Merry Xmas!

I know this may be a little rushed, given the limited time I can properly be on the net during this season time, but Merry Christmas everyone!

Was going to produce something special from my new Wacom I received from my parents for this Christmas pose, however came along my laptop’s 9000th failure meaning I had to System Recover everything and installing all of necessary Wacom programs just became a pain in the ass. So enjoy my “backup” message I did on traditional pen and paper, what can you as for <3

Anyway, have a great Christmas or holiday and I shall return in a few days~ If you can’t get enough of me (lies) then you can follow my Twitter as it’s the only place I’m relatively active on. Period.

And a blast from the past to get those Christmas spirits running;


2 thoughts on “Merry Xmas!

  1. merry xmas too! I was hoping to see santa hina-chan pics but nevermind.

    would like to see more of your drawing soon =)


    1. Didn’t have the time this year to find delicious pics of hina, heck even time to pull the old Santa hayate joke! and thanks, will go back to wacom drawing once my laptop is fixed. Once. And. For. All.


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