Winter Anime 2010/11!

Fall has quickly concluded in a flash. I can clearly remember the early days of October and reminise the first episode of Oreimo and shriek over and the anime adaptation of TWGOK. Feels just like a couple of weeks ago.. Well, as you grow older time flies by faster. That’s life for ya. And so, the time has come. Winter Animu of 2010/11 is well on its way, so I’m just gonna take a breather and look at the forthcoming season’s fresh batch of animu. Probably for the first time I’ll only be watching a couple of shows (3/4 NOT 15/20) since RL is getting upon me.

And so, the chart!! This time seems as though Chartfag is on a break this time ’round while @cowboybibimbop is taking charge for the anime posters…

Compared to last years appalling Winter season, this year seems much more promising there are more series up on offer, which kind of is a downside for me as I’ll be missing a lot from this season… Oh well at least I could backlog later on in the years I suppose.

The OVAs and wotnot suprisingly seem to have surpass the TV series this season by a third! Which seems a tad weird as typically TV series outcast the OVAs… could this be some sort of sign? D: Anyhow, the roster next season seems pretty mediocre. Average mix of mature, moe and this time, more supernatural theme. Only several shojo titles are on offer this time obviously being Kimi ni Todoke.

I would love to go over all 22 shows and give a first impression, but would take too long to write and would be much tedious and unappealing…

For now, here’s my to watch list;

  • Haiyoru! – just cause I watched the crappy OAD….
  • Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season – watched S1, should be good…
  • Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica – SHAFTOMAHOSHOJO MFW!
  • GOSICK – produced by BONES > interesting
  • Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – Seen pics/ads for it in Dragon, should be good…
  • Mitsudomoe 2nd Season – GOD TIER S1, WHY F-ING NOT? 8eps sad imo…
  • Onii-chan – another incest contender? though the art lookss shitty… trial 1st ep
  • Houkago no Pieiades – GAINAX x SUBARU > why not?
  • Beelzebub – so much hype from Jump… might as well check it out…

Note that this is just a early prediction and may change when the time comes.

Along with 6 other continuing series from Fall season and long running (coughBLEACHcough) I’ll be watching 15 series huh… not bad I suppose.

So, what will YOU be watching this freezing season?


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