Hayate no Gotoku! – 301

D’ooh Hayate you da pimp!

The misunderstanding soon gets deeper when the mysterious girl calls Hayate her Papa! Making so the three stooges believing that Hayate and Hina had secretly gave birth to child (lol). Luckily it all was cleared soon after when Aika appeared and revealed she had secretly planned all of this out, and the girl is called Alice and she’s on a 3 month trip from her foreign land, customary by her “Royal Family” and that she must remain hidden from danger. Hayate goes into deep thought realising how ‘Alice’ is becoming much more like the same A-tan he knew, and remembers the dream he had in the previous chaper. It was soon clarified that Alice was in fact A-tan (for now) given that she gave Hayate the ring he gave to Athena 8 years ago. Aika entrusts Alice to Hayate as her butler and alas, the three – Hayate, Hina and Alice will be living together in Nagi’s new estate. Reluctant upon the sudden series of events, Hinagiku runs away leaving Hayate to chase after her.

Hayate the father, Hina the mother and A-tan the child. I can see where Hata is going with this new plot setting… anyhow things seems to start getting heat up now as “Alice” – or supposedly A-tan back in kiddie form serves as the series’ plot device (for whatever reason) and also creates more debatable questions to be explained. Why did Athena return as a child, moreover is that even A-tan? Is Hayate’s dream about Athena mean something? Why does Alice call Hayate and Hina Mama and Papa? How did Alice got hold of the ring Hayate gave to Athena 8 years ago? Is Aika also involved in this? and etc etc. Most likely the supernatural Kings Jewel and the Holy Garden or something business will soon kick in… but we’ll have to see.

Where have I seen this cliche moment before…

Oh… the nostalgia??

Hayate knows when to “kid” around…haha!

D’aww Hina, still in puberty I s’pose ;D

It’s just a matter of time to see how Hata will manage to keep up with all the sub and main plots floating around now. From this new case of “Alice” and to Nagi’s manga making career, to the background and rivalry of Luka and the mystery behind Houzen, y’know that weird woman who gave Nagi a Gundam out of the blue?

From the looks of it, expect the next chapter of Hayate + Hina + A-tan/Alice playing “House” coming out next year.