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SUDDENLY, an Angel Beats post!

Yuri comes up with Operation High Tension Syndrome, in which the other members would have to act wildly at a “high tension” as much as possible. Yuri hopes this mission would have Tenshi wonder they they’re having the time of their lives and not moving on, and lead them straight to God. Yuri threatens the others to go without food or drink for a week if the plan fails. They conduct this mission by repeatedly acting wildly in class, heavily eating food and soon a huge sports meet along with the other NPCs around. Soon after Tenshi appears and everyone was too tired after excerting too much energy, leaving only Shiina to express the cuteness of her soft animals. Later they follow Tenshi to a underground cave thinking they’ll find God, but inactuality to find an underground greenhouse where Tenshi is tending to the “cute” Turnips, after hearing the word earlier with Shiina’s confrontation. With the mission failed, Yuri forces everyone to fast for the whole week.

Whaat? More Tenshi bullying? THIS IS WRONG!

Why does God look like an Angel from Eva?

Even though I never came around this Spring to do Angel Beats, Angel Beats was actually one of the best shows of the season and believe me, I actually shed a little man tears at the end. So beautiful!! ;__;

But anyhow an OVA recently came out along with supposedly the last DVD/BD volume of the series, yielding much grace and nostalgia. I instantly got the said sense when the OP played right at the beginning. That piano riff, the old cast intros, Tenshi on the piano! It really made me remember back to the good days of Spring ’10 and made me feel how I really missed Angel Beats and how I wanted it to last 26 eps, 13 and a OVA wasn’t enough! – I thought.


He built his bosy solely for everything geex Taka put some clothes on >_>

Hm, tought choice.

This episode really does maximise the humour the show has over the sad and tear jerking moments (already suffered enough at the climax ;__;). It was pretty amusing and funny how constantly there was a tension meter turning back and fourth throughout the episode measuring the scene’s “tension”. Though I think a little engrish kicks in here as “tension” doesn’t necessarily mean what Yuri’s trying to say. Perhaps “Wild” or “High” would fit more perfectly 8D

Accidental HNNG?

D’awww Tenshi! You do the darnest things <33



On man Shiina was the star of this ep. The only one breaking the OVER 9000 barrier in TENSION LEVEL, I literally rolled ON THE FLOOR laughing my ass off when she said that and LOOPED it a couple of times. It was THAT hilarious XD Never expected her to do such a thing given her mysterious character, despite the fact that she has a soft spot for cute and fuzzy animal plushies!


Also to point out that she says this in plain English! What great charms~

Otonashi, for me didn’t really take that much of a role in this ep, reluctant from the operation from the start I knew he wasn’t going to take part. Otonashi in “High Tension” doesn’t really suit him I think… Also the fact that this takes place inbetweern 4 and 5 means that Naoi wasn’t a member in the SSS and Tenshi was still their enemy…sad imo ;__; I actually wanted to see Naoi go “High Tension” and Ogata break out her voice and remind myself of Shinji…haha (Ogata voices both Naoi and Shinji from Eva!)

Heh, TK still never fails to entertain. Flaring off his dance moves once again and moar engrish pickup lines never seem to wear off! Was kinda nice too to see him almost puking over the many plates of Mapo Tofu. I wonder where they actually got those ready made dishes from though…

Loving how he utters nonsense at the beginning while the others are talking, bwahaha didn’n know whether to focus on the matter at hand or what TKs saying!

Well like how unknown how the characters instantly disappeared into thin air in the last episode of the series like this. Some stuff never seem to be gone and answered… Oh Maeda!

Yurripe was so mean in this episode not letting everyone eat/drink for a week. Well it’s not like that they’ll like she said, but the authentic pain that everyone suffers is more worse! Though I think that it isn’t that hard for the characters to make off without Yurippe knowing and eat and drink something secretly… but that might give it away. Either way, they’re fucked :((

Do not mess with Yurippe or you shall indeed get fucked over :<

Well, that seems to be it for Angel Beats for the series… ;_; for now anyways. As it appears Maeda is currently (or was??) writing the scenarios for a planned visual novel version for the series! Unlikely that it’ll come out for a couple of years, but will obviously be godly with all the multiple endings and wotnot. Ohh how a TK ENDING would be epic!!


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