Spring Anime 2011 – Round 1

Will be doing a full round-up post to finish off the cold darling winter season, if I am motivated enough…

And alas here’s part 1 of my thoughts and first-hand impressions to the first batch of the spring seasoned anime I watched this past weekend; Nichijou, Hanasaku Iroha and Dog Days. Enjoy if you can~


Oh Yuuko… dat salmon slice

Nichijou the next K-ON! ? Perhaps. Not really new to me this since I read a few chapters of the manga after reading it was greenlit for an anime (which was very mind blowing) and also the ‘prologue’ OVA just a few weeks ago (loved the ENDING).

Plot-wise, as with K-ON! I believe there isn’t going to be any kind of plot happening in Nichijou. Great for some shallow-deep in-line jokes, curious gags and downright serious humour, not really for people looking for an epic climatic tale…

The first episode; godly. Loved that rich-bitch dude fighting for his right to be able to ride his goat to and from school. Yes that’s right, a FUCKING GOAT. Also the short scene when Mai throws a frisbee for her dog to catch; SHE SUDDENLY WHIPS OUT A BARREL AND SHOOTS THE HECK OUT OF THE THING! Epic shiz imo.

26 episodes? I am so sold.


Oh and, before you read on, I suggest you play these epic little pieces of win before moving on…




Hanasaku Iroha

Dat nosebleed.

Hanasaku Iroha started off pretty shallow, I think. Suddenly we’ve been graced by this city dwelling girl who doesn’t find life that much interesting, after a sudden turn of events that her loser of a mum and a likely future step dad are planning to an elope, Ohana, our heroin of the story gets sent away to live with her grandma in the countryside, one that she never formally met due to the weak relationship between her and her mother. Ohana suddenly gets a spark of enlightenment thinking that this could be an opportunity to reinvent herself and start afresh in the peaceful countryside, live with a nice obaa-chan who gives out candy and also live in her own fantasy land just like in your typical iddylic animes.

Then she suddenly gets slapped hard in the face by reality with a great, big, NOPE as things start to not go her way. First the sudden love confession by her close childhood friend Kou, then suddenly realising her grandmother isn’t the nice typical candy giving obaa-san everyone loves and gets pushed around as a slave working in her grandmother’s hot springs house. People tend to usually ignore her or don’t want to breath the same air as her except for Minko, who tenderly wants her to go die in a ditch for destroying her weed farm (¬_¬). Nako however is kind of different from the rest of the pack, a little on the shy side in terms of personality and goes out of her way to show her around the place, only for Ohana to be pulled everywhere by the workers wanting to know how much of a embarrassing slut her loser of a mum is. Note that we never got to know why Ohana’s mum and the rest of her family are on really bad terms, probably because judging from her appearance and behaviour at the start she’s not that keen on the strict rules of her family and have seemingly cut ties. That may as well be that Ohana’s grandmother doesn’t acknowledge Ohana as her granddaughter.

You gotta feel for Ohana though, suddenly she gets ditched by her parents, moved to the countryside saying goodbye to her childhood guy friend who suddenly asked her out, arriving to find out that her grandmothers a dick and everyone there literally hates her to the gut. It feels like she’s a main character of an anime suddenly pulled into these really surreal and realistic situations. No wait…

I have seemingly high hopes for Hanairo, the fact that it started off shallow probably means that there’s more shocking details to come (being that it’s planned for 26 eps, hopefully), it’s also done by PA Works, celebrating their 10th Anniversry it seems. While the last PA Works I seen was Angel Beats like a whole year ago (which was a fucking masterpiece) it doesn’t seem weird to have high expectations for this. Also since it’s PA Works, the songs used for the OP/ED/BGM is amazing. They sure know how to pick up rising artists that can actually sing and perform! Ohana is such a cutie pie~~ <3

26 episodes I hear? HAWT DAMN!!

Dog Days


Instantly, from the name, I’m thinking of a boat (…). Damn School Days and its damn ending!

In all serious manner, does anybody else think that this is just the same as Zero no Tsukaima!?? Guy from the ‘real world’ gets sucked into the magical made-up fantasy land, fights evil villian and monsters and become a hero from another world and get down with the hot comic relief heroine who summoned the said hero??

Well replace the fact that everyone in the fantasy world have canine traits, things are much more moe to the max and also the MC is British, and is hench. And strong. And has big balls. Big. Juicy. Balls. Just kidding at that last part (lol).

Needless to say, I have mixed reactions to Dog Days, on one side; I’m thinking of another fanservicu anime like ZnT where 40% will be just plain ignorant panty shots and etc, and the other, something that’ll break the overly strong barrier of typical moe moe cutie-pie anime and achieve a kick-ass awesome series with the innocent good deed use of cute anime character designs. No obligatory service added.

Will be interesting to see how it’ll turn out now that the MC has joined the Takeshi’s Castle slash Ninja Warrior-themed style of war. Since we know now that he works out a lot and tends to never normally exit out of a building through a fucking door, it’ll be much of a debate to see if he’ll kick some dogs ass or become much of a pussy that he’s lost all of his humanly physical strength. And also lastly the world will be a better place if we had those kind of wars as shown in Dog Days… sadfrog.jpg

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