Final Impressions of Fall Anime 2010


Not even gonna bother even further with this. Originally written last year December but left unfinished due to lack of motivation, but I thought it’d be a waste if I trashed it since it took quite a while to build. So I thought of polishing this a bit and place my final thoughts on some of the anime shown during Fall 2010 that I’ve watched and have it done and dusted. Sorry for the fact that it took 2 months THIS long to publish but making posts like this really sucks ther motivation out of my cranium. I’ll try to do something more interesting, brief and quicker to write next season (in real-time, next month D:).

And so, my final impressions of Fall Anime 2010!

Panty and Stocking

Dare I say this could be the most ‘WTF’ anime of 2010, if it even is an anime at that. P&S follows the hijinks of Anarchy sisters Panty and Stocking, angels that have been evicted from Heaven and came to Daten City on Earth, supposedly the borderline of Heaven and Hell. And with their angelic powers that turn their undergarments into weapons they fight the evils of Ghosts that are terrorising the city, in an attempt to get back their place in the Holy Land. The series heavily deviates from your typical anime and follows the form what you would expect from a¬†children’s¬†American cartoon. Two 10 minute episodic episodes and a quick, short and snappy 30 second opening and closing sequence, but the only difference is is that around the show does quite follow an interesting plot. Gainax have done a wonderful job taking charge of the project, the animation looks terrifyingly fluid, not what you’d see in normal cartoons or even anime alike, and the many quirky references and cameos to pop culture plus Gainax’s other projects. What else to take note of is also the amazing OST composed for the show. Hands down – best OST of the year! Personally my favourites are ‘D City Rock’ and ‘Fallen Angel’~

Needless to say P&S goes into my favourites list of ’10 and also looking forward to the second season!

Overall Rating: 10/10

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge

Many say Bridge x Bridge isn’t a sequel of Arakawa. In fact, they say it’s simply a whole new entity and concept – that morphed into the craziest batshit insane anime of the year. My say – wtf are they talking about!??

Anyway, great for Shaft to roll out another season, following the same bi-season airing with Natsu no Arashi in 2009. The series holds no importance of the plot, and basically centers around the weird antics our misfits under Arakawa bridge of Tokyo conduct each and every day. The conclusion wasn’t that out of the ordinary. A big Arakawa contest in which all characters under the embankment battle it out (literally) until the last man (or woman) standing. The said last person standing gets full authority of the place and gets to order people around and etcetera etcetera… in a nutshell it ended in a round-a-bout seemingly open ending.

I had a reasonably good time enjoying Bridge x2, as it made me remember the early days of Spring 2010 and the memorable ED for it – this proved to be as it was used as the ED for the last ep. I liked the new ED too. It had a peaceful and melancholic melody from the acoustic guitar backing that was comforting for the eardrum. However due to other dominating animu this season (Oreimo… Squiddie…) I kind of neglected Arakawa as a whole as I tend to the crowd (which made me marathon 5-10 inb4 xmas).

Tee El Dee Arre, awesome series bro and in hopes for a third season.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Yosuga no Sora

Greatest. Incest. Anime. Of. 2010? Perhaps if not on par with Oreimo. Yosuga no Sora is one of the first eroge-to-anime series that plays about with its episode system. We first (first?) saw this in Amagami covering a heroine in their own little 4-ep arc, to appease its audience to be satisfied with their favourite heroine. This system maybe the future of eroge to anime adaptations, as it covers all the main heroine endings the eroge features and won’t make the fans angry that their fav heroine never got their way. Also the fact that the anime’s episode system has a sort of branching route in the style of a gal game. Amagami wasn’t the first to hone this as it was simply seperate individual arcs – but Yosuga to kick start. Episode 1 and 2 serve as the base eps – you may call it and start out the plot as how it does in the eroge (it seems). After episode 2 it deviates with the many ‘episode 3’s which then develop the plot into the route towards a certain heroine’s ending. After said conclusion of a heroine’s end, the series the week after would revert back to after the events of episode 2, changing its route towards another heroine vice versa, simply how a visual novel works.

If you still don’t have a clue of what I just said – just head on over to the Wiki site and see for yourself visually.

However, Yosuga takes this a small step further and presents this in a “multi-arc branching format” later on – as shown in Nao’s and Sora’s arcs. It first began with Nao’s arc and when that finished – started the long awaited (YES!!) Sora’s arc that inexplicably continues off halfway in Nao’s arc started off before (again, if you don’t comprehend head over to Wiki and be enlightened).

Obviously I preferred Sora’s arc in general. It had more depth, win and controversy upon the plot seeing how Haru harshly ditched Nao for her own little sister! In my personal opinion; that Nao is a whore Haru shouldn’t ever get laid – she already got her chance when she raeped him when they were little! Overall, great ending though it ended pretty sour right at the very end – Sora and Haru went on a ‘lover’s escape’ and went to live in some foreign country presumably with their distant relative…and lived happily ever after? All in all great incest ending to conclude the series. Heck it was also daring for the producers to decide on this sort of risky ending – I didn’t even know they were planning to have a Sora arc at first!

Overall Yosuga was good, only episodes 1,7, 10, 11, 12 that is… The animation was pretty average but the detailing was great. The omakes and the omake ED never ceases to impress me!

Overall Rating: 8/10

Will Haru and Sora live happily ever after? Who gives a shit IT’S A INCEST ENDING AFTER ALL!!

Fortune Arterial

Hurr…durr… I didn’t actually expected any more or less for the ending… Being another eroge to anime adaptation added into the already growing list the ending was more round-about and cliche than Akasaka’s shitty ending confirming the protagonist an heroine werent siblings after all. No need to explain the ending since it’s all the same with other eroge animu shows – main guy person lives on with his harem legion happily ever after, but probably since I forgot it as it was Christmas morning when I watched this and I was paying more attention to doodling on my Wacom tablet…

Despite being a eroge gal gaming anime adaptation, I liked the fact that it’s one of the first anime that I seen with vampires – and not of a certain sparkling teenage vampire novel series – but in a way how they’ve been portrayed in terms of modern day society and ruling out their cliche tropes.

Overall the plot sounds great, animation strangely smooth and the colour palette seemingly shiny. The voice acting in this case I find rather redundant and a sore to the ears with Rie Kanda’s acting for Erika. Also Kohei’s constant blabbering of a “perfect and enjoyable highschool life with a bunch of friends” each episode made me want to decapitate his head. Erika’s mother is hawt and waay more appealing than Erika and the loli’s shown here ain’t that much appealing – but more of trying too hard to act the way they are – is a better way of putting it…

Overall Rating: 5/10

It’s been swell, but vampire bites don’t swell do they?

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Erm… so did Jyuubei died? Coincidence that this the last series I’m covering in this post – but to me, they’ve mindfucked the ending. The fight scenes were great as well as the “unintentional” fanservice shown at least 50 times each ep… but seriously, what were the creators thinking when they storyboarded the conclusion, it didn’t actually make sense at all. Now that I mention it, there were a few things left unexplained: what happened to ‘Bwaka’ Jyuubei so it seems at that moment when she kissed that general pimp her alter-ego would diminish forever and ‘badass’ Jyuubei would live permanantly – but ‘bwaka’ Jyuubei appears later on when ‘badass’ Jyuubei was almost dying… could it have meant that ‘bwaka’ Jyuubei had actually lived on? Well we’d never know now since they’ve ended it in a sudden deus ex machina open-closed ending. I know that soundsconfusing but watched the episode yourself, it’s mind-boggling.

Overall Samurai Girls reminded me a little of Queens Blade, and how it was about women, ranging from N-cup to the flatboarded AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-cup were fighting each other with fancy wielded weaponry. Only in Samurai Girls, it’s “Great” Japan native material with added loli and male protagonist. The animation looks great also noting the marvellous style and the all-star cast left being much impressive… the music and OP/ED sounded much mediocre for animu but all in all, nice! SA serves some delicious fanservice and creative censoring with the splattering black ink every 3 seconds – perhaps the animators were shaking so much with their hands after fapping at their drawings every 6 seconds ink splattered everywhere and there wasn’t time to re-draw…ha. The specials coming our way also never fails to deliver.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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