Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2011

Here’s some moar Charlotte pics to aid in your fix :3

It’s THAT time of the season again, where I pit out and decide which animu OP/ED is the best of said season. Qualifying songs are obviously ones from anime which have started airing this season, as well as series from last season continuing which have given a refresh on its opening and ending sequence plus OVA series releasing this season too. I-it’s not like I’m making a post full of embedded video links of anime songs from YouTube!

Well anyhow, Infinite Stratos’ ED wins this season’s animu song for me, and you should probably know why.

1. Infinite Stratos ED

2. Infinite Stratos OP

3. Mitsudomoe S2 OP

4. Star Driver ED2

5. Madoka Magica OP

6. Dragon Crisis OP

7. Onii-chan OP

8. Index II OP

9. Madoka Magica ED

10. Gosick OP

Omake: How I decide on my Top Tennu

5 thoughts on “Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2011

  1. Shirt March 3, 2011 / 22:49

    Thanks for posting these up. I got a big kick out of that Madoka skit. The changes were hilarious. Mad props to the artist. That’s so time consuming but hella rewarding. I might try it out sometime. :D

    With that said, I’m surprised you didn’t add the GotWoot OP of Onii-chan. When I saw it in the show, I was in tears laughing. x’D Ahh.. good times.

  2. Jared March 6, 2011 / 16:28

    Leave a shit.

    • Nyarth March 6, 2011 / 17:43


  3. Ikaros CORE March 13, 2011 / 23:38

    Hmm, Gosick looks pretty good (I like the Art Style.) Might as well watch it (and further stray from reading Biology crap that puts me to sleep anyways)

  4. SilentSerenata March 30, 2011 / 08:57

    Loved that little picture of Ichika and Charlotte together at the beginning :)

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