Starting afresh guys!

Witty update: You know this was a witty April Fools prank :PP hope everyone had a good one!!

Guys, I don’t know how to tell you this, but… I finally got tired of anime and all the other malarcky.

It all got too boring you know? Same stupid highschool slice-of-life setting… rehashed fanservice… beach episodes… cultural festivals… walk-ins… courage tests… pure pure boys… dfc…


So I’ve decided this day, today, 1st April 2011, 9:41am, that I am to cut my ties with anime and all my animu fwends and bwuddies and EVERYONE who’s into anime. As I found a whole new hobby that is waaay more exciting than shitty anime.

That hobby is;


Yes that’s right food. Fucking, delicious, sweet and cuddly food. Who can live without it? That soft chewiness in pizza, that taste of excellence in tacos, the malt vinegar tingly feeling in sushi, and who could forget the great full on English breakfast menu filled with mash potatoes, bangers, tomato baked beans and the all lovely coveted… BACOOON!!!!

So yeah, from this day forward I have intentionally stripped myself of foreveralone.jpg status being a animefag and becoming the World’s Greatest IRON CHEF! Just watch you guys, I’ll outpwn that little pussy of Jamie Oliver and that umadbro.jpg kind of guy Gordan Ramsay.

Oh yeah, I’ll also be rehashing over this blog from Nyarth’s Crappy Animu Blog to Nyarth’s Super Duper Happy Fun Time FOOOOD Blog!!

Expect millions and jillions of blogposts about FOOD and the stuff I liek to eat in the next following days.


Nyarth- no, Master Chef Nyarth out!

4 thoughts on “Starting afresh guys!

  1. Fabrice April 1, 2011 / 09:59

    I initially told myself to ignore all post posted on april 1st ^^ until i wrote one myself…
    food is always welcome .. :9

    • Nyarth April 4, 2011 / 18:41

      You gotta love teh food :3

  2. Jared April 4, 2011 / 16:40

    Leave a comment.

    April Foooooodd!! =D

    • Nyarth April 4, 2011 / 18:41

      Late don’tcha think?

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