Another official blog update post (Super Update)


Last Update: Disregard everything I say, no matter what TwentyTen will always be my default theme ;__;

Nyarth reporting in.

Yes, I’m still alive, and yes I’m still busy with school and shit but hopefully I’ll get everything done and dusted before the week break starting on the 18th of February, 4pm (GMT00). I promise!!

And so what is the meaning of this fine post you ask? Well if you’ve been stalking my blog in hopes for moar updates then you may have seen a lot of ‘discreet’ changes and tweaks done to the site. One is because I was bored after completing one set of work, and two because after almost two years of stay at, I’m still unsatisfied with the features and themes.

Here’s a formal changelog styled list of the various things I’ve done the past several weeks;

  • Changed ‘N-YARTH!!’ to ‘Twintails turns me on’, as I’ve discovered my inner fetish
  • Random low quality posts being posted, feeling I should crank up my post count, however being deleted several minutes after
  • Numerous changes to the header, seriously the total times I had to re-upload every single v. banner just to have it the way I want it >_>
  • Changes to the background, first to link my blog and my Twitter as the two main things I log into everyday but now scrapped for no reason
  • Widget shuffling, but that’s a weekling thing .__.
  • Changed themes, hopefully in the meantime I’ll stick with ChaoticSoul Currently suffering from Themes OCD, inb4 thousands of theme changing the next few days >_>
  • etc etc etc why do you (and I) care?

(2011-02-23 ALL VOID’D)

That said, here’s a list of the expected manditory posts coming your way in the next few weeks as an extra bonus;

  • Final Impression on Fall Anime 2010
  • First Impressions on Winter Anime 2011
  • Nyarth’s Top 10 Anime Songs of Winter ’11
  • Whatever else pops up in the animu-related world


also take note that even though this post rounds up all the major changes to the site I’m still gonna do some changes in the near future, it’s just how I roll~

Hopefully, this’ll be the last stupid meta post for this inconsistent Winter season.

See y’all during UK school break! But in the meantime if you must please follow me on Twitter as I am always updating every 2 minutes and 13 seconds, 7 days a week and an average of 28 days a month.

ONE LAST THING: France-tan is now my waifu.

AND ANOTHER: Because of the change of themes and the nature of how they’re designed and coded, older posts with images exceeding the width of 497px will have difficulty presenting the whole picture, as it gets overlapped by the sidebar. Since I don’t have the amount of spare time as in 2009, where I had resized EVERY SINGLE image in EVERY post on my blog THREE TIMES, I unfortunately won’t be able to fix this, so if you want to see the whole thing opening the image in a new open tab is the way to go. Alas all posts from now on will follow the 497px width rule.

Nyarthu out.


2 thoughts on “Another official blog update post (Super Update)

  1. woah, holy crap… I made a blog a few days ago, (also for animu and mango) and I just so happen to be using TwentyTen too! anyways, love the blog, even though I just started reading yours.


    1. Heauheau thanks! Guess I’ll read yours too~ And also TwentyTen is the default theme for all new WordPress blogs so that’s a given. I’m not too keen bluntly on any themes here so that’s why I keep changing to at least satisfy my needs, and TwentyTen is the only one that’s decent atm for me :(


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