The World God Only Knows – 12 (END)

Proud to say that Goku’s Super Saiyan is the most parodied reference this season…

Note: Sorry that this post came out late than it should, more technical problems on my side (ie Laptops) and the holiday season made me even more busy. Yeah imo, excuses excuses…


Keima is depressed for not playing enough games and blames it all on Elsie for the cause, despite always playing them on his PFP at least once per day, and has already gathered a huge load of backlog from when Elsie had appeared. So he spends all Sunday locked up in his room to play 6 games at the same time, supposedly in his “God of Conquest Mode”. Effortlessly controlling all 6 controllers at the speed of light, he manages to complete and enjoy all 6 games individually but suffers a burnout as a result. Impressed by his passion and willpower but confound, Elsie then leaves him alone witnessing his God-like capabilities. Realising he cannot complete all the games in his backlog at this pace, Keima attempts to play 24 games at once in “God of Conquest Mode”, which is apparently reckless as Keima explains that his “God of Conquest Mode” can only handle up to 6 games at once and, consequently decreases his lifetime by a few days. Later Keima manages to finish all his overdue games but one which he is struggling to complete due to heavy exhaustion. He soon starts to hallucinate all the girls he’s captured come to life and encourages him not to give up. This replenishes Keima’s energy and ultimately finishes the last game, celebrating Keima and his game girls travel to the game world where they all sing and dance together in harmony and live happily ever after.

This was a decent suiting filler episode to end off the first season. Adapting the same filler straight after Shiori’s Arc in the manga, Manglobe seems to again captured the moment and exaggerated seriousness in the chapters and conveyed it in moving pictures.

Fitting how they used parts of the full (and I mean FULL) version of the symphony OP as a backing track for Keima’s Conquest mode. Gaming has never been this so serious and epic ever. If you haven’t got a taster of the FULL OP yet then you may as well spend some time on it below in a trusty YouTube embed.

You may be wondering if the videos a troll since its like 8 minutes long. Well – it isn’t. It’s actually 8 MINUTES LONG since it IS an ORATORIO. Props to Elisa with her wonder Engrlish to actually managed to sing that long…

Gamerfags reporting in as this ep heavily makes much reference to the gaming world’s top name consoles. From retro to next gen, and popular to the unknown. Manglobe really did themselves hard with all the console inclusions in Keima’s private room, compared to the manga version, the anime surpasses the manga’s representation by an infinite amount.

Feels just like a typical 2ch user’s room – oh wait, I shouldn’t say that should I…

inb4 veteran gamerz nostalgia…

So… many… hands!

Just look at those shelves of operating PS3s!

I remember some place in America where they actually have a couple of racks and shelves FULL of PS3 to actually manage their servers and wotnot. Sadly they’ve taken out the drives meaning the employees can’t take a quick break and play some quality Little Big Planet…

It was also kinda unusual for them to decide to end TWGOK with kind of open-ended conclusion. Of course, at least the formal announcement of a second season at the end compensates…

Heck… how does Keima manage to get the money to buy all those things!

Keima turns into a rectifying zombie from House of the Dead.

Elsie sees what you did thar.

Can YOU – accomplish this?

Erm… wut?

What every man otaku dreams ;__;


Speaking of a second season. Yes, it’s now confirmed. Planning to take a season break and to return in Spring next year. While for the Winter, it appears TWGOK will be going through a rare re-broadcast on TV Tokyo in the same weekly format. And I say rare since on Japanese TV and their usually tight schedule throughout the day (and night), usually they just can’t seem to air reruns of shows just to fill up time (especially for late night anime), so along with Gurren Lagann and a few other titles, TWGOK is one of the few many who has received a re-airing on TV. Excluding the reruns of anime on Animax, ATX and other digital anime channels…

What to expect for the second season? Well, as a royal reader of the manga, I can at least tell that the next four (it seems) capture target girls will be featured in their own arcs.

The four (or 5?) girls are!

  1. Kusunoki Kasuga, the Karate girl!
  2. Chihiro Kosaka, the girl who sits next to Elsie in class! (Remember?)
  3. Jun Nagase, a Uni student (shotacon, imo!)
  4. Tsukiyo Kuyou, a strange little deprived girl who’s in the Astronomy Club! (lolicon? perhaps!)

Judging from the length of their arcs from my predicitions; they’ll at least last for 3 episodes. So a possible full 26-ep season might be in order, that or Manglobe can simply abridge it a little to fit in 2 eps :(

If you want to know why i emphasised the fifth girl at the end, then simply click on the link embedded (no spoilers, I promise!).

Notice [xxxxxx] = spoilers!

Among all the girls stated above, a new [DEMON] arrival will be ,making her appearance by the name of [HAKUA!!!!!], whos a close friend of Elsie back in Hell and [is an obvious tsundere towards Keima that bitch :P]. And either way if you read the manga or not you already seen her at the end of this episode in a rather retro 16-bit appearance.

Now who might this young beautiful maiden be?

Well, it’s been a nice thrill of a ride for TWGOK this season. Rest assured TWGOK will stepping back for a while for its return in the Spring season! Probably then I’ll post the next batch of TWGOK S2 episodics for my dozens of anon readers out there (ha!). Alas, quote Keima; I. SHALL. BE. BACK!