Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 12 (FINAL)

Oreimo should’ve been a full 26 episode season with different OPs and EDs in each ep. Period.

Kyousuke is suspicious towards Kirino towards her unusual nice behaviour, and asks Ayase and Saori if they think she changed, leaving no avail. That night he is asked to come into Kirino’s room, where he is given her “final” life counselling, only to just line up at Akiba to get an eroge on release night. In line for another imouto eroge game release, Kyousuke surprisingly bumps into Akagi! His male friend at school, who too is buying an eroge for his little sister, except that it’s a otome game and that Akagi’s imouto is a fujoshi. Kirino gets a call from Kuroneko asking how big her head was (since she was making a pair of cat ears for her) before seeing Kyousuke outside her bedroom window, Kyousuke sneaks back in making a successful return. Kirino out of the blue asks Kyou if they want to play together, and at the dead of night complete one of the sad “lonely” end of the game. It is then known that the “final” life counselling wasn’t over yet, and it was shockingly revealed that Kirino was going to fly to America to get track coaching and won’t be back until high school! The two siblings start to fight as Kyousuke and Kirino aren’t being truthful to what they’re saying only until the eroge they left on accidentally plays an alternate ending probably reflecting on Kirino’s true feelings! Nevertheless Kyousuke still advises her to go only to get headbutted uppercut by Kirino. Upon waking up and seeing how Kirino tended to his wounds, good news comes around that Kirino decided to stay! This relieves Kyousuke to make him obviously grin all day and soon everyone went back to their ordinary lives. That is, when one day Kirino tells Kyousuke her Life Counselling isn’t over yet!

Aside from the fact that this is the last main episode, it started off pretty well with the little scenes where Kirino is acting strangely innocent. Where did our little arrogant little tsun imouto go??

“Wut? For me??”

Mr Kousaka also recieves some appearance in this final ep, for some reason I find his character as well as Kirino’s to be out of balance, for forgetting the Mitsudomoe vibes I got from this…lol

Sad really that Saori and Kuroneko did’t get a significant role here, inb4 Churuya’s “Nyoro~n” catchphrase above.

Coincidence since I watched Disappearance in bluray quality today :D

Suddenly, our Kyou once again gets invited into Kirino’s room. Why did I get the feeling that something incestuous was about to happen?

“Buy her an eroge for the final Life Counselling? So much for the hype buildup in the last episode!!” – is what I thought :(

Dohohoh… this scene actually caught me offguard for once… and +1 for the awkward position when this happened.

Now this part really kicked my gonads in. So it appears Kyou has Akagi cover for him for some reason as he thinks Kyou is going out with Manami for the night, only until they both meet up in line for some new eroge!

It’s rather funny here as they both admit the reason why they were there was a “long story”, while agreeing to forget meeting each other that night. That is – until Akagi was actually there for a macho homoge!!!

Nice scenic mountains in the background. Oh friendship!

For some strange reason it was released at the same time as the other imouto game I Definitely Didn’t Steal Onii-chan’s Underwear!! Kirino had Kyou to buy. Another mystery why it happened in some wide abandoned dark alleyway area on table stalls. One can simply run and take off with either homo/eroge games respectively!

But well, all things turn out smooth again when Akagi explained that it was for his imouto whos a fujoshi fan (fans of gay stuff and bromance). It was rather surprising to see another character in the series who’s in the same likely position as Kyou to have a little sister too. However deviating a little as the imouto is into normal yaoi stuff rather than stuff of her own kind. I find Akagi’s situation to be more realistic than Kyousuke’s obviously since from my personal experiences; girls are more into yaoi and shonen-ai. Just look at those mass Hetalia fans and fanfics they write ¬_¬…

Heh, says the guy who’s buying an eroge for his little sister who’s a middle school girl…

Probably not a good idea to shout it out loud outside… at least he got some girls to applaud him (waiting in line for the HOMOge…).

Convenience this was as I knew this was going to happen, as shown in a illustration in volume 4 of the novels.

D’aww perhaps Kirino is getting a little jealous?

And so Kirino invites Kyou to play with her. Instead of siblings playing against each other in normal-tier video games, here we see two peculiar siblings playing an EROTIC eroge.

Muahaha… they need a bigger table.

Funny how Kirino literally was playing it by herself and Kyou simply watching…


Blimey… taking into account how much games and anime DVDs are in Japan… THAT STASH COULD BE WORTH MILLIONS! (In yen :P)

Kirino once more in deredere mode. Cannot figure out why I always HNNG at these moments…

Hmm, deja vu?

Bwahaha Kyou again with his eroge gamer instincts kicking in. Can’t argue with that as sometimes I too experience that, especially in exams ._.

Fight scene!! At last the producers finally decided to add in a full fight scene rather a single pelt into certain areas on Kyou’s body. Although rather violent they finally reflected what sibling relatonships really are in real life :P

Although in this scene, it was revealed that Kirino was soon (in a few hours that was!) to fly off to America for track coaching, as she received an invitation at the Summer Camp she went to in earlier eps. Of course this instantly sets an example of the “many” scenarios in eroge in effect for this episode’s “GOOD END”, but however, I think this situation seemed rather too late and rushed in a sense. First finding out she was about to fly and packed at the middle of the night only to not decide to go at the last second the next morning! In eroges from what I tell this happens a bit longer than shown here meaning it looses effect. But still they managed to pull it off in the bitter end as well as the clever unconcsious actions to make the laptop and mouse fall, resulting the eroge they left on play out the “alternate” route in the game. And in a sense hinted Kirino and Kyou’s true feelings as the two halt their midst fight, despite disregarding it after…

Appears Kirino went over the top that night D:

Gasp, shocker. I expected it at the least…

Again tou-san with his tsundere traits. Since our Pappa shares the same VA as Gendou from mindfuck animu Eva I wonder when someone will edit his voice and dub it over Gendou’s in due time…

^_^ as Kyou walks to school and  ̄へ ̄ as Kirino “I-It’s not like etc etc etc…” tsundere cliché. Happy ending for all!

Final ED sequence in same old fashion with juxtaposition clips of our supporting cast while the credit go rolling at the bottom of the screen. Also no OP as this is the final ep and they want to conserve time for the content…

And so…

Kirino’s novel’s anime finally airs!

Kuroneko dancing it off in her Maid outfit from the last episode what seems to be Ranka’s Nyan Nyan dance along with Popotan’s UmaUma. Fabulous~~~!

While leaving her little sisters cringe in embarrasment. Sadly we never got to know her other imouto on the right.

Strange that Kuroneko had obviously spotted them at the door from her mirror and carried on dancing…

And so we encounter the epilogue scene which seems to be a recycled scene from the first episode when Kyou comes back from school and gets a glass of OJ. Not forgetting Kirino’s delicious feet above.

Suddenly, Kirino tells Kyou that her Life Counselling isn’t over yet! D8 No way…

She can’t keep up her promises ehh…

Whats weird that is…

Kyousuke abnormally complies with no regret!

Overall this was a neatly refine episode to concluded the series along with the “Good End” in order. Was great to see all the characters in Oreimo gather at least once in the episode whether in the main plot or cameos in the ED (miss Manami’s granddad’s mischiefs!). And as well a fitting end towards the initial end of the show. Liking the ED song played out in the end as well!

Revealed as “Kirino is flying to America but in the end stayed” being the best ending to some, I didn’t think it was the best ending yet, but at least was something I expected. From the Bonus Episodes report I posted, I said that probably in the “Good End” that Kirino and Kyou would simply get closer, and I was relatively right as in this ep, we see Kirino trying to get closer towards Kyou, only until her plans to go away for a few years kicked things off, then in conclusion deciding not to go while restoring and strengthening their sibling relationship. Cool story. Perhaps now my assumptions that in the alternate ending we’ll see coming the next few months that Kyou may in fact end up with Kirino is most likely than ever.

Sadly, at last, our glorious imouto filled series has come to an end! It’s been a hectic season trying to post these episodics week by week, and especially my front too. But nevertheless, it’s been fun writing these ep posts and commenting over 50 witty screencaps that seems pretty pointless after, overall its been a thrill of a ride. However good news! As you’ve probably heard that there’ll be extra “alternate” eps of Oreimo coming our way. I’ll probably be continuing posting episodics those eps, probably either individually or a compilation when things are all over, though it’ll probably be the latter since I’ll be much… much busy next year in terms of finals (;__;).

Now that the anime has fully covered the first four volumes of the light novels, while having seven in total at this time, perhaps possibly there’s a second season in order?


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  1. Well wikipedia says there is going to be 4 ovas, in june and july, but about that alternative ending, maybe if i wait a little longer i can watch it on youtube, just like i saw the lame death note alternative ending.


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