Rio: Rainbow Gate – 01 (First Impression)

Winter Anime kicks off with Gambling God Chick Rio!

Notice: decided to keep with the 2011 way, I decided to be watching 11 shows this season, and, yes, Rio seems to be one them imo…

Notice 2: Post somewhat NSFW…


Mint, granddaughter of a multimillionaire grandfather arrive at some idyllic Las Vegas styled city island. Fed up of the typical amusement park rollercoaster rides and beaches, Mint wants to see something interesting “to make her heart burst” – that she meets Rio, a busty attractive woman who works at the city’s major casino; Howard Resort. Mint learns that Rio is the “Goddess of Victory” of the casino and is bestowed upon the staff and players as a godly good luck charm, and Rio summoned by the owner of the casino to take care of Mint. Mint’s plushie Bear called Choco almost gets kidnapped by a couple of thugs only to get beaten by Rio’s trusty combat skills. The thugs return later, known for the ringleader as Orlin Dunhill (aka Queen Killer) and challenges Mint in a casino game with Choco up for grabs. Rio steps in and plays for her and seals a successful win at poker. Turns out the Queen Killer holds no luck at women after an unsuccessful marriage and decides to collect “vintage” stuffed animals, and believes Mint’s Choco bear to be one of them made in Belgium, only to find out that it was fake and Made in China. Rio enlightens Orlin as now he doesn’t need to gamble and wishes him luck in finding good women. Afterwards as Rio walks off center stage Mint chases after her only to trip and fall tugging on Rio’s wedding dress, easily ripping and exposing her panties.

And so my first anime of the new season! and perhaps first series of the new year! Dunno about you but I get this weird tingly feeling when I delve into a new season…

To be honest I was pretty skeptical about Rio at first when I was hovering over the many visual anime charts, but then came along several blog posts I read and they said Rio was pretty good. Out of curiosity – I decided to watch it anyway, and it turned out the way I expected the way it to. Obligatory fanservice, jiggling boobs, lolis (well, only one), milfs and the list goes on. Being a Xebec anime aka Masters of Oblige Fanservice, I can already see the blatant happy open ending in late March.

Overall I was a bit wrong. Rio is actually an “alright” anime. Not really bad but not really good. Has a fairly decent amount of redundant fanservice that I can fairly put up with ie., Rio’s maid outfit and the “accident” with Rio’s wedding dress. And a good voice acting cast too.

Notice 3: was watching CR quality stream version, so expect CR quality stream screencaps.

Intentional or unintentional…?

Nice cigar you got their, chief.

I also realised something when I watched Rio – that place, or maybe Japan, really doesn’t have much age restrict areas as restrict as a casino. I mean, Mint, a MINOR, and perhaps the ONLY minor there is in a CASINO! I swear all the casinos in London and Hong Kong have this security guard or something guarding outside but surely, I remember being there an axed 18 sign implying no under 18s allowed in casinos. Cause obviously – minors can’t gamble!

Iono, perhaps they went to a far off island (as implied in the episode) where there are no restrictions. Moreover the casino doesn’t seem to confine than your typical steakhouses in Vegas.

Just thought of a slogan – What happens in Howards Resort stays in Howards Resort…haha

Nice maid outfit.

This is the first moment of the episode Rio’s outward appearance gets diminished when we see her in a typical short skirted maid outfit, acting embarrassed over the fact that the skirt is too short and her panties are exposed from an angle… needless to say, I hnn’gd.

Actually how old is Rio? If legal then she may as well be my first LEGAL hnng’ worthy character DD: not enough to be one f my waifus surely.

Derp these hitmen, for some reason I felt that they were deliberately drawn badly compared to the other characters.

First original panty shot in the whole episode, and pretty detailed too :O

Rio enlightens a newly engaged couple… how sweet!

Implying you’re a lolicon :O ISHIHARA!!!!!

What the hell was Mint was thinking… I like how Mint is the only character in the show to actually have an authentic fool-proof innocent mind. Case in point – she’s an innocent little girl, IN A CASINO, SURROUNDED by older people in their 20s – 40s along with our supposedly bunny girl side characters. When do you find this kind of setting elsewhere!??

I went herpy derp derp when I saw her in a WEDDING DRESS when she was about to play Poker with that gentleman. Honestly WHAT was she thinking!?

Ah that makes sens- wait what….

ORLIN!!! There’s children among us!!!

And suddenly, Rio turns into Saki/YuGiOh/Bakugan. Some mediocre illiterate card game, but Poker-wise.

They’re playing poker, so WHY the sudden change of fantasy backdrop??

First MADE IN CHINA joke in anime imo.

*sigh* I knew this was coming… like how the panty get squished into Rio’s crack after all that 8D

So what do I think of Rio? tl;dr wise I think it’s so-so, but all in all, I think Rio has some potential turning out to be something interesting. I haven’t seen much anime which is based around gambling casinos and poker, but on the fanservice side, well I gotta say it’s quite overused, but adds some light into the series. And looking at the highly alluring ED, some beach swimsuit “special” shall arrive in later eps…

But well, I’ll watch for another 3 or 4 eps and see how it’ll turn out. If however it turns sour and falls downhill like Umimono, another Pachinko game to anime adaptation, it’ll shall be immediately dropped (oh yeah, forgot to mention Rio is based off a Pachinko slot game, not that you already knew or anything).

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