maid outfits), this episode served up some good SAVISU this time exploring the depths of Maids and Goshunjisamas (that being Kyou, ha!). While Saori and Kirino looking fine and nice, Kuroneko is obviously where its at with her cat ears and tail addons! GLORIOUS!


Her hiding in the curtains seemingly embarrassed was a nice addition too :D

Dare I say – possible Kuroneko ending? :0

Her manga was so true in many ways XD


This also clears my curiosity over the pull out illustrations of the girls in said maid outfits in volume 4 of the light novels… which conveniently enough that’s where the anime is up to at this point.

Poor ole Manami… even though she did appear in this ep, but not as much compared to the others. Only making an appearance in the first half, she was constantly tormented and pushed around by Kirino and did all the cooking and cleaning ;__;

Any Manami fan at this point would simply induce their hatred for Kirino and her constant Manami-bullying :(

You heard Manami-chan. PEACE BROTHERS!

Kirinofags just got told :o



Kyou-chan… ;_;

Strange Kyou to cry so much in one episode…

How do you feel about this,  /n-yarth!!/?

The OP this week – not that much different from last week… Same old sequences arranged in a different order this time but the new “Oreimo Fighting Game” sequence at the start replacing the usual character introduction was the only thing new and a nice touch, and also made a fitting follow up to Kirino and Kuroneko’s epic maho shojo style battle after.

[insert youtube link here… i cant find one. go look for it yourself or watch the damn episode!]

Kyousuke – B36/W24/H36


The ED this week never fails to impress. Possibly a sweet song sung by Saori’s VA and the illustration used this time was drawn by top artist Wadarco.

What every guys needs. Also ‘B’ if you’re watching hentai on MPC and some peeping tom comes waltzing in .__.

Somehow watching this made me revert back to my old XP wallpaper on my Win7 comp D:

And as you can tell, obvious reference to the popular Bliss wallpaper for Windows XP.

Oh Kirino… still in puberty I s’pose :P

Kureneko da yandere? :00

Hmm, reference to the recent Loli Ban movement?


Kirino end chance +1!!!

And so follows up to the final (TV broadcasted) episode next week. And the reason I said it’s the final ‘TV broadcast’ episode next week is because moar bonus episodes were announced earlier this week holding an “alternate” ending to the series, in style of an eroge, the vital plot device to the series. With the title being “There’s no way my little sister’s life counselling can end like this! -GOOD END-”, most likely the initial run will end in a great big EXPLOSION!