Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

Wishing all fellow azns (and my precious readers!) have a happy and enjoyable Chinese New Year with great prosperity and a healthy soul! Kung hei phat choi san tai geen hawgn~! or so they say in Cantonese…

Being that it’s 2011, by what my planner says is the year of the rabbit, enjoy a delicious mug shot of Mesousa above.

Also (inb4 another meta notice) on a note you may haven’t guessed I’m back on my HP laptop! Yes TechGuys just came over a few hours ago handing over the wretched thing, which now seems strangely fast and fluid and hasn’t screwed up once D:

But sadly school is still hot on my trails and I still have a lot of work to do just before mid February, so I won’t have much anime time as per usual… buut I’ll try to at least finish my dusting Fall ’10 Review/Winter ’11 Impression drafts in the next few weeks.

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