Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 12 (TRUE END)

Kuroneko >>> Everyone else.

Sorry Kirino :(

Kyousuke becomes suspicious and worried because Kirino is acting strangely nice. For their final life counselling Kirino asks Kyousuke to buy her a eroge that is releasing at midnight in Akihabara. As Kyousuke gets his place in line he runs into Akagi, who is revealed to be buying a homo game for her little sister coincidentally launching that same night and the two vow to never speak of this encounter ever again. Because of the long queue Kyousuke was unfortunate enough to miss the last train back home, so he decides to beg a man nearby who to lend his bike to make up loss time for Kirino. Surprisingly the man sees through Kyousuke and lets him while he camps out at night playing the eroge he brought on his laptop. After Kyousuke returns home with the game, Kirino asks him to play with her. Later Kirino shows Kyousuke her medals she won in track meets and sports festivals and tells him how she got into Track and Field. Kyousuke finds out the next morning from his parents that Kirino has flown to America to train on her athletic skills, and won’t be coming back until she enters High School, leaving him wondering why she didn’t tell him about her leave. At the start of a new school year, Kyousuke runs into Kuroneko, who’ll be from now on attending the same school as he is.

Oreimo is back! Well for only a few more eps, but the thought of it coming back after several months is what counts! As speculated at the beginning the extra episodes will be following on from the light novels’ series of event by deviating what was shown in the TV broadcast of the final 12th episode, an anime original closed ending you might say to close it up for the TV viewers, hinting the fans that a certain heroine ending might be in order… For me, sadly I’m not a novelfag but I did read the first three chapters, so pardon me if I say something that makes you novelfags out there look down on me.

How the story deviates from this episode allowing the following 3 (or 2 was it?) eps to carry on seems kinda scratchy at first, but right till the end was what really shown. Let’s start with the first minor differences with the ‘Good’ end (TV) and the ‘True’ end (OVA); it begins to change during after the second half of the episode when Kyousuke misses the last train back home and has to beg someone’s bike to cycle back, while in the TV good end Kyousuke manages to get back home with no delay (which ties up why Kyousuke was staring so hard at that bike when he was in line. The second minor difference is when Kirino tries to get out a box deep inside her ‘otaku’ stache and a Toro game comes out for Kyousuke to notice, receiving a heavy slap from our little violent sister, in the TV good end, this doesn’t happen.


How I missed Kyou’s abuse ;__;

What starts to become major is when Kirino asks Kyousuke whether if he wants to look inside her album. This, from my perspective is the intersection between the anime original ending and the True Route ending that’s unfolding, and also cleverly points out how a little decision you make in a visual novel/eroge/or even real life can turn out to be drastically different from what the other choice if you had chosen it. In the TV good end Kyousuke wants to look inside Kirino’s album and suddenly Kirino taking it all back, leading to a big argument revealing Kirino’s plane tickets to America – ultimately concluding Kirino not leaving Japan overall and perhaps strengthening the ‘sibling’ bond between our sibling duo. However in the true end, Kyousuke don’t want to look inside, allowing Kirino to move and show him her medal collection, which does sounds nice at first, until we’d soon learn that Kirino suddenly left everyone and Kyou especially without prior notice, plus the fact that she won’t be returning back until she’s 16! All this because Kyousuke decided not wanting to look into that album which would’ve let him know beforehand. Sadly it appears either way we never got to know about the contents of Kirino’s album…

Top: True End / Bottom: Good End

Spot the difference!!

Well what to expect from here on…? Novelfags may have extra knowledge about the series of events that happen after the anime, but the main subject now is deciding which heroine the producers have chosen to end up with Kyou at the end of this True Route – or in matter of fact will there be one or whether if, the slightest of chance they decide to throw in a harem end! For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Me personally, if you have been reading my poorly conscripted Oreimo episodics last year then you may have guessed my favourite character at the time was Kirino. Well… that’s changed. Sadly over the past months I somehow lost my appeal for Kirino… and setted my eyes for Kuroneko! Long story short – Kuroneko > everyone else in Oreimo for me. So I’d be delighted that if a Kuroneko end could be in order :3

Judging from this episode however, I may have a chance :0


Next ep should probably come out in a fortnight as scheduled, or perhaps Oreimo could be doomed with encoding issues like with Bakemonogatari and halt the eps for six months .__. that would suck. Anyway all hopes for a sweet Kuroneko end!!!

6 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – 12 (TRUE END)

  1. qeqw February 23, 2011 / 19:43

    Kirino is a Bitch

    • Nyarth February 26, 2011 / 19:35

      true that.

  2. Jerson Sta. Ana February 24, 2011 / 14:55

    actually im more curios about the album, maybe it contains pictures of kyouske together with kirino. so far I just wish that the ending became like after kyouske learned that kirino was leaving for america he should have chaze her to the airport hahaha….oh how i wished i could watch it right now.

  3. Ikaros CORE February 28, 2011 / 23:16

    The differences are:

    SPOILARZ (not really lol)

    Sign Size (True>Good)
    Shirt Difference (True = Hoodie, Good= Dress shirt)
    Skin Tone (Although this is probably just a quality difference…)

  4. Vic March 12, 2011 / 02:07

    Gahhh I can’t watch the episode online annd my pc doesn’t have programs to see it after it’s downloaded TT^TT

    Ah well… it still looks kickass XD

    • Ikaros CORE March 12, 2011 / 19:23

      CCCP or XBMC are pretty good, in case you were looking for any. I like XBMC for its interface, but CCCP is specifically designed for animu. XBMC also works for iPod Touch, so thats why I like to use it.

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